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To be able to follow an actual runner and not necessarily just the games they run.

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I'm a mod for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and an issue we have run into is the ease of switching Consoles on the Individual Levels page. This game was originally released on Ps2/Xbox but was later remade on the 360. Since it is a remake, there are enough differences to influence times so we would like to keep these separate from the original console, which we have. However, the 360 does not have a page where you can see all of the levels since the Xbox/PS2 are the default console (as it should be)

If the IL page had a console button at the top of the page like Full Runs does, this would give our runners on the 360 more of a sense of presence on the site.

I came here to toss this out after a short conversation on a related thread:



Hi, It would be very nice if you add Notifications for replies to threads which I tried to followed(another suggestion) or which I've created on a game page.
Atleast you should atleast add this option to come at account notifications section.
As I've created a thread at a game page and for replies I had to again and again check my own thread for replies instead of getting notifications at site.

Sorry for my bad English, you can message me If I don't reply on this thread for the same reason mentioned above for more details or replies if you need.

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I noticed that there's a changelog in this site, and it hasn't been updated since November:
will this ever be updated again?

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@WhiskplWhiskpl they removed changelog from the site navbar a long time ago. They should add it back to keep users informed on site changes.


In the couple years I've been modding, run rejections often look the same and have similar reasoning. It would be nice to have templatized rejection notes, that, for instance, include the Discord where I can be contacted.

- Duplicate run. Please contact a mod in the Discord located on the side navigation bar if you have questions!

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One annoying thing that comes up quite frequently is when trying to open multiple runs in different tabs. Since the rows aren't links, you have to open the run and navigate again to wherever you were before in a new tab.
Would it be possible to make the rows in a category be links or at least make some column a link to it?

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Remove Mixer as a profile icon.

"As of July 22[, 2020], the Mixer service has closed. The Facebook Gaming community invites all Mixer viewers and streamers to check out where you can start streaming or keep watching the amazing Mixer streamers who have decided to make Facebook Gaming their new home."


@wartabwartab Although I agree that they should be made into links it should be noted that you can already open runs in a new tab by holding CTRL when you click them.

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@thisishowmymindworksthisishowmymindworks my mind is blown, thanks for that info, I wasn't aware. I usually use the middle click to open a new tab, so I didn't try other ways!

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Possibility to edit the author of a guide (posting a guide in the name of another person)


@dhadha I think it's unnecessary.
If someone wants to write a guide, they can just log in to and post it.
If the original author isn't exist as a user, you can mention them at the start of the guide.

I guess it might also lead to confusion or abuse, if users or moderators will change the author without consent from the user.

(Unless there are specific use-cases you think of)


The author basically lost the account and he made the guide on the discord, so yeah we had to mention him at the start of the guide...

We can change the author of the resources so why not changing it for the guides


Okay, understood.
I actually never used the resources so far, but now I can see the similarity.


(Sorry! Posted as an individual thread instead of in this superthread. The fact that "Feature Requests" links to the main forum and not just this thread always confuses me lol. Here's a mirror of my original thread post.)

Can we have a leaderboard-side thing that allows mods to choose the Centisecond denomination of time rather than the Millisecond one?

In a lot of games, In-Game Time is displayed to the Centisecond (.xx) instead of the Millisecond (.xxx). Livesplit similarly only displays time in centiseconds, and you can't even get the millisecond digit without uploading to somewhere like and looking in the run statistics section. Games like SA2B also have an issue where people submit the digits of the IGT as 28 42 27 for example, which will display as 28:42.027 instead of 28:42.270 (intended) which requires a lot of manual editing from mods to make uniform.

I'm not asking for a change to the default, but if there's any way to make it so that centiseconds can be a feature that individual games can enable rather than being forced to milliseconds that would be wonderful. Thanks for your consideration.

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I requested Valorant, with 2 games modes, here is the proof, and it got refused within 5 mins.

The reason was " We are not accepting PvP based games ", so why where, Rainbow Six Siege or Dead by Daylight added with leaderboard ?
both are based on PvP.

Could someone explain why this happend ? Thanks.


Rules have become stricter over time, the games were fine when at the time, but would not be accepted if they were submitted now.

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Hi, I'm not sure this has been suggested before, but I'll take a shot:

It would be nice if a variable could have a default value (as in a value that is filled in by default) without the leaderboards automatically filtering out all other values for that variable. We are playing on different versions of a game, and we would really appreciate if "current version" was selected by default, without all older version runs on the leaderboards being hidden automatically.
If this is not desired behaviour, I would appreciate if someone could explain to me why.

Thanks for your awesome job with the site, I'm very glad it exists!

EDIT: To be clear, I'm not asking for the current behaviour to be removed/replaced/modified, I'm asking for an additional option for variables, something like "hide runs with non-default value: yes/no"!


Quick suggestion: allow mods to edit the names of the "Time with/without loads" columns for clarity.

I'm a moderator of New Super Mario Bros., and we have a timing system that uses the two columns but isn't explained well by the names of the two columns, and "In-Game Time" isn't a good name either. Many games are fine with the names of the timing columns, but I would be willing to bet that we are not the only community that could make things much more clear to new members by changing the column names.


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