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Bigger Text Areas When Editing Rules, With a Preview Feature for Markdown

The text area when you edit/add rules is quite small. It gets messy when you have formatted stuff and there are quite a few rules.
A bigger text area wouldn't hurt, and in just a few clicks can be modified.

A preview feature would require more effort. But would be more comfortable when formatting, instead of saving, refreshing and repeat.

Integrated Push Notifications for Browser

When the site's tab isn't being viewed, or simply when it is not opened, have browser push notifications that pop out on screen.
• Would be nice too if the site's notifications popped in real time inside the site as in what we see in the top right bar, because you have to refresh the site in order to see new notifications (regardless whether push notifications for browser will be added or not).

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Add an option to set personal site theme as a copy of a theme from any game on the site, not just the themes that can be found in the dropdown list in the settings.

As can be seen in this thread:
the core functionality is already exist.

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Maybe this is me being a boomer who hates fun and all that, but could we have either some rules around the "Talk" forum or a way to mute entire forums/mark all as read at a forum level? I get that Talk is supposed to be offtopic discussion about anything that's not really speedrunning related, but in my opinion, threads like this are ridiculous

Threads like that remind me of old forum days when people would just spam random things for the sole purpose of increasing post count/reputation rather than contributing anything of value, even in an offtopic sense. Obviously I'm not saying that all super offtopic threads are bad, the "Don't Break the Chain" one is kind of unique even if it is just a post count booster, but at some point I feel like there has to be a line between offtopic and downright spam. I do actually check all the forums for new posts to see if anyone has anything they need help with, and sometimes people have posted questions in Talk when they think it's not on topic anywhere else, but that forum is basically filled with nonsense threads every day now that it's hardly worth my time to look for people with actual questions on the off chance they post there.

Again, this is probably 100% me hating fun, but I feel like every other forum here has some kind of rules/expected posts except for Talk (maybe by design). Talk implies to me for when people want to talk about fun things that have nothing to do with Speedrunning - some of my favorite threads from that forum are the "Where Did you Get Your Username?", "What Are You Listening Too Right Now?", "Who is Your Favorite YouTuber?", "Post Your Keyboards" as examples. Those threads embody what Talk is to me because they are interesting in that they allow users to communicate different topics and share opinions on a variety of things, or even to share some of their favorite things like music. I compare this to another forum site I use where one of the most popular threads is just called "Food" where people talk about good food and recipes they've eaten. The site itself is a music site, but that thread is in the offtopic section, and that section has tons of threads with topics like that (a thread on programming, a thread on TV shows, etc, stuff that has nothing to do with music). That to me is what Talk would be here. A lot of threads in there now aren't like that, it's just literal spam threads.

I guess the TLDR to what I'm saying is I feel like there needs to be a Talk thread for actual discussion topics and a Spam thread for when people just want to boost post count or kinda shitpost a bit (if that's even needed). Either way, I feel like whether the forums change or not, a mute button or a read all would be great because I either want to do that to Talk as it is right now or I'd want to do that to a Spam one because I just don't have an interest in topics like that.

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Responding to Timmiluvs:

I agree that threads just titled "cool" is kinda dumb, and I think having a mute feature would be helpful (i dont read the streaming section of forums/ marathons)

However, I don't really think that the shitposts are overcrowding the forums from actually interesting threads (those threads still appear at the top almost every day). I'm a newer user of the site, and when I started actively reading the forums every day, I originally didn't read through the "talk" section because I assumed that it would just be shitposts, so when I eventually clicked on that section I was surprised to see there be so many INTERESTING threads. It's just a different perspective, but I think that the way things are set up it's fine.

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It could be solved by actually letting people who want to improve the forums run the forums. I've asked repeatedly here; in emails; in staff requests; in feedback forms; to allow forum moderators to deal with the threads left behind by deleted bots and handle such things, and even better, to actually expand the forums.

We could have a "Spam" sub forum for people who want to shitpost. Shitposting and memes are basically half of the internet now so it could encourage more activity. We could have an "Entertainment" sub forum to discuss movies, music, etc. You know, get some life around the forums.

Instead we've got a handful of forums and people post wherever they want anyway - spam in the Talk forum, introductions in the Speedrunning forum, technical questions in the Site forum.

It's an unmoderated, unloved mess.

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It would be super cool if we could have dynamic variable/category names based on a users region. For example for Mario Kart Wii ( most people use the "Flame Runner" vehicle, however it would be really cool if users in Europe (like myself) could have it display "Bowser Bike" instead as thats the name the european release uses. Naming the variable "Flame Runner / Bowser Bike" doesn't really work because then the variables start going off of the leaderboard (become someone thought it was a good idea to not use 50% of the screen space), and these region specific names sometimes cause confusion for new runners that aren't aware of region differences.

