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I would assume this is already suggested but is ordering your own profile page ever going to be a thing? It'd be very helpful to have a custom order where you can decide what goes on top. Also, that would be even more helpful for Level runs, as I don't even know what the order is, it just makes no sense to me.

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Consider the "Pending Actions" dropdown for a moment:
A user can select "View All" or "Runs awaiting verification."

As a mod, I hardly ever click on "View All." It would be better to have that button redirect me straight to the retiming page instead of opening a dropdown. Then perhaps you could have a separate link on that page that says "View all pending actions."
Something like that. If anything, a single click to get to run verifications is the important thing.

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Being able to set multiple themes for a game, for example separate light and dark themes.

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It'd be nice if you're able to sort runs on a leaderboard by which runs are newest. Sometimes there's new stuff that pops up (new strats, routes, etc.) in newly submitted runs that the faster/WR times don't showcase.

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Great idea, @SonikkustarSonikkustar! Could easily work with something like this (interactive list of all runs on a leaderboard):

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I verified a new IL run for speedrunner who did a previous slower run but the leader only shows the new faster IL run as obsolete (the Sentinel IL run.)
but on main IL leaderboard page it shows the fastest run


@SolidSpiderZnakeSolidSpiderZnake thats because the older run has "Real time without loads" filled in (which i assume is the default timing method for the board) and the other runs dont

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@SolidSpiderZnakeSolidSpiderZnake Site is working as intended. That leaderboard is currently sorted by "time without loads". As @LonneLonne said, since that one run doesn't have a "time without loads" set (only in-game time) and the other one does, the one with nothing set is automatically sorted to the bottom.

As for why the main IL page shows like that, there are several (known) issues with it not taking leaderboard filters or timing methods into account correctly, this is just another case of that.

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How feasible would it be to allow verifiers to change the time of a run without needing to resubmit it?
On a small scale it's not much of an issue, but when I get 20+ runs to verify a day, It can be quite frustrating to retime a run and need to resubmit it before I can verify it.

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I'd like email notifications for private messages

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would be nice if, when looking at statistics, there was a way to select only one record, and hide all others from the view. right now as far as i can tell you can only add/remove records from the view by selecting a category, and all are selected by default.

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There's a typo on the About page:


We welcome all speedrunners to join us in helping grow this site, and speedrunning itself.

You do not, in fact, welcome ALL speedrunners to join when you have a list of games that you do not accept. I'm not sure how you fix this besides deleting the word 'all', but the statement is objectively inaccurate.

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Welcoming all speedrunners on the site and not accepting every game on the site are two completely different things.

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How are speedrunners of those banned games supposed to be welcome when their games are not?

I thought this site was supposed to be a public service to all speedrunning communities, anyway, but they're not ALL welcome.


The order in which platforms show-up on a game's page and when submitting a run seems to be very confusing and arbitrary. They're not ordered alphabetically like on the Edit Game page or when searching for a specific platform and they're not ordered by platform release date either. This is particularly an issue for many cross-platform games released on PC, where PC is the almost always both the fastest and most common platform. Either having a consistent alphabetical order across the site or preferably allowing moderators to set a Default platform would be appreciated, thanks.

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Heck yeah, Xero. Bumping primary platforms:
I think it would be great to allow mods to reorder of platforms and have the default order alphabetical.


Hi, dumb request, but, can we add the city Tucson under city in profile info. It's like the 33rd largest city in the USA despite being the second largest in AZ.



not sure if anyone else gets annoyed by this or if it is just me, but i'm a verifier for smb1/smbce and often get submissions with milliseconds attached. however, due to how the submissions work on the site, if someone only types in 2 digits in the milliseconds column (ex. 5:20.84) the run gets submitted as 5:20.084 instead of 5:20.840, which i find somewhat annoying as i would have to manually clear milliseconds altogether at that time range. i understand that for either game, i would most likely have to alter something in the submission anyway, so this essentially means nothing, but i'd like to know if this is something that needs to be fixed or not.


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Allow users to block a game, series, or platform from appearing on the homepage.

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