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Mark all forum posts as read. In other words, clear "ɴᴇᴡ" from all posts to keep better track of which posts are actually new.
Because, for instance, a post from three or four years ago is not new anymore.

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Setting comments or at least a separate descriptive label for categories/variables/values that don't affect the name of the category/sub-category/value that appears on the board would be nice to have. It'd make modifying a category where there's a large amount of them present with the same name easier. Most of the time their labels are non-descriptive to the level or whatever you'd be modifying, such as the name "Category", leading to having to click edit variable to see what exactly the variable is tied to.

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Could we see a minor tweak to page theme edits. Like the ability to select text color, top banner color, and panel box colors individually. Say I don't know for Pokemon Black and White you could have the main panel boxes for Pokemon Black black. And the reverse for Pokemon White which would be cool for games that have two colors for the game.


I'd like to see variables in 2 rows instead of 4, when there is so much empty space on the right.

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This is a pretty minor thing, but would it be possible to have milliseconds as a toggle per category? As an example, the game I moderate uses milliseconds for a miscellaneous category as it has an ingame timer that has decimals. However, the main game categories don't have that ingame timer, so we choose not to allow decimals (along with a few other reasons such as the categories generally being over an hour, no precise way to time decimals without going frame by frame). This leads to a large amount of new runners submitting runs with decimals (despite none of the runs on the boards having them and the rules explicitly stating not to submit with them). It'd be easier to deal with submissions if we could just straight up remove the option to add decimals on categories other than the miscellaneous category we allow them for. Obviously not a big deal, but it'd be a cool feature 🙂

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Should be able to switch "Separate load times" on for a category or variable instead of the whole game.

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I would love it if upon submitted a new run, every user was redirect to their https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​pendingactions page instead of back to the board they submitted to. This would give them an often much needed second glance at their run so they can make an edit before moderators actually see it. It would show any glaring errors they may have made such as submitting to the wrong category, having a higher or lower than expected ranking (due to incorrect category or time typo), or seeing a 033 decimal instead of a 330 decimal, for example.

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Consistent Game Official status- This is from another forum post that got hidden.
I can understand the viewpoint of making a game like Crossy Road unofficial, as it doesn't have an Game Complete category (9,999 is maximum score but no one has achieved that for the normal mode yet). However, the top games page is filled with other games that also don't meet this requirement, and many other games that simply aren't official by any means, like a minecraft server, a game mod, and many roblox games. I ask that the status of games be applied fairly and consistently. Thanks.


@DareDare the reason why Crossy Road is "considered unofficial" by the site has nothing to do with its leaderboards content.
What makes a game unofficial is its tags.
Tags like rom hack, minigame, modification, fan game, etc makes the site regard them as unofficial.
The problem is that game types of "Mobile" and "Webgame" are considered unofficial as well (not to be confused with web or mobile platforms).
Crossy Road have both of those tags.

About games which you consider unofficial but the site "disagrees", it is mostly an issue of games which were set up without the proper tags.
In that case game moderators can request a change in the tags for their game in this thread:

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@Oreo321Oreo321 I have spoken to moderators and Crossy Road being labelled at unofficial is very much intentional, which makes sense with the reasoning that one of them used. It does have to do with the leaderboard's content. Yes, I think they should fix the tags on those games. It is felt that not traditional speedruns shouldn't be shown on the front page, from what I was told. Around a fifth of the top 50 runs are games that should be considered nonofficial by the reasoning that was used. It doesn't make sense to let some games chose their tags and some games not.


EDIT: This is fixed by showing the first 50 oldest runs now instead of the newest ones.

Reposting from @TechTech and @zglzgl

Seems like there is an issue with queues that have a lot of runs pending where only a x amount of runs are loaded in the actual queue from the total amount that are pending at that point. Seems like once the queue reaches a certain threshold, older runs become hidden which creates an issue for backtracking into older submissions.

Possible solutions from zgl:

1: Flip the order that runs appear on this page so the oldest appear at the top and the newest get hidden behind this limit. This doesn’t give full access to the rejected runs, but helps with verifying the oldest runs.
2: Give moderators the ability to sort by new/old on this page which effectively does the same thing as the first option but gives us the choice. This also doesn’t give full access to the rejected runs, but again it helps with verifying.
3: Give us a “load more submissions” option that adds 20 or more additional runs at a time so it doesn’t force the page to load every run every time but we can access the old runs through clicking this. This would give full access back to all submissions and rejections.
4: Set this list up in pages with X number of runs per page, though this could end up hiding runs for other games someone might be moderating for if the front page doesn’t have some type of prioritization for different games. This would likely make the rejections need their own separate page to be effective.

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I would assume this is already suggested but is ordering your own profile page ever going to be a thing? It'd be very helpful to have a custom order where you can decide what goes on top. Also, that would be even more helpful for Level runs, as I don't even know what the order is, it just makes no sense to me.

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Consider the "Pending Actions" dropdown for a moment:
A user can select "View All" or "Runs awaiting verification."

As a mod, I hardly ever click on "View All." It would be better to have that button redirect me straight to the retiming page instead of opening a dropdown. Then perhaps you could have a separate link on that page that says "View all pending actions."
Something like that. If anything, a single click to get to run verifications is the important thing.

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Being able to set multiple themes for a game, for example separate light and dark themes.

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It'd be nice if you're able to sort runs on a leaderboard by which runs are newest. Sometimes there's new stuff that pops up (new strats, routes, etc.) in newly submitted runs that the faster/WR times don't showcase.

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Great idea, @SonikkustarSonikkustar! Could easily work with something like this (interactive list of all runs on a leaderboard):


I verified a new IL run for speedrunner who did a previous slower run but the leader only shows the new faster IL run as obsolete (the Sentinel IL run.)
but on main IL leaderboard page it shows the fastest run


@SolidSpiderZnakeSolidSpiderZnake thats because the older run has "Real time without loads" filled in (which i assume is the default timing method for the board) and the other runs dont

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