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The mindset is kind of silly, but nothing is ever really going to stop that mindset.

I think the distinction should moreso be towards, a poor run with barely any effort put in solely to be the first / only record vs a run that's extremely optimized and has had a lot of work put towards it but just so happens to be a fairly dead game or obscure title.

If people want to feel some kind of gratification because they have a ton of WRs and brag about them that they put in little to no effort to achieve then let them. All it really takes is for anyone to actually watch their video to see whether it's the former, or the latter.

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Alright how about another feature request regarding runner profiles.

Add the ability to highlight the runs you want while all the other runs go to the bottom. If I have a run that I am super proud of, I can select it to show at the very top of my profile while meme runs where not much effort has been put in will be at the bottom as they are not as important.
This would probably work better on a per game basis for IL runs.


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A small suggestion;

If a sub-games/resources page is empty, simply do not show it in the sidebar at all. This makes it all the cleaner. In other words - if it can be done for discord sidebar links, why can't it be done for other empty links? Regular users cannot contribute to them, and the majority of games do not have sub-games.

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Originally posted by TreyaRegular users cannot contribute to them

In the case of Resources, this is not true, regular users can add them (I believe you must have run in that game to be able to so). I do agree that it would make sense to hide empty sub-games for non-moderators though, yeah.

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Slight annoyance I have:

Notifications only count as read once you click one of them. Having a "mark all as read" button would be convenient.

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@IgnasIgnas They should be all marked as read as soon as you open the menu. Not sure what you're experiencing?

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Can we able to type dates with the given format and not have it go to the present every time. What's the point of entering the time if we're forced to use the calendar? And it's incredibly tedious if a run is from 2008 and have to click all the way back there. Please can this be fixed to enter dates and press enter to set it.

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@PacPac You still have to open a thread in a new tab for "new" to go away. (It would be nice to be able mute or mark as read threads but it's not a big deal personally.)


Is it possible to have toggle-able options for Subcategories and Individual Levels to remove the need to duplicate variables that they may not apply to. This is something that would help a great deal of moderators in keeping boards clean when editing them as well as make it easier to add new categories to the boards that may or may not use all subcategories or variables.

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^ Having many different copies of a variable that each need to be updated with any rule change is a major pain. Can't understate how much quality of life this change would bring.

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Don't know if this has been suggested in the past, but a page for 'marathons' like streams has 'streams'.

Choices for it could be between showing upcoming marathons (maybe cut off is 30 days) or only showing currently ongoing marathons (so shows marathons only currently underway).

The alternate to the first suggestion is to perhaps add an additional box in marathons edit form, akin to "submissions opening date", for which they can specify exactly what date people can start submitting to the marathon, and this marathons page can be used as a way for users to easily identify which marathons they can get their runs submitted to.

Perhaps a slider (similar to 'has a PB' in streams) that allows you to toggle between "submissions opening date" and "currently underway".

I don't feel like SRC has ever really been a hub for marathons and a lot of the locating aspect comes off site from places such as twitter, discords or people stick to horaro. Being able to have a central place on site solely to look for marathons accepting submissions and/or marathons currently going on, would help massively, and help avoid all the bloat of the marathons that expired a long time ago.

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Ability to set a Discord link for a series that is set as the default for all games in the series.
In case the link expires or becomes unusable, this makes the link easy to change for all games in the series.
(Of course, still allow users to change this discord link to something else if needed)

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Enhanced tagging: Now that messages are active, I've realized it would be really nice to type "@" and then have that pull up a search bar that functions exactly like the search bar in the header. There you can search for any user, game, series, or marathon and include that in your message or forum post. So instead of navigating away from the page to search for the name of a leaderboard and copy the URL to paste into my message, I can just type it out right there.

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Ability to set which Level each Individual Level category applies to in a similar way to how you can with Variables would be nice. At the moment it's very hard to get clean looking IL leaderboards if you have some categories that are only relevant for specific levels. You have to set everything as variables and ignore the category field completely.

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This is probably a rare scenario, but at this very moment I would like a way to move full game categories into ILs.
The next bet thing would be to edit a submitted run from a full game category to an IL category, but that is also not possible.

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I want to reiterate the idea given a while ago in this thread for "Community sum of bests" for IL runs. I think it would be a very neat little thing to add and would encourage friendly competition in the community & I have been thinking about it ever since I've seen it.

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Hey. I would like regular and super moderators can be able to edit nicknames in "Guides"
Example: user changed nickname, srcom system changed his nickname in Guides as random numbers, why in this case I can’t change nicknames, as is done in Resources?

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I want the possibility to not being ignored in the forum when requesting to remove Webgame tag to some games because I mod some series with one "WebGame" game that is shown as "unofficial" game and the other games that are not. Same for other single games that got accepted to, some being "WebGame" and other being not.

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The colour of links needs to be uncoupled from LB themes. Thankfully the design overhaul has made white the default colour for all plain text, however if you want a clean white font as your leaderboard's primary colour, you cannot distinguish links from plain text in forum posts or guides. The easiest solution would be to just give some distinguishable colour to all links globally on the site. Otherwise, one could add an extra setting on the LB themes to choose a colour for links in posts.

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