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Can exact game title matches be prioritized in the search? It's inconvenient to have to go through extended results when you typed the full name already.

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The release date of a game (that game moderators can set in the game settings), should be visible to runners. Maybe add it in the statistics page.
Right now runners can see the year of the release date only, and that doesn't give all the information.

I just experienced a peculiar thing. I did a speedrun of a game back in 2019, but the game wasn't on at the time, and I never bothered to request it. Now the game is on, so I want to submit my run. However, when I try to submit, I get the message "Please enter a date after the game was actually released.".

I have no idea what is the current "release date" set by the game moderators, only that it is also somewhere in 2019.
(I messaged the game moderators about that, but that's besides my point)

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It would be super helpful to mods of more popular games if we could see more than 50 pending runs at a time without needing to do some custom JS + API magic.

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Don't see any obvious way to search a thread, so sorry if this was already posted.

It would be great if moderators/verifiers could "assign" a run in the queue to themselves. There have been a few times where one person is verifying runs, and somebody else ends up reviewing the same run by accident. Even if it's just an asterisk/icon next to the run saying "claimed"

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Warn a user that is about to post in a thread where the last response is multiple months old. Because oh boy, many here necro old threads.

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To add to the ideas about better IL categorization posted above, here's what me and @mobiusmobius have been suggesting for a long time (and have put in the feedback form not too long ago, thought I'd post it here too)

I'd go on and on but I'm sure we all know how much this would benefit IL boards that have multiple types of ILs where you would otherwise add in an ugly N/A/blank space, or where communities start opting for google spreadsheets instead because there isn't much customization options for it on SRC.

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@ckellyeditsckellyedits its not about saying that its forbidden. But some users are necroing a thread that is not really relevant or answer questions that were answered 2 or 3 years ago. It is mostly about making people aware that this thread is very old and if they are sure that they want to post something.
Necroing is just something that people should avoid. And a lot do not even realize that they are about to necro a thread from a few months/years ago.


Hey, I really don't know if this suggestion has been already made but how about adding a comment section under a run page?

I mean this could be really cool to discuss about a specific run and its skips/cuts with other runners.
Most of the games got their own Discord server but I don't know, I'm just wondering about it! 🙂

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It is common courtesy to not necro threads. Simple as that.

To be honest, the forums need to get reworked. Also a last point, it would be great if we could know that the ELO team at least acknowledges the feedback that is written on the forums (or as matter of fact, anywhere), as it honestly feels and seems like they do not really care.

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Often times when people come up with topics that have already seen discussion before, we give them a stern look, mention that this is the case and then point out the old thread to them.
When people avoid making new threads to prevent clutter and post on the original thread however, we yell at them for necro-ing. Isn't it a bit of a mixed message?

Unless the post is merely a repeat of the question in the original post of the thread or the new post is completely unrelated, I see absolutely no problem with necros, and specially more so when we only get like 10 new posts on average each day. In my eyes, it's perfectly acceptable to necro a thread if you have new important information to add or a new point to raise in the topic, as it helps to keep all the information in one place as opposed as having it distributed amongst a myriad of different threads.

That being said, I agree that the idea of a warning when posting to a thread that's 6+ months old would be useful in case the user is about to reply to a question from 4 years ago (in which case the OP's query would probably already have been resolved), but it'd be a Quality of Life kind of feature at best, not trying to enforce the abolition of necros.

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Necro implies the negatives that you described. Posting to a still relevant thread is something else, but just adding your opinion for example to a discussion that took place 3 years ago and came to a conclusion, that is annoying.

Posting in an old thread is not necessarily necroing. Posting something to an old thread that adds nothing of value is necroing.
Also as I already mentioned, a lot of common features are missing here such as a search function for threads and so on. Which is why I am often quite suprised on how some people find those really really old threads.

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Can submitted runs be sorted by the submission time not when they were "done"?

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"Hey, I really don't know if this suggestion has been already made but how about adding a comment section under a run page?"

This has been suggested before, but there are better ways to talk about this stuff, yt comments, discords, etc. and it would be impossible to moderate a sr.c comment section.

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@Shadow_DogShadow_Dog "Can submitted runs be sorted by the submission time not when they were "done"?"

Can you specify what you mean? Sorting the runs in which page(s)?


Please for the love of gawd fix the homepage so it shows more than just my followed runs on the page. Just because I don't follow the games doesn't mean I'm not interested to see games and runs other communites are doing. The cock tease when the ESA stream went down on the homepage and those runs reappeared just made me miss seeing other game recent submissions and the fact that it's the video player that's causing this is an absolute joke considering it never did this with old management.

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@20030412003041 I agree. Why can't we have both the stream AND latest runs from games other than the followed ones? Even if they don't all fit on the screen, I'd much prefer to have to scroll and be able to see them rather than have to choose whether to see the stream or those runs.

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Agree with both of them.

Thats how ppl get introduced into new Speedrunning Communitys


In categories with a high number of sub-categories (main example being ), the UI quickly gets very unwieldy. Might it be possible for the button group to be a dropdown, either as an explicit option in the variable configuration or automatically after a certain number of options are present?

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For milliseconds, please make it so that if I fill in "93", it'll transform to "930" instead of 093.
This leading 0 makes sense for everything else, but not for milliseconds 🙂

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@RiekeltRiekelt That is not a good solution. There are still a few games out there that have actual milliseconds, and if I submit 93 I expect it to be 093. What we need is what we asked over and over again - the option to set games/categories with milliseconds, centiseconds, or deciseconds.

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