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dubai gang:

this one came up when I searched for dubai, no idea why

searched for augment after and found this, should be deleted even though it has no website linked yet

casino gang: (instead of linking the site in the website field, they put it in the twitch field. it is still a bot) (has a speedrunslive profile, but their twitch once again has a website link) (this one is official) (no website link, but definitely a bot)

searched for "article"

searched for "mover"

searched for "packer" (website linked in twitch again. I'm guessing this is another creative thing bots do to get around our detection system)

searched for "delhi"

searched for "travel"

searched for "restaurant"

searcehd for "business"

first name "Mary"

searched for "cashapp" (website link in yt)

searched for "loan"

searched for "essay" and "write" (website in twitch)

searched for "lawyer" (shrek pfp interesting choice)

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Putting this in a separate post so that people see it: A lot of the bots I'm finding are putting the website link in the section for other social media profiles, so if you see a suspicious account without a website, check their other socials. I've seen advertisements linked in twitch, speedrunslive, youtube, and twitter. You can also use inspect element to find out what is linked on the profile without going to the site.

The site also needs some sort of inactivity filter, maybe one that automatically removes accounts if they:
- Haven't logged into the site since the day they joined
- Haven't submitted a run or made a post
- Haven't been online in a month

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there are so many bots with "online" in the name that the search bar didn't find them all. now that they've been cleared out, I got some more

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Merl is so good at finding bots, they might be a bot :0

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  LorLor not a bot, but maybe a this is a troll account, a ban is appropiate for it.

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@LorLor At least give this account the benefit of the doubt. He hadn't done anything wrong (yet), and he even has a discord account linked in the profile.

Update: this account submitted something (probably a rickroll?) to Minecraft:
it was rejected with the message "no", then deleted the video, and then has never been seen again.

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