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Feature Request: Add a "Community Best" time on the IL leaderboards page

Summary: This adds an extra row to the bottom of the ILs grid which contains the total time of all the ILs for each category.

- A speed community can not only compete with each other for IL WRs, but that can also be compelled to cooperate to improve the Community Best time. "As a community, can we get to sub 20? Lets work together to make this happen!"
- At a high level, this seems very simple as its just adding all WRs and displaying them

- Compared to full game runs, this time would not be accurate for games that have time out of levels, such as hub worlds and menus.


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Thanks for the response, but there are good reasons we wouldn't go to RTA or break ties some other way. I wouldn't propose this if I thought there was a valid alternative within the website's system.

1. VR's In Game Timer is excellent

It calculates score bonuses based on ammo and stealth, accurately accounts for framerate (lag), and starts and stops at the same time, every time. A time of 0.00 isn't inaccurate, as the score bonus gives you that time.

2. Precedent

The In Game Timer in VR has been the standard for over 20 years, ever since the official leaderboard ran by the game developers ( https:/​/​www.​konami.​com/​mg/​archive/​integral/​vr/​sn_sud.​html ). It is also the standard agreed upon by modern VR runners in spite of going so fast that the score bonus can give you 0.00 on select levels.

3. Punishing approaches players take unfairly

In VR, you can pause buffer by pressing start, or opening up the weapon or item menu with L2 or R2. Runners can play frame by frame, to perfect movement, shots, etc. I do not think it is reasonable to punish players who pause buffer, when it is a valid strategy within the game.

Hope that clears it up : ) My perspective is that if the game says a time is 0.00, it is. Even if the score bonus could go negative, the game does not track times this way.

P.S. This issue also occurs in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel's VR Missions ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mggbvr/​run/​zp4ppjrz )

P.P.S. If there is concern about people submitting fake 0:00.00 times on boards, a checkmark option could be added for mods to "Allow 0 times"


If it subtracts time due to a score bonus, then perhaps you should use the true IGT instead of the score bonus IGT. Either way, full zero times are a sign your timing method is flawed.

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Worth noting that there's also a technical reason for this. The site treats 0.00 as empty/non-existent, since there are situations where you may have the option to include an additional timing method but choose not to (there's an adjacent issue with milliseconds that has the same cause). You need to have a time attached to your run, 0.00 is "empty", and therefore it isn't valid.

This isn't necessarily unfixable, but it would be a major change in how the site works internally, which is a lot of trouble just to account for this relatively rare edge-case, especially when it arguably should not be fixed for the reasons previously discussed.

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Extending this request:

If mods were able to edit run information and watch run videos on the same page, it would be great to have in-house retiming on the same page.
So while watching a run on YouTube, a mod can advance frames by using "." and ","
Then they could easily copy debug information and paste it into "start frame" and "end frame" fields, much like is done in Slush's Retimer:
Finally, the user would find the FPS in "Stats for Nerds," and put that into a field, as well.
Srcom would calculate the final time and parse it into the Time fields that one would usually find in the "Edit Run" page.
Lastly, for documentation purposes, a meaningful comment would be added to the run description, such as:
"Username (mod): Time starts at 13.050 and ends at 1:26:30.367 at 60 fps to get a final time of 1h 26m 17s 317ms."

You could get help from the two individuals who have created frame-perfect retimers for speedrunners:
(creator of )

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When you're logged out, some of the more popular games have cool themes and background images however when you log in, they all disappear and you're left with the default settings. I looked at my profile and looked at changing themes but there isn't an option to and I don't know why this is. Am I just missing something or is there not an option at all.


@TadymanTadyman Custom themes only show up in Night Mode, could that be it?

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@TadymanTadyman : Settings - Disable Custom Themes - if you want to see the custom themes, have this be unchecked.

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i would like to follow a account please.
Get notifications about their pbs, forums, etc.

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Feature Request: Add a total runner count next to the ranks of runs on the profile page

Summary: Often when you view a Speedrunner's profile, you may see many 1st and 2nd place ranking runs they have. However, the actual accomplishment they have achieved is not immediately recognizable, as those runs could be of either popular/competitive games, or of obscure/inactive games. To help solve this, include "rank / # of runners" on the runner profile page, as shown below.

This allows a 1st place run like Cheese's SM64 120 run out of 286 runners to instantly be recognizable as an incredible feat while showing that a 1st place Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet 100% out of only 2 runners run is not really a big deal.

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Whilst this would be an interesting feature, I also don't get why there has to be some connotation alongside it that it could be used to analyze the "accomplishment" a particular record is. Obscure games can have amazingly optimal times, you don't need hundreds of players to grind a time down to optimal... you just need one competent player (or a few) who actually care about the game. Which is the discerning factor here; are people running an obscure game for a "free WR" or are they running it because they love the game and want to optimize its speedrun? If the answer is the latter, then a community of a few people is fully capable of optimizing an impressive time. In most games, the majority of players do nothing to help advance the game, all they're doing is just replicating current WR / using info other people have put time into figuring out.

A record's impressiveness should be determined by the player's execution throughout, using their knowledge of the game to utilize the fastest approach to beating said game, regardless of how many players it has.

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@LivLiv Alright you have changed my mind on the matter. My post was directly made to combat the "Free WR" mindset, but I suppose # players is not an accurate metric for the amount of work done on a run.

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The mindset is kind of silly, but nothing is ever really going to stop that mindset.

I think the distinction should moreso be towards, a poor run with barely any effort put in solely to be the first / only record vs a run that's extremely optimized and has had a lot of work put towards it but just so happens to be a fairly dead game or obscure title.

If people want to feel some kind of gratification because they have a ton of WRs and brag about them that they put in little to no effort to achieve then let them. All it really takes is for anyone to actually watch their video to see whether it's the former, or the latter.

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Alright how about another feature request regarding runner profiles.

Add the ability to highlight the runs you want while all the other runs go to the bottom. If I have a run that I am super proud of, I can select it to show at the very top of my profile while meme runs where not much effort has been put in will be at the bottom as they are not as important.
This would probably work better on a per game basis for IL runs.


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A small suggestion;

If a sub-games/resources page is empty, simply do not show it in the sidebar at all. This makes it all the cleaner. In other words - if it can be done for discord sidebar links, why can't it be done for other empty links? Regular users cannot contribute to them, and the majority of games do not have sub-games.

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Originally posted by TreyaRegular users cannot contribute to them

In the case of Resources, this is not true, regular users can add them (I believe you must have run in that game to be able to so). I do agree that it would make sense to hide empty sub-games for non-moderators though, yeah.

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Slight annoyance I have:

Notifications only count as read once you click one of them. Having a "mark all as read" button would be convenient.

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@IgnasIgnas They should be all marked as read as soon as you open the menu. Not sure what you're experiencing?

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Can we able to type dates with the given format and not have it go to the present every time. What's the point of entering the time if we're forced to use the calendar? And it's incredibly tedious if a run is from 2008 and have to click all the way back there. Please can this be fixed to enter dates and press enter to set it.

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@PacPac You still have to open a thread in a new tab for "new" to go away. (It would be nice to be able mute or mark as read threads but it's not a big deal personally.)