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I am once again requesting [at least a response from higher ups about the possibility] of turning off seperate load times for levels but keeping it on for full game.


I'd love the ability to make announcements to a game page. It's difficult to keep people aware of rules changes or new categories, and not everyone is on discord.

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@XeroGoFastXeroGoFast, nice idea, though isn't a stickied forum post enough?
@rmrm, also an interesting idea. Though I think credit can be seen on the statistics page WR graph pretty easily, wouldn't you say?


@OxkniferOxknifer people very very rarely actually read the forums, I think a pop-up when submitting a run that rules have been updated or something would be much more effective.

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My 2fa emails have started arriving much later than the 10 minute window for some reason, only occasionally getting through in time for me to access my account. I'd appreciate it if there was an alternate 2fa option.


@TalicZealotTalicZealot I do like this idea. To give my thoughts on this. I would say to make it toggleable / moving this view to the statistics page or remove the red arrows. If you are running a very active leaderboard, your run might always display with a red arrow making it somehow.. negative to my feeling if you are not actively running it at the moment. (or perhaps for the top 10 runs).

The green arrow might have a hover effect, for example 'From 32nd place to 21st place'.

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When you reject a run as a moderator, the rejection window contains a basic textbox that allows you to only write one line.
If you write a long enough rejection message, you can never see the full message at once, and it's quite hard to proof-read the entire thing or format it.

It would be better if the rejection message was an expandable textarea instead, like how we write messages in the forums.
The textarea can still support just plain text, but maybe can support line breaks too.

Also, a bug: if you press cancel on the rejection window, the page turns to error page.

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@TalicZealotTalicZealot I like the idea too, I have to agree with @SeydieSeydie but only in part. I do agree to only use the Green Arrow but not because you jumped from 32nd place to 21st place. The concept is that we are speedrunners and we primarily want to compete with ourselves trying to beat our own time, so the green arrow would mean that I got a PB even if I'm in the same position. And also you can't get a "worse" time on the leaderboard... you can only improve! So If I get a better time let's say in the last month (?) then I get a green arrow. Actually now that I think about it... many speedrunners don't wanna post every single PB they get, they only submit when they are done. And also if you submit a run you are obviously going to submit a better time, so the green arrow would just mean that you submitted a run "recently", but you can see that already from the submission date...

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I'm sure this has been suggested before, but are there any plans to allow moderators to create a variable for some, but not all categories/ levels of a game? I moderate a game with nearly 30 IL's (Hitman 2), and some levels do not have a difficulty variable.

As it is, I can either apply one difficulty variable to all the levels (leading to extraneous difficulty variables on some levels and somewhat confusing UI), or I can create a separate difficulty variable for each level. And while making separate variables for each level removes the extraneous variables, it is hugely tedious to create nearly 30 variables, plus it makes it harder if I have to update any of the rules (have to manually copy changes to 30 identical variables).

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It would be nice to be able to sort the run results in my profile, such as sorting by placement (i.e. all the first place runs for a game appear first, then the second place runs, etc.) or alphabetical category title, rather than just by the time of the run.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Great ideas, I also asked for those in December of 2017 and August of 2018

Edit November 2021: Thank you for fixing run rejections!


I can even volunteer to add the Japanese titles for games.


Can you add Kansas City as a location option?


Please let verifiers self verify runs that are not there own. It is annoying to have to have multiple tabs open when I am verifying runs and that probably puts more workload on the site for no reason.

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@AlexisDRAlexisDR What does it mean "self verify runs" in this context?


Think they mean when you edit a run. The run gets edited and it gets put back into queue, but the verifier can't verify it.

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So, a verifier wants to edit a run, it gets back to queue, and only then can verify it?

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The point is so I can verify it. If I spend time retiming/fixing mistakes in a submission I can't verify it right away it gets sent back to run queue where I have to then go look for it in the run queue (Keep in mind, I have 65 runs awaiting verification as we speak) which is just very inconvenient, not to mention me having the site open 3 times on my computer is probably putting more work on the site then it has too. To prevent this, you can have multiple tabs of src open (2/3) so you don't have to go and dig for it.

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I'm going to preface this with a disclaimer that A this is an extensions board (our main page is not so cluttered) and B I know that IL heavy games seem to not be so common on this site. So I understand if this stuff is not a priority.

That said... the IL front page looks terrible with any kind of scroll bars. Please consider the following suggestions:

Option 1) Implement empty space on both sides of the IL front page better

Option 2) Make the row labels on the side scroll to the right with you when the user scrolls to the right. If widescreen from Option 1 is not implemented, then please do this option, so that the row labels stay on the left of the screen no matter how much to the right you scroll.

Regardless of whether Option 1 or 2 is chosen, also add scrolling column labels. It is incredibly hard to tell which column is which once you scroll down. If the column labels stayed at the top of the screen regardless of how far down you scrolled it would be so helpful.

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