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They were approved before the "score based submissions" rule was put in place. Games are not retroactively removed to account for new rules.

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This was definitely not a good first impression from you, chief.

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Can WebP support be added to the site? Static WebP at least.


I know it's up to the people who run the pages. But having a standard genre naming system could help out with reducing the cluttered similar names. For example for Third Person Shooter as the universal one for the genre instead of having Third-Person Shooter, Third-person Shooter, and other variations. I think this would help out tremendously.

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Since category extensions boards are now linked directly to the main boards and vice versa (thanks for this btw, very useful), I was just wondering if it was at all possible to have the catex board's resources link to the main game's resources page, or even just a clone of it so that all of the resources don't need to be uploaded twice. I can understand that some people would want to have different resources for each but having the option to "use same resources as main game" with just a lil checkbox to enable/disable would go a long way.

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When having both the "Separate load times" option and "In-game timer" option checked, an inconsistency occurs where on the board it'll display the first timing method as "Real time without loads" while the second is displayed as "Time with loads". On top of that, in the submission form it's displayed as "Time without loads" and "Time with loads". On a side note, it'd be cool to make the In-game timer selection category specific especially for boards that have categories like time trials or gauntlets where the In-game timer is only applicable there. It would lessen the timing method clutter displayed in the second image for the rest of the board. |

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Maybe a WR counter could be added?


I had requested this before, it got changed, then reverted, then further requests ignored, but please turn off the stream autoplay on the front page. My mobile data is very limited and so is mobile data for lots of people.


@wartabwartab In the settings --> Front Page,
you can set "GSA stream" to be hidden.

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Oh, that's neat, thanks for the heads up.

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Bumping a few old requests:

Differing Icons for Videos, Picture, Link Submission:

Dropping likes on runs:

Searching the forum:

Clearer information in the audit log:


@OxkniferOxknifer There's really no need to "bump" old requests. If it's been posted in this thread we're aware of it.

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Hey Shiken! I see no issue with reposting. Others who haven't been to this forum may be interested to know what ideas are still floating around. Site mods can gauge which ideas are still worth pursuing based on ongoing interest. Spreading ideas can foster creativity and can lead to better or refined ideas :))

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You can also do that outside of that thread @OxkniferOxknifer This is not the place to discuss existing ideas or make them more "refined" as you like to call it. It's a place to centralize them. Discussing existing ideas here will only lead to admins having to look back on what was discussed and then piecing together the discussion into one exact idea which is not preferable at all.
Like Shiken said, if it's been posted we are aware of it.

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Is there a possibility the site will receive other methods of donation, for example by bank transfer?


Please make Night Mode the default option.
Quite a few board moderation teams put a lot of work into custom themes and currently all unregistered users (or even registered ones who simply don't know about the option) miss out on those.

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I didn't even realized that board themes are not showing on light mode.

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"Be brutal."

Okay, I hate the max-width constraint being applied to the level leaderboards. I absolutely hate it. It looks terrible, and it's not helpful at all for games with lots of categories. Look at the leaderboard for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron:

With my 1080p monitor, there is as much whitespace on either side of the table as there is actual table, and we have almost as many columns cut off the side of the screen as we have visible columns. It's not 'trendy' or 'hip' to have tiny, minimalist designs. You just end up with ugly-ass scrollbars at the bottom of the screen. Imagine a website in 2020 having horizontal scrollbars. For crying out loud, most users don't even have mice with horizontal scroll wheels.

We have to tell our users to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, past over thirty levels, to find the scrollbar at the bottom, just so that they can drag it over to look at the other half of the table, and then scroll back up to the top of the page to see what they were just trying to look at. And God-forbid someone would want to compare a time on one side of the table to a time on the other side of the table.

Please, for the love of good design, let us make the table wider. Let us fill that whitespace with actual useful information. Let us just once see the entire table in one glorious wide-screen view.

Look at it:

Look at how magnificant that is. Look at how much information we can take in at once. Look at how there's no scrollbar at the bottom of the table. It's majestic. It's such a perfect size for the number of categories we have: it was made to be.

But no. You decided for no logical reason that the table should only be 1140px wide. Why? What on God's green earth could make you think that the table should never be wider than 1140px? What good does that do? Who does that serve? Did you really think that no table of individual levels would ever be wider than that? Or did you sit down at a UI meeting and make the conscious decision to force tables to have horizontal scrollbars like sociopaths hellbent on creating as much frustration as humanly possible with a single webpage?

If you don't fix this, I'm going to go and learn how to make a Google Chrome extension just for the sole purpose of changing one line in your CSS from '1140px' to '100%.'

I love you; don't hate me; you said to be brutal. Please take this seriously though: it really is super frustrating, and it really does upset me and other members of the Rogue Squadron community.

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Could we have the option for multiple IL leaderboards like maybe switch another with a tab. Because one thing I did recently was to have Soulcalibur have the character ILs as the main one. So people can run the characters they like and compete with others. However later games added different modes like SC III with Mission Mode and SC IV Tower of Lost Souls. Having those as the other tab would be nice.

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i think a hex color picker for usernames would be nice because it could lead to more personalization which could be very great for this site.

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