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That's on the moderators of those games to fix those links.

At one point I can understand the mindset behind it, but this would've had to been a long, long time ago, most communities just don't have that kind of thing at all and the few that do tend to make use of it in that regard but I think its kinda shitty that the many games that can't do this aren't allowed to provide anything at all for the game. Plus the way I see it, if no one wanted a feature like that removed it would have to be something only staff could manually approve and add which I'm going to be honest I really do not want more nonsense on my plate for something trivial.

I mean christ, in the game queue we generally get resource links of various media all the time and if you can't fill it with anything I don't see anything wrong with providing information about a games background.

I simply encourage users to provide extra content to their leaderboards regardless of how minor it is. I think everyone can understand this mindset and would be behind it, can it be a little annoying? Sure, but in the end they likely just don't have anything else to provide and I personally do not mind reading more about a games background history.

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I can't make much sense of the response, but if you are fine with Website / wiki being used in more ways then so am I. It should be clear though


Seems like it's already pretty clear. Barring cases of user error (and apparently the occasional rule-breaker), the feature is being used correctly. And, for what it's worth, I don't recall seeing anyone else express confusion about this since the labels were changed. Seems to be "working as intended" to me.

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Feature Request: Have the option to turn off "separate load times" on level boards but still have the option on for full game runs. Ex. CoD4 full game is timed real time and times wout loads but for ILs it's completely unnecessary [to have both] and just creates more hassle trying to submit + verify times - making them appear all in 1 column ty.

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Lovely to see the wr charts back (everyone loves charts!). I suppose some bugs are inevitable though.
In the game "Race Driver: Grid" https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​grid/​gamestats when I click on a dot on the chart, an incorrect video pops ups. Aside from that, the game has 3 full game leaderboards (Any%, 100%, all tracks), but only the first category has a chart available, which on the chart drop down menu shows up under the name of "Full Game".

The "Race Driver: Grid" speedrun site had a fairly noticeable overhaul where many categories changed and runs were moved to different categories and I'm fairly certain that's the main reason for the charts not showing correct runs.


As WR graph is back and is looking great, I'd like to push again for these ideas from 2 years ago:
WR Graph Multiple WRs in One Day: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​didpg
WR Graph All Categories Toggle: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​7xwjd

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@OxkniferOxknifer Regarding the first suggestion, an issue with that is there's currently no way to specify what order runs were achieved in. So, simply showing all runs that beat the previous day's WR would solve the issue you've described, but it would also erroneously list runs that were not WRs.

Having some way to specify the ordering of runs achieved on the same day when the order is known would allow that to be fixed (as well as help with a few rare edge cases, such as ties achieved on the same day). But, based on previous discussions and comments about this from site staff, this wouldn't be trivial to implement and is considered low-priority.

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Every run has a submission date/time attached to it. Some part of the API has access to that data, and ordering it for the graphs would simply mean using the correct API call or enhancing a current API to provide time-based ordering instead of date-based. (Not that that wouldn't take some time)


Submission date/time does not help at all, as it depends on runs being submitted in the same order they were performed, which is frequently not the case. Some users submit their runs immediately, other users wait days, weeks, sometimes even months.

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It would be super if the site loaded with the cursor already active in the search box. The rest of the site is mouse-based, this would save a click and be supremo rad.

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If there would be an option for it I think that could be useful.


I see what you're saying Shiken.
I think this means it would be best if the user could submit not only the date of a run, but also a time.
This way, if needed, a user or mod could look at the date and time of a Twitch clip or a YouTube upload and set date/time based off of that.

Or, since twitch and youtube times may be inaccurate to actual time of run, we just play it with honor system...


im not sure if this has been brought up before or discussed but maybe a way to seperate the runs require verification setting to certain categories, i moderate a game called hungry shark world and the entire IL leaderboard runs on in game time so does the misc category, i would like to turn off runs require verification for the il board and the misc but not the full game categories and i can only have it on and off for all categories which stresses me out


Remove the webgame tag. It leads to severe organization issues (games are hidden for no reason), and it completely unnecessary, as the web platform already exists. Also, there are far more games in the web platform than have the we game tag, which litterally makes no sense. Please fix this, it has annoyed me for years!


I'm sure this has been asked a million times but why is there not an option to sort level runs on our profile to show our most recent ran games at the top? So when you submit a pb on a level, the game which you did the run on appears at the top of the IL page. The same has been done for full game runs, and level runs still have a date attached to them, it can't be that hard to implement.

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Bumping an old thread: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​speedrunning/​thread/​loyt0

Consider adding these two frame-perfect YouTube retimers to the resources page:
https:/​/​github.​com/​Slush0Puppy/​retime (affectionately known as Slush or SPRT)
https:/​/​mattbraddock.​com/​yt-frame-timer (which is based off of SPRT)

Origin of the idea:

The thread also suggested these tools, though I personally haven't used them:
Avidemux 2.5.7

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On the Runs Awaiting Verification page, when I hover over a rejected run it would be more convenient if it displayed the rejection reason, rather than the run description.

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Moderators often have to open the "Edit run" page to change timing or other details in runs they are watching.
This wastes a lot of time flipping in between the run page and the edit page.
It would be very useful to have an edit run button that, instead of taking you to a new page, simply opens the fields below the run video for editing and saving. (Also ensure that one cannot verify or reject a run while editing).

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How about changing the looks of uncontested WRs? Adding small letter U or even 🆓 or something? so looking at someone's profile you can see which WRs are uncontested and which are not.


@OxkniferOxknifer Right click the "Edit run" property and select "Open in a new browser tab/page".

@RenusekRenusek Sounds like feature bloat. Also sounds like it would be a hard time implementing something that "defines" what WR is free or not. Possibly even a little.. hurtful? I wouldn't really like if my WR was labeled as "free". That just sounds silly.

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