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  MaikoMaiko recently got an update which includes having 5 different modes to play from instead of the one now "Classic" mode before. I'm trying to make subcategories for the runs on the leaderboard, but I'm not sure how to move runs over to those subcategories.

This is how it is before adding the subcategory:

This is how it is after adding the subcategory:

Is there way a way to moving all the now "Classic" runs into the subcategory?
I just want to make sure I don't accidentally delete any runs by mistake.


Just edit the runs so that they are set to be in the subcategory? I think

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Yup that was it. Thanks


No problem, happy i could help


In the "Edit Game" page there should be a button below the subcategory called "Set default to all runs without a value", that wouldve moved all runs to the default subcategory. Would be faster if there are a lot of runs but that works too

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