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Just wanted to report a spam run,

Not sure if there is a thread to report spam or fake runs, but yeah


I think one of the full moderators once said, that if a game moderator reject those runs with the reason "spam", it is flagged for the site moderators (not sure if true or not). But this is a game where verification is not required, so...

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The last place run also is a rickroll, with a time of 69 hours


Highlighting it just seems to have encouraged others.

How can it be that this game doesn't require verification???


Not requiring verification is truly a decision in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the board Kappa

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I removed the spam runs. It's a very inactive game, verification isn't really needed. This is the first time something like this has come up and it was solved quickly, not sure why all of you are so interested when you don't even run the game.

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Well, I mean, now that the game does have some level of attention, what makes you think that people will stop posting spam runs? Personally think that all games should require verification, regardless on how active the game is. If verifying runs is such an issue, you could appoint another moderator.

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I'm not about to tell anyone how to mod their boards (given I don't mod any boards myself), but not requiring verification usually leaves the boards open to troll submissions like these, which will most likely drive new runners away from the game.

I'm not saying you should stay online 24/7 to verify runs, but in my opinion even taking 3 weeks to verify runs would be better than leaving it open.

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@SilverhandSilverhand even if its a small game with no attention, all it takes is one person to find it and then make a fake run. I've seen it happen before to another game. Disabling verification is stupid. Even if nobody cheats, people may retime their runs wrong, not read the rules, or submit no video times, etc. It just is so much better to have verification enabled, and as walgrey said, if you don't have the time you can always appoint new mods.

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I've glitch hunted and have shown interest in running the game before, that's partially why I noticed and mentioned it lol. I'm not just randomly skimming through boards and deciding to call out Curious George, I created this thread to mention the fake submissions and to bring up my idea of maybe starting a thread or a form in which we can report faked runs. (Such as the forum thread used to report spam bots). I didn't mention that the game had no verification requirement, but yes as others have mentioned, having verification required at the least stops people from just posting whatever they feel to the board. This can be a problem for many reasons, obviously.

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