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Automatic Tag System (Webgame, Mobile) based on the platforms choosen or most played.

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I noticed that there was no option for North Lincolnshire in the county choices for the UK, even though it is a county. There is Lincolnshire but Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire are two separate counties. Could we have the addition of North Lincolnshire?

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just taking a moment to pop in & make sure that our custom platforms feature request is included in the proper place after all . gonna c/p the text over here too. sorry for making a new thread.

hi, i have a couple feature requests I would like to see added. The context for these requests is the meatboy leaderboards

first up: we would like to be able to reorder the submission platform list or change the default. The current default platform for meatboy, the wii u, happens to be one of the least popular consoles for submissions, and people forget to change it surprisingly often. it'd be nice to cut down that rate.

second up: adding custom platforms. We would like to be able to represent a patch version this way.

I suppose that requires explanation, since the typical way to show patch versions is to just make a patch variable (or ignore it & let ppl eat any timeloss). Well, the game is not being actively patched. For the vast majority of platforms the game is on, the latest version is effectively the only version.

pc version did get a substantial patch not too long ago. We now have v1.2.5, which is ~10-15 seconds slower in any%. Most people downpatch, but the old patch doesn't run properly on some computers (fixing this was a primary reason for new patch, actually). So a few ppl, mostly either new players or ppl with tech issues, run v1.2.5 anyways. Ideally we would like this represented on the leaderboards.

We would prefer not to create a 'patch' variable. For the vast majority of platforms, there is only one patch. In that sense, a patch variable would be visual clutter at best, and actively confusing to some new players at worst. Instead, since we are forced to show the platform variable anyways (? correct me if I'm wrong), it'd be easiest and cleanest from our perspective to just stick a "PC (v1.2.5)" in the platform list and be done with it.

so yeah, it'd be sweet if these could happen. thanks for listening.

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Suddently they even reversed the patch for not showing enough runs in the main page.

Yep, latest runs is only me. Thanks for letting me know. Very useful.


@dhadha what happened is that if the stream is shown, the front page only shows 10 runs. Since you submitted 10 runs, it shows all of yours. Turn off your stream and it works fine (except it only shows 25 runs, and changing the settings does nothing, its been that way since the update).

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Despite the wide array of account connections that you can have on your profile, including accounts that really don't have any connection to speedrunning like Duolingo and Spotify, it seems like a pretty weird oversight to not include GitHub. Lots of people in the speedrunning community make tools for speedrunning, like save managers, TAS tools, splitters and autosplitters, so being able to share your GitHub profile where you may be host to several speedrunning tools is sure to be beneficial. Sure, you can link your website like I have done, but it would still be a neat addition.

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Good idea. In addition, I think we should be able to link to profiles.

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Turn this site back into 100% speedrunning instead of 50% speedrunning and 50% leftist propaganda. Nobody comes to a speedrun site to read a Salon article.

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There's no "leftist propaganda" on this site. spotlight shouldn't trigger you. That's your problem.

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You're highlighting speedrunners solely because they are female or black. Instead of highlighting any number of highly talented players with long lists of achievements. You actively seek out the 1% minority of speedrunners while completely ignoring the 99% majority.

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There are very few women in gaming as a whole, so highlighting some prominent women speedrunners isn't a bad idea. There also isn't an article that highlights "4 black speedrunners" anywhere on the site, unless you mean Bobby Cruz, who was not featured because he is black, he just happens to be black. Either way, there is no leftist propaganda on this site. Also your post implies that women and black people can't have long lists of achievements in speedrunning.

Edit: Just read the Bobby Cruz article and it does not mention his race anywhere.

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"Also your post implies that women and black people can't have long lists of achievements in speedrunning."
I don't think that post implies that, actually, I agree with NoobKillerRoof. You are highlighting people in a speedrunning site based on what gender they were born with / they are identified with and not because their speedrunning achievements. Personally, I believe we all should be treated equally and I don't think that highlighting a minority just because they are a minority is exactly egalitarian. Just as you highlighted Bobby Cruz and he happened to be black, I've got the feeling that these 4 people in the last spotlight should have been "4 speedrunners that happened to be women" and not "4 women that happened to speedrun games".

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While we are on the topic (sorta) of highlighting speedrunners, can we get a follow feature for runners as well as games? And maybe a toggle on the homepage to switch between them? I think it would really help especially for those that don't, or can't, watch their stream all the time. I personally would love that feature since I can focus on them instead of being forced to follow every single game they run.

EDIT: a topic search bar for the forums would also help. I emphasize "topic" search so the results dont search every single word in the posts.

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