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Allow mods to add the same tool to multiple resource pages at once

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Display a count in parens for guides, resources, forum posts, streams, and subgames. The image above reflects what the community page would look like (based on a quick tally of each of those).

For users, this would allow for a quick glance at community activity and promote engagement with those tabs.

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Drag and drop a png or jpg into srcom to upload for forum, guide, resource, run comment etc.,
Reduces need for Imgur or Discord for image hosting and enables quicker sharing of media on srcom


Bounties tab in the sidebar for all games.
Posted by: Username on Date
Column 1: Description
Column 2: Prize
Column 3: End Date
Optional Column 4: Link to run in lead

Sort by nearest end date automatically. Allow users to show/hide inactive bounties. Notify users if a bounty is added to a game they follow.

Optionally add an srcom bounties page with a list of active bounties to hunt.

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Could we ever get the option to select which variable applies to which ILs. Say only two characters can play three missions to have the variable apply to the three of them. Instead of creating the same variable for them three times. Which is incredibly inefficient and I don't know why this hasn't been addressed. Also sub category variables to select which categories too for full game. Why is it only one or all of the categories no in between?

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we need a "set default platform for all runs without a value" option like we have with variables. Fetch-a-fruit switched platforms from pc to web, and now none of the runs have a platform. Fixing the platform for each run would take forever.


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People basically never read the rules, so it would be useful to have a page that makes them read the rules when they go to submit a run. Would happen once per user per category and would only reappear for them if the rules are updated.


@TalicZealotTalicZealot Pushing the rules into people's faces is no solution to people who don't actually read things in the first place. If people don't read the rules, they should first learn to read them (as finding the Rules is not even remotely difficult) and you can inform them perfectly fine about the same.


Seems like it is a solution to me, since absolutely nobody does read them. Yea they should, obviously, but they don't. That part aside, I feel like there should be a system to notify runners that a category's rules have been updated outside of a forum post, which they might not even see if they don't follow the game.


As someone who has spent many years developing user interfaces for people, I can assure that when you pop something up in front of the user, they still won't read it. They ignore it, close it, move on and then probably complain about it later on ("why did you pop that up, if I wanted to look at the rules I would have checked them myself"). If a user is going to read the rules, they'll do it on their own, and if they don't follow them, they'll just need to be told to read them.

As for rules being updated, something like a little push/notification icon like a red exclamation point or something on the rules button might not be a bad idea to show that there is something new there that should be looked at. That would probably just need to be ironed out because it probably shouldn't be there for every user (maybe only for people who have run the game or something).

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My experience is that people who care what the rules are can find them on a leaderboard very easily with the current Game Rules/Category Rules popup. It works well. People who already don't pay attention to rules would ignore this feature as well.

Being able to push some kind of update message to people following a game would be a nice feature though. I think lots of people don't want to be notified of every forum post or guide update, but would still like to know about important things like rule changes, game updates etc. And yes discord pings exist, but lots of people also don't engage with discord much or tend to mute speedrun discords when they're not currently active in those games.


(the like is on the first half of that post. I speak nothing of the second half with the more proper feedback)

As the old adage goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."


Would be appreciated if discussion regarding feedback points can be kept out of this thread, as this thread is meant for filtering out feedback for site staff to use. Having to go over multiple posts regarding one particular point of feedback such as where that discussion point is either reworked or changed entirely is not preferable. Create a separate thread if you wish to discuss feedback and then edit your post if the outcome on the thread's discussion is that the feedback should be changed.


Suggestion, have mods of the site considered adding something immediately showing on a board whether or not emulator is banned, allowed, or hidden by default? Many many people have asked me about their runs "not showing up" when they just don't know about the filters to show emulator, and I'm just not sure if there's an easier way for people to tell if their run will be hidden or not other than having to check the filters. I think it's mostly a problem for people who are newer to the site. I suppose adding a note to rulesets to let people know might be the best way without changing anything about board layouts, but yeah just was a thought I wanted to throw out there.

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Possibility to Show unofficial releases runs on the main page
Possibility to scroll indefinitely with a "show more" button on the main page
Change unofficial releases with a more appropriate name

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Originally posted by dhaShow unofficial releases runs on the main page

@dhadha There's a toggle for this in your Front Page settings:

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On Daravae's point above, it would be nice if the forum had a "reply" mechanism. All replies to a forum post would be collapsible and would thus remove the need for creation of new threads to have side conversations (to a degree). For reference, YouTube's reply functionality is pretty good.

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Possibility to " Right Click --> Open in another page " for runs, ILs, profile (this one is possible but doesn't work)


Ctrl-Click opens in a new tab.

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Please consider implementing thread subscription. It would be really great to get a notification every time someone posts in a specific thread (such as this one, because I like this thread a lot)!

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