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The colour of links needs to be uncoupled from LB themes. Thankfully the design overhaul has made white the default colour for all plain text, however if you want a clean white font as your leaderboard's primary colour, you cannot distinguish links from plain text in forum posts or guides. The easiest solution would be to just give some distinguishable colour to all links globally on the site. Otherwise, one could add an extra setting on the LB themes to choose a colour for links in posts.

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Can the Front Page settings have the ability to natively filter games by system?

It shows "Followed Games" at the top, but I basically only run Retro games and almost exclusively NES. Currently my front page shows all sorts of games, most of them I'm not interested in.

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I'd really appreciate being able to see the WR History data for any category in list form as well as a graph. Essentially, a filter that can be applied that only shows previous WRs in that category, obsolete or not.

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Option to display a "show all runs" subcategory, similarly to not filtering a variable

Option to set runs without video to hidden by default, similarly to emulator

Option to hide variables from the main leaderboard page, so they can be used for filtering or for displaying data about runs on the run page without taking up space

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Would it be possible to get an update to the level leaderboard to select which variables are active for levels? As an example say level 2 can't be done by X hero or character. Instead of creating various variables for each level can we set which ones can be done for the levels?

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I'm sure this has been recommended before, but in case it hasn't/has been forgotten, I think it'd be awesome if we could rearrange the runs we have in our profile.

I know it might sound stupid, but many of us run a lot of games and use our profile link when people ask our PB's etc. Personally, I like having my bread and butter games up top for people to see first. In instances where I run an obscure game or two when I'm goofing off in between B&B games, my good runs can get buried, forcing a new PB to get them back to the top.

Though my reason admittedly doesn't seem worthy to have other people do work to achieve, I'm sure there are more people who, for whatever their reason is, would like to see the same option.


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Embed links for streamable and bitchute videos.

They get used a lot more these days, especially streamable.

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@TreyaTreya Having Streamables as video evidence for run submissions does not appear exactly.. reliable when it comes to dedicated video uploads.

From their FAQ:
`How long are my videos stored?
Videos that are inactive for 3 months are deleted in order to make room for new content. For paid plans, videos are deleted only upon request.`

Although its not explicitly stated in this FAQ, it vaguely implies that videos that are accessed infrequently (unclear what the exact definition of that is) are just randomly deleted to create more storage space.
Source: https:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​r/​Streamable/​comments/​90jsyg/​posts_about_disappearing_videos_removed/​ (and some rather angry users)

That is.. concerning.. when using a Streamable as a platform for a submission video because of this. Boards that have video proof enabled should keep extra focus on what platform is used for a particular submission, such as checking if Twitch VOD's are saved as Highlights, since video evidence uploaded without highlight could disappear due to the same archive process. Although in no way you'd know for certain that platforms wouldn't just delete stuff randomly since Twitch in the past did manage to mess and delete VOD's that were supposed to be saved indefinitely, but it is at least an indication that their service even provides long time storage opposed to Streamable.

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Oh right, I had no idea. My bad

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On the Request Game page, it says "High-Score based submissions" are not allowed.

Why do games like Flappy Bird https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​flappybird and "Disney Crossy Road" https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dcr have leaderboards on this site? Their rules even use the word "score," and say to submit your score as a time. How did these games get approved?


They were approved before the "score based submissions" rule was put in place. Games are not retroactively removed to account for new rules.

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Can WebP support be added to the site? Static WebP at least.


I know it's up to the people who run the pages. But having a standard genre naming system could help out with reducing the cluttered similar names. For example for Third Person Shooter as the universal one for the genre instead of having Third-Person Shooter, Third-person Shooter, and other variations. I think this would help out tremendously.

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Since category extensions boards are now linked directly to the main boards and vice versa (thanks for this btw, very useful), I was just wondering if it was at all possible to have the catex board's resources link to the main game's resources page, or even just a clone of it so that all of the resources don't need to be uploaded twice. I can understand that some people would want to have different resources for each but having the option to "use same resources as main game" with just a lil checkbox to enable/disable would go a long way.

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When having both the "Separate load times" option and "In-game timer" option checked, an inconsistency occurs where on the board it'll display the first timing method as "Real time without loads" while the second is displayed as "Time with loads". On top of that, in the submission form it's displayed as "Time without loads" and "Time with loads". On a side note, it'd be cool to make the In-game timer selection category specific especially for boards that have categories like time trials or gauntlets where the In-game timer is only applicable there. It would lessen the timing method clutter displayed in the second image for the rest of the board. |

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Maybe a WR counter could be added?


I had requested this before, it got changed, then reverted, then further requests ignored, but please turn off the stream autoplay on the front page. My mobile data is very limited and so is mobile data for lots of people.