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It would be nice to be able to sort the run results in my profile, such as sorting by placement (i.e. all the first place runs for a game appear first, then the second place runs, etc.) or alphabetical category title, rather than just by the time of the run.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Great ideas, I also asked for those in December of 2017 and August of 2018

Edit November 2021: Thank you for fixing run rejections!


I can even volunteer to add the Japanese titles for games.


Can you add Kansas City as a location option?


Please let verifiers self verify runs that are not there own. It is annoying to have to have multiple tabs open when I am verifying runs and that probably puts more workload on the site for no reason.

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@AlexisDRAlexisDR What does it mean "self verify runs" in this context?


Think they mean when you edit a run. The run gets edited and it gets put back into queue, but the verifier can't verify it.

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So, a verifier wants to edit a run, it gets back to queue, and only then can verify it?

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The point is so I can verify it. If I spend time retiming/fixing mistakes in a submission I can't verify it right away it gets sent back to run queue where I have to then go look for it in the run queue (Keep in mind, I have 65 runs awaiting verification as we speak) which is just very inconvenient, not to mention me having the site open 3 times on my computer is probably putting more work on the site then it has too. To prevent this, you can have multiple tabs of src open (2/3) so you don't have to go and dig for it.

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I'm going to preface this with a disclaimer that A this is an extensions board (our main page is not so cluttered) and B I know that IL heavy games seem to not be so common on this site. So I understand if this stuff is not a priority.

That said... the IL front page looks terrible with any kind of scroll bars. Please consider the following suggestions:

Option 1) Implement empty space on both sides of the IL front page better

Option 2) Make the row labels on the side scroll to the right with you when the user scrolls to the right. If widescreen from Option 1 is not implemented, then please do this option, so that the row labels stay on the left of the screen no matter how much to the right you scroll.

Regardless of whether Option 1 or 2 is chosen, also add scrolling column labels. It is incredibly hard to tell which column is which once you scroll down. If the column labels stayed at the top of the screen regardless of how far down you scrolled it would be so helpful.

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I think it would be neat if there were a "friends" or "followers" feature where you can opt into receiving notifications when one of your friends or someone you follow has a run approved, gets a record, etc.
My apologies if someone has already suggested this

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Game type request: Level Packs. Existing Level Packs on src are usually tagged as "ROM Hack" or "Map/Server", which isn't what they are. Level Pack should be added as a game type.

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This is probably mentioned before on this thread, but to reflect this from several other threads in the matter:
Please remove the definition of Web and Mobile game types as "unofficial".
The other game types (rom hack, fan game, multi-game leaderboard, etc) make much more sense.

There could be some mobile or web games that are really unofficial in the common sense (like Mario 63), but those are unofficial because they are defined as fan games.
When a developer creates an original game or series specifically for web or mobile, it should be "official" in the normal sense.

Also, free games on game portals (like Steam,, gamejolt) are regarded the same as web/mobile games in terms of site standards, but those are usually set as PC games, and so are "official" by default.

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I'm just wondering. What does "tags" feature do in the Edit Game page? Like.. does it actually gives you a clear output from it? For example, if i put "Adventure" tags to the game genre, does it actually affects anything (other than clarifying the game)? I didn't see any impact from the "Tags" feature alone, other than the Series one (which isn't build in. you need to request for that one) that puts added information to the game page.

Not only that, this doesn't actually help the players to find the game respectively other than knowing the names. For example, i want to find a RPG Genre game, but how do i find it if i can't actually search or look into it? I'm pretty sure this is what "Tags" should be doing. Yet, i understand the website limitation of current SRC, but i'm just hoping to see this feature actually helps more player to define and finding the games that they need, like another option to find games other than names and hardware.

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@manztellenmanztellen In the previous version of the games page, you could search games by tags, like developer, publisher, genre, etc.
That page worked slowly, and it took several seconds to show you one page of games, with about only 20 games per page.

Some months ago the whole games page was revamped to what it is today, for better loading times. However, the option to search by tags was removed.

You can search by tags in the games endpoint in the API though.
Also, the tags themselves are not perfect - they are free text and case-sensitive, so there can be duplicates of tags with similar names.
(For example, "2d scroller" and "2D scroller" are different genres. "Bethesda" and "Bethesda studios" are different publishers.)

Edit: my point is that I agree with you about being able to search by tags (right now they are almost useless), but as ShikenNuggets said somewhere, the whole tags system needs to be revamped as well.


@Oreo321Oreo321 I understand the decision of removing the tags search due to website optimization. For the "case sentitive" issue, you can treat it the same way as "Series" by requesting an added information about the game. Or.. instead of free text, you can just make a simple dropdown and request an added tags if there's no option around it.

Then again, i hope they found an efficient way to resolve the tags issue. It'll be a breeze to actually see tags has it's use again.


"Obsolete runs" view toggle for ILs in a user's profile would be nice to have.

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I have two things I've been primarily interested in, and as of me writing this, they have not yet been implemented:

1. Fixing the Messages system so that it functions better. Primarily the fact we can't delete messages and conversations, or how the page seems to refresh every time a new message is posted. In fact, I don't believe we can block having messages either.

2. Support for the WebP image format, static ones at least. I had asked in the past prior to the change in ownership of the website, and I ask again hoping to get more attention on that as a longterm goal for optimizing the website as much as possible.


On mobile, when writing a private message and pressing Enter, it will actually submit the message instead of writing a new line.
On PC the Enter key does a new line, I think.

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Enter = message
Shift + Enter = new line