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Hi, I'm not sure this has been suggested before, but I'll take a shot:

It would be nice if a variable could have a default value (as in a value that is filled in by default) without the leaderboards automatically filtering out all other values for that variable. We are playing on different versions of a game, and we would really appreciate if "current version" was selected by default, without all older version runs on the leaderboards being hidden automatically.
If this is not desired behaviour, I would appreciate if someone could explain to me why.

Thanks for your awesome job with the site, I'm very glad it exists!

EDIT: To be clear, I'm not asking for the current behaviour to be removed/replaced/modified, I'm asking for an additional option for variables, something like "hide runs with non-default value: yes/no"!


Quick suggestion: allow mods to edit the names of the "Time with/without loads" columns for clarity.

I'm a moderator of New Super Mario Bros., and we have a timing system that uses the two columns but isn't explained well by the names of the two columns, and "In-Game Time" isn't a good name either. Many games are fine with the names of the timing columns, but I would be willing to bet that we are not the only community that could make things much more clear to new members by changing the column names.


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There is a limit currently of fifty pending runs. Any runs over that are invisible. I propose a temporary fix of a little note that says something like "Limit reached--not all runs shown." That way players are aware that a limit exists.

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The same limit of 50 pending runs, and the change from showing newest to oldest, also affects rejected runs.
I can now only see the 50 oldest rejected runs, which may be a problem if I want to go back and look at a run that is more than a month old, but not old enough to show up on the "show old" list.

Not sure if this should have been posted here or in bug reports, as it's not a bug but intended. And this would also be fixed when the page gets an option to "load more", just like for pending runs.

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Could Toggling Japanese box arts/covers as the ones you see while viewing leaderboard of a game be added as an option? Some games just have them better in Japanese version.


1. Commenting on runs. It would be nice to comment on runs like on YT. This could be for questions, discussions, tips & tricks, etc. For moderation purposes there should also be a reporting system. Some games are also too small to have a Discord for.

2. Lists. I haven't seen anyone suggest this. It would be like Twitter but instead you can save runs, players, games etc. There could be categories for lists like console, player, game, etc.

3. Following System. You should be able to follow people. It would be like following games where it would pop up in latest runs and notifications. The follower count can be turned on or off or doesn't even have to show up at all. Its all up to site mods/admins.

4. Further sort games. You should be able to further sort games by total player count, total IL count, total full runs count. It would be a slider so for example you could sort between 50-100 full game runs.

5. Pop up notifications. There should be a notification system where on a web browser it would have pop-up notifications like YouTube. You can have settings for what you want to pop-up like a new run waiting to be verified (for game mods), a new WR, someone liked your post, someone replied to post, etc.

I hope you like my suggestions! 🙂

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Pre-run submission message
A message that can be modified by game moderators that appears every time a runner tries to submit a run. The kind of message that would remind a runner what could get their run denied, what they should include in the run footage.
Example: Google Minesweeper
The message on the Submit run page would be something like:
"Please do not submit runs that end on dying on a mine. Rules require a run to complete a difficulty. Screenshots are disallowed. 0 second runs are manually retimed by moderators."
Something that could also be mentioned in rules, but something that runner could forget easily.

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Sort your runs on your profile. I want to be able to categorize so it will look organized. If someone runs a ton of games, it looks messy but being able to organize games on your profile for example I could put all the Wipeout games to the top and put other stuff down so it doesn't look messy. Or you can just add a pin system.

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@ReverseDmitryReverseDmitry There is a link which does exactly that, although not clickable on the site:

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@RENERENE better to Contact Content Moderators for that directly to their msg inbox.


Some moderators that have games with a high volume of submission are unable to see other games that they moderate because of the limit on how many runs appear on the Runs Awaiting Verification page.

Change the way runs are listed on the Runs Awaiting Verification page where each game appears as a tab at the top of the page similar to categories on the game pages. This can continue to limit the number of runs that appear at once on the queue page while allowing moderators to see every game that they have submissions for. By default have it go to an "All Games" or "All Runs" tab that functions the same as the currently existing page for moderators that don't have issues from the limit, but then have an additional tab for each game individually so that the moderators can see runs for every game they moderate or verify.

| All Runs | Game #1 | Game #2 | Game #3 | Game #4 | Game #5 | Etc...

A few months ago when you guys flipped the sort order it helped a lot to make sure old runs were not being pushed into oblivion for these moderators who have a lot of submissions coming in. Having tabs or another solution that forces runs to appear for every game a person moderates for would allow those same moderators to not lose runs to the limit for additional games that may not have submissions as frequently.

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wheres brown name colour

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I was thinking about how un-useful the guides page is and was wondering about creating a "sticky" guide that could show that a guide is relevant to current speedruns. You could even add page-views to show how useful a guide is.

Then, I thought about it some more.

Scrap the guide page.

Add the ability to mark a forum post as a guide. That's where people usually post basic guides, anyway.

Then, you can have sticky, locked guides all in one place and update them right there where everyone is talking, not in some dusty corner of the website where new players never know to look.

Cheers :)))

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Add a new verification stamp if a run verification is marked as a "reverification."
This would be a useful log for runs on a leaderboard that requires a mass retiming due to a rule change.


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Suggestion: sorting profile runs by noteworthiness

When I visit a user's profile, I'm usually looking for their most noteworthy runs: the ones where they're 2nd in a 100-person category, or 1st in a 20-person category. It doesn't have to be the default sort, but it would be cool to quickly find a runner's most impressive accomplishments.


Off of @caeonospherecaeonosphere, I'd say that you should allow the user to decide three runs to pin/star at the top of their profile.

Oreo321: Possibly, but could you expand on that? Do you mean allowing a user to select the order that games show up on their profile? Maybe there are other ways to customize that aren't as clear

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I think all of those are just different variations of the basic common suggestion - give the users the ability to sort their profile list as they wish.

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I anticipate that this feature has been asked for or requested many times before, but I will give support for the tool to see the number of guides/resources a user has written and submitted, and entries that link to each one's individual page. All from a user's profile, listed out. There does not seem to be a fast way to see all contributions a user has provided to the website for these categories as of today.

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I have a few concerns about how co-op runs can be deleted by any player involved in them.

Very recently in a leaderboard that I moderate (PAYDAY 2), a user deleted an IL WR run he was part of without the consent of his other team mates, so that the new WR would be another slower run he did with another team.
As the user in question also happened to be a mod for the game, I took the responsibility of (at least temporarily) demoting him from his role. However, as current site features stand, he was completely in his right to remove that run on the behalf of everybody else.

Which brings me to my point: what's protecting co-op runs from griefing, if team members start petty arguments years later and a runner wants to delete runs for revenge? Shouldn't there be some sort of majority system instead?

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