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How about some sort of "Game Language" identifier? similar to how Console Region flags work right now. many consoles aren't region locked, and especially in, say, europe, there's a lot of languages that differ immensely for many games.

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@QueenVanrænQueenVanræn If runners want to track the language used for a game, the moderators can add a "language" variable to the leaderboard. I imagine that if a certain language can save a lot of time compared to others (for example Chinese because it makes dialogues faster), most runners will run with that language anyway.


If the "Default timing method" is changed to In-Game Time, then that column should be first, instead of Real Time.

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Could we see at least one more place rank icon for 5th place? Reasoning is there's never anyone making top 4 of anything it's always top 5 or 10.

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Could we please get the ability to set full-game runs to be sorted by real time and IL runs sorted by in-game time? It's crazy that they have to be the same.

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I've done cooperative speedruns with a lot of different people and every PB I've had with them is displayed in my profile. I want to be able to make it show only my actual PB, otherwise it looks very messy and shows a lot of unnecessary information

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Bumping an old suggestion about allowing subcategories to be descending.

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I think it'd be good to allow people with accounts that are less than a week old to be able to see messages sent to them on the site. Since messaging on the site became a thing, I've had a handful of new people that I've needed to message but can't, whether it be for asking them a question/establishing a dialogue with them or needing to give them a heads up on a matter that directly affects them and their submissions. These incidents I've had are with people that haven't put any social media on their profiles and submit with either a platform I can't contact them on/I have to make my own account (like Instagram) or go with picture proof. I can't think of a downside to at least having new users be able to see a message to try and inform them about something and/or send them my own contact info to get in touch with and it'd be nice to not have to jump through extra hoops to get a hold of a new user.

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Is this where I go to openly whine about the fact that my game request hasn't been answered yet after more than 7 days?

No? Well I want do something, damnit. 🙁


I can't imagine someone else hasn't suggested this before but it would be great to have an way to only allow centiseconds instead of milliseconds for submissions.
95% of the submissions I get to Mario Kart 64 with milliseconds on them end up with a 0 in the front of them that has to be edited because the person submitting only submitted 2 digits.
For example 40'00"55 turns into 40'00"055 since the input box is milliseconds

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An option to have a subcategory tab that shows all runs from that category. The stuff the Paper Mario community is having to deal with to overcome this site’s lack of that basic functionally is doing is utterly ridiculous.

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Taking a glance at the Paper Mario board, that specific scenario seems like an incorrect use of subcategories. While an automatic “All” might be nice, it goes against what subcategories are for and in most cases would defeat the purpose of subcategories (which is to create a distinction so runs aren’t compared together).

In most scenarios, a subcategory is used when needing to distinguish between some aspect of a game that creates distinct runs that can’t be compared. Some examples would be: difficulty selection (inherently comparing a run on a Beginner mode and a run on Expert mode doesn’t make sense), when the hardware a game is available on creates a version of the game that is naturally faster than the others, or to distinguish between runs using a major glitch vs. not. In all of those cases, those runs shouldn’t be compared along side one another because there is something in them that is drastically different, but they all achieve the same end goal of the run; hence a subcategory to split them.

Paper Mario looks like they should be utilizing the variable system on the site instead. If all their subcategories are doing is differentiating platform because of load times, but they still want the option to compare them all side by side, they should be using a variable to capture the platform a run was performed on. Then, by default they could set it to show the platform as “Any” and the category would show every run. From there, a user could use the filters to look at just runs for a specific platform like N64 and the LB would filter out all non-N64 runs and adjust the places accordingly.

Maybe the PM community tried this and it didn’t work for some reason, this is just based off how I see their LB set up currently. It looks more like a bad use of subcategories rather than the need for a new feature. Just my two cents.

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I agree ^^ that use case is exactly why the filters / variables were made.


While I agree with @Timmiluvs's point, I still think that such a feature would be nice.
We for example have separated leaderboards between some modern paired Pokémon games (like Sword or Shield), as the game differences make the runs very different; but still are about equally fast. It would be nice to be able to compare runs directly on the site with such a feature while keeping the ranking distinct, unless you visit a "summarised" leaderboard (that would not show on your profile).

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Gonna re-bump the SOB suggestions for IL boards, having both an individual SOB leaderboard and a community SOB (which I would imagine would be individually toggleable) would be awesome. I think an individual SOB leaderboard would encourage people to improve their PBs across the board rather than just gun for IL wrs. Cheers


I have 2 really big things i hate about this site (You said be brutal xD)

1. Please for the love of god fix it so we can have categories and subcategories defined as a tree rather than a bunch of variables. For example, in the tree, the first option would be version, and the subcategories of that can all have their names changed individually such that the other version can have different names but for the same world. Like, in my game, the newer version adds new worlds and we cant add it to the boards because it would appear under the old version.. even though it doesnt exist. This continuity error is very sore when you have to fix it by adding a "N/A 0:01s" time under it. It looks so awful. This also applies to IL leaderboards. Cant you guys just make an option so you can grey out the area or just remove the field for it? It looks even worse when you see multiple in a row... so bad...

2. The segment times are in full seconds. WHY. Who changed this? it used to be in milliseconds but now its just rounded up. Thats SO inaccurate and frustrating. In my speed game we only gain or lose time in fractions of a second, so how the hell is this feature going to account for that now? I'm confused as to why this was changed...

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Since many games have important distinction between subcategory variables, it would be nice to make two changes:

1. When clicking the "Submit Run" button while browsing the leaderboard for a non-default subcategory, have said subcategory be already selected in the run submission form, instead of the default subcategory as present behavior is. Without knowing how this works, runners may not notice that the selected subcategory has changed, leading to inaccurate submissions.

2. Likewise, after submitting a run submission form for a non-default subcategory, return the user to that non-default subcategory leaderboard, not the default subcategory leaderboard.

Both of these changes, if possible, just make sense.

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Nice request, Quivico! I requested that about two years ago:
I love the added idea of returning users to the non-default!

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Possibility for further customization (per leaderboard) on a user's end. Can be inserted into following settings possibly?

1. Allow disable/enable of default visibility of emulators from a user's perspective in their following settings per each leaderboard.
2. Allow choice of default category in following settings. (So the category the game will automatically default to when loading it up)
3. Choice of only showing times with evidence, or every posted run.

Right now a lot of this is decided by the settings adjusted in the actual leaderboard settings, whereas it might be more productive (and efficient from a user's perspective, cause you aren't having to click tabs / adjust filters constantly) to simply have these options in each game's 'following' settings too, so user's themselves can adjust these from their perspective to override whatever the default set in 'edit game' is on their end.

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remove mixer as a social contact option lmao