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Possibility for further customization (per leaderboard) on a user's end. Can be inserted into following settings possibly?

1. Allow disable/enable of default visibility of emulators from a user's perspective in their following settings per each leaderboard.
2. Allow choice of default category in following settings. (So the category the game will automatically default to when loading it up)
3. Choice of only showing times with evidence, or every posted run.

Right now a lot of this is decided by the settings adjusted in the actual leaderboard settings, whereas it might be more productive (and efficient from a user's perspective, cause you aren't having to click tabs / adjust filters constantly) to simply have these options in each game's 'following' settings too, so user's themselves can adjust these from their perspective to override whatever the default set in 'edit game' is on their end.

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remove gif profile photos that made me download animation policy
(with love, ddd :)))


Allow us to see our guides and uploaded resources on our src profile

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To be able to follow an actual runner and not necessarily just the games they run.

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I'm a mod for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and an issue we have run into is the ease of switching Consoles on the Individual Levels page. This game was originally released on Ps2/Xbox but was later remade on the 360. Since it is a remake, there are enough differences to influence times so we would like to keep these separate from the original console, which we have. However, the 360 does not have a page where you can see all of the levels since the Xbox/PS2 are the default console (as it should be)

If the IL page had a console button at the top of the page like Full Runs does, this would give our runners on the 360 more of a sense of presence on the site.

I came here to toss this out after a short conversation on a related thread:



Hi, It would be very nice if you add Notifications for replies to threads which I tried to followed(another suggestion) or which I've created on a game page.
Atleast you should atleast add this option to come at account notifications section.
As I've created a thread at a game page and for replies I had to again and again check my own thread for replies instead of getting notifications at site.

Sorry for my bad English, you can message me If I don't reply on this thread for the same reason mentioned above for more details or replies if you need.

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I noticed that there's a changelog in this site, and it hasn't been updated since November:
will this ever be updated again?