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Hi, how can I make these ads disappear? It's annoying to enter full screen mode to watch a run and be hearing the sounds of another video.


So I encounter lots of submissions where people enter only 2 digits (their livesplit time) in the milliseconds section. Currently if they enter it like that, it ends up showing up as .0XX, which is wrong. I suggest to change it to display as .XX0 since that will be a lot closer to their actual time.

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it would be cool to have an option to use dates for when a run was done as opposed to how long ago it was.
something like this. (this is a mock-up btw)

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@LatteLatte That is an option. Go to settings, and under the "General" tab, change "Time reference" to "Absolute".

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@goadirothgoadiroth That's correct. Milliseconds are thousandths of a second. 23 milliseconds should display as 0.023
Something that might help would be allowing moderators to switch the field between deciseconds, centiseconds or milliseconds depending on the needs of the game.

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After several posts in the last months, I think that a "default value" for a variable should not filter the leaderboard by default, or at least you should put that under a new, separate property.
Some variables could use a default value when submitting a new run, but you still don't want to filter the leaderboard with that value. If you add the reported bug that default variables values are still marked as "Any" in the filter, it becomes extra confusing.
Most of the times where people want to filter by a variable default value, is when handling subcategories.

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One feature I've always wanted for this site is advanced notification settings. I follow a lot of games, and sometimes I end up with a lot of notifications, a lot of which I usually don't care about. I think it would be great to have settings where you would only get notified of a world record in specific categories, or get notified if anyone gets a time under a specific threshold. For example, I could be notified every time someone gets a time under 1 hour in Super Mario Odyssey Any%, but have no other notifications for the game, or only be notified if someone gets a top 10 pb in a game, instead of just top 3 or top 1.

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+1 to what Oreo said.


@GarshGarsh That's been brought up before: the consensus is that developing an app takes too many resources for too little gain, especially when the mobile website is an option (if not the best one). I believe there are unofficial apps on Android.


Hey, I made a thread last night about this, but was told to maybe post it here as well. I was wondering if we could get secondary timing as an option implemented for leaderboards. For games that sort by in-game time that don't provide a seconds column, it'd be nice to be able to break the ties with RTA. For example, for years we used IGT for the Fusion leaderboards, but because there were multiple people that achieve an in-game time of 0:46 and 0:47, they would all end up being tied and would all be considered as 1st and then whatever place started the second fastest time. To appease the community we switch to sorting by Real-Time, so we would no longer have ties. I know the site automatically sorts on the board in order of fastest RTA time when there is an in-game time tie, but it still has all the players indicated as "1st." If there were a feature to allow for the breaking of ties, like a secondary timing method option, it'd be a lot easier to properly sort our boards and appease both the RTA and IGT camps.

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These are ideas I've proposed in the past but haven't been implemented or worked on, so I'll bump it while the site's under new ownership. Many users submit runs and only enter 2 decimal places, and the site autofills the 0 before the digits instead of after. The majority of submissions that include decimals are wrong and need to be edited every time. This ties into the other suggestion of redirecting the submitter to their runs awaiting verification page instead of back to the leaderboard. That gives them a chance to catch any mistakes or duplicate submissions before the mods do. Sometimes I wonder how many users don't know about the page, because I've been asked if I see their run in a queue.

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I'll comment on the milliseconds implementation: it's clear to moderators who go through this that many runners either aren't aware of the distinction between deciseconds and milliseconds or don't expect to add a leading 0. Either way, they end up having an incorrect mental model, leading to more frustration for moderators.
The point that the current implementation is technically correct is moot because people who understand this statement are the ones capable of adding the leading zero themselves.
Most people expect the time digits to be filled in continuously as displayed on a leaderboard, i.e., left to right (23 -> .230). The implementation many of us are suggesting (which was formerly implemented on this site) accounts for how people see this. The current implementation treats each section (h, m, s, ms) as its own input (23 -> .023), which is fine for two digits like minutes, where the leading zero is assumed, but not with milliseconds, where it is not.

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On the topic of easier verification of runs, could us moderators have an "Edit run" button right between and the same size as the "Verify run" and "Reject run" buttons? For leaderboards which require manual retiming (or any other form of edits on a regular basis) it makes little sense to hide the editing feature behind an extra click, while giving space to the unused "Verify run" button.


Also also, I know it's been said before, but you can't right click to open a run in a new tab/window. This is very frustrating, especially if you're mass editing / moving runs.


I have a leaderboard (Fireblob Winter) where I set the default timing method to be the in-game time, and its required. Submitting real time is optional.

However, if I submit a run with both real time and IGT instead of only IGT, when I view the run it highlights the real time. Also the title of the page shows the real time too. If IGT is the default timing method, I expect those behaviors to be the opposite of what they are now.

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Currently one of the games I moderate is experiencing a large amount of popularity. I think that it would be a good idea to be able too filter runs by game. I don’t want the people of a less popular game that I moderate (which is easier to verify) have to take longer than runs that are harder.

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The background of the sent messages in the "Messages" section has a bad contrast with the background and the text, in dark mode.
White text on bright green is hard to read, and the bright green is too much bright for the black/grey background behind it. (In dark mode I want to relax my eyes, not strain them)

In light mode the colors are fine.