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I have two things I've been primarily interested in, and as of me writing this, they have not yet been implemented:

1. Fixing the Messages system so that it functions better. Primarily the fact we can't delete messages and conversations, or how the page seems to refresh every time a new message is posted. In fact, I don't believe we can block having messages either.

2. Support for the WebP image format, static ones at least. I had asked in the past prior to the change in ownership of the website, and I ask again hoping to get more attention on that as a longterm goal for optimizing the website as much as possible.


On mobile, when writing a private message and pressing Enter, it will actually submit the message instead of writing a new line.
On PC the Enter key does a new line, I think.

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Enter = message
Shift + Enter = new line

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Following some latest conversations about the "active runners" count:

- The counter in the games page counts only full game runs in the last 50 days, and completely ignore IL runs.
This can give false "impression" on games that have more focus on ILs.

- The same count from the games page should be added to the statistics page of all games.
The current active runners count in the statistics (with its own unique logic, explained here: ),
should be named to something else, maybe "Activity score" or "Activity rating".

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Give us the ability to delete are own pending records. Helps cut back on accidental multi posts of the same run, as well as might save time for people that have to verify the runs only to see that the person uploaded another video with a better time. Make the sight more mobile friendly as well.

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You can delete your own runs, just not until your account is 7 days old. And also, I would advise against deleting pending runs, even if you get a better time as most people usually like to see their progression on the site.

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Highly agree with Timmiluvs. I have made a script that fetch such data with the current API and plot some interesting statistics such as how many time saved, etc.
The statistics lose value when data is lost or glossed over.

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I requested Among Us (like many others) and got rejected immediately (like everyone else). I am a little upset but the rejection makes sense. Just to make the process smoother, maybe a little more clarification on the game requests page would be nice, such as a list of popular games that won't be accepted, or a little more clarification for the phrase "PvP-Related Activities". In my case specifically, while I submitted a singleplayer-only run, it still got rejected with the reason being that the game was mainly for "PvP-Related Activities" (even though it was a singleplayer-run).
Oh, many people have asked this but a search bar in the forums 😃

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Can PS5 be removed from the "Obscure" platforms now that it's out?


@EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly Right now, platforms that are used by less than 2% of the games on the site, will be considered obscure. We can't change it manually, but I can forward this request.


Can mixer be removed from contact methods cuz the website is discontinued?

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Hey! Can anyone explain why verifiers are not allowed to self-verify! What was the original idea? Thanks in advance!

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same problem

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Just want to give the site mods and staff a thank you for adding the "set the default for all runs without a value" button to the variables area while editing leaderboards. This saves a ton of hassle for adding/removing categories.

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Can it be made so that the flag can be a region e.g. Greater London not just England or UK.


Would it be possible to implement a feature for displaying leaderboard times differently than the standard hours, minutes, seconds? For example, as years, months and days? The reason I'm asking is because I run a few games that happen to use years, months and days as their in-game timing method (due to being historical strategy games where you advance through history one day at a time), and it would be neat to be able to display that on the leaderboard rather than having to use a substitute method where Hours = Years, Minutes = Months and Seconds = Days, which is what we use currently. Not sure if that would be complicated to implement but I'm just throwing it out there anyway, since there are currently a decent number of games in which such a feature would be greatly appreciated 🙂


While I definitely see the appeal here, my main concern with having something like that (and with what you're currently doing) is that any sort of statistical analysis involving run length gets thrown completely out the window if you're using an IGT method that doesn't map to real-time at all (for example, imagine someone trying to find the longest run on and discovering a handful of runs that apparently take thousands of years). If you're using real-time and IGT that's potentially less of an issue, but if you're using just IGT that gets complicated.

I suppose the site could get around that by having IGT and "custom IGT" be separate things, and having the API/etc not show custom IGT unless you explicitly ask for it, but even that could get a little messy.


I understand your concern there. Although, from that perspective, wouldn't the option of displaying times as years and months be preferable to substituting in-game years and months for hours and minutes, the way we do it now? Because if someone sees one of our IGT runs that has been submitted as say 5 hours, they might be inclined to assume that it's a run that actually takes 5 hours to complete, whereas if it instead were to say 5 years, most people would probably go "wait, does this run really take 5 years, can that really be right?" and might be more inclined check it out more carefully before jumping to conclusions, in which case they would realize that it's not actually literally 5 years.

But a sort of "custom IGT" setting might be even better, though I understand if it might feel a little messy.

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If someone truly wants to do that, they should have the mod submit it on their behalf and have them submit the runner as “anonymous”.

I could see opening that up to the user as a way for people who are banned from submissions to circumvent that by submitting a run without revealing who they are. Rather than complicate things for mods when approving runs (or to rework the approval process to reveal a hidden runner anyway), it’s probably better for the mod to take care of it so they can properly verify who did the original run.

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In order to request moderator on an LB, a user’s account has to be 30 days old. In order to request a game, a user’s account has to be 7 days old.

I’m assuming the 30 day limit is to make sure that a user isn’t brand new and trying to snipe access to an LB, but then shouldn’t that account age restriction be the same for requesting a game? After all, requesting a game makes you the sole moderator and entrusts you with setting up an LB, so to me it doesn’t make sense that after 7 days a user is able to do that, but they have to wait 30 days to be able to get moderator on an existing board; especially because being the sole moderator of a new LB is (often) more responsibility than being added as a moderator to an existing one.

I think there should be some consistency there with how old an account has to be before doing either of those actions.

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