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@finnaboingfinnaboing It's not really about making the site look "cleaner". The rework on /games and series pages was done primarily to improve on the rather ridiculous performance of the older pages, which contained a lot of bloat and inefficient code, causing what I think everyone experienced as rather long load hangs. I think I've spent minutes earlier this week collectively just waiting for these pages to load, and I think most people could say the same if they load these rather frequently.

The pages are not necessarily final in terms of features / what can be added. The goal right now was to optimize the pages, stuff will likely come in time.

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In games that use both real time and in-game time (or real time and load-removed time, etc), the "Time" field on the run submission page should say "Real time" for extra clarity.

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Just wanted to say that I really like how you implemented the new feature to enlarge embedded videos. It's not the default option because that would be terrible for moderating purposes, but still easily accessible in case you want to use it. It also looks really good in general.

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For Filters, it should only show variables that apply to the category you currently have selected, instead of showing every variable on the game. Since it shows everything (and since we often have duplicate variables), you end up with wonky situations like this:

Allowing us to apply variables to more than one category would also alleviate this issue.

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Got an idea for run verification: Moderators are obviously not saying every "I'm checking this run now". So within the Goose Game community, we've had a few instances where moderators were checking the same run.

Would be cool if it said "Moderator X is currently on this page" so that no 2 mods are going to start verifying a long run together

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Can we get a search option for emulator allowed games and/or an option to see official console only games?

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@RiekeltRiekelt I've had similar thoughts before as a feature, but can't comment on how realistic this is to implement from the site's end.


@RiekeltRiekelt Its possible but it would probably be best implemented when the site would allow realtime updating without manual refreshing.
Because even if a mod could sort of output a notification for the other mods that the mod in question is currently already reviewing a particular pending run, there could still be instances (probably a tiny margin but it can happen) of two or more mods literally clicking the same run at the exact same moment possibly ending up still "locking" the same run.

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If possible I'd like the option to choose whether the current leaderboard times for a particular game are added to "Time w/ loads" or "Time w/o loads" when updating a game to have separate load times. Currently it adds all times on the board to "Time w/o loads" no matter which method you choose as the default timing method (which I assume is used for sorting the runs, but I'm not to sure). I'm very un-enthused about potentially having to manually swap the times from one to the other for all 400 odd runs on the ASAMU boards.

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I have a simple piece of feedback, because it is annoying to see everywhere:

On pages like:

https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​games#platform=PC (in the drop down menu).
https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​resident_evil (in the drop down menu)
https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​factorio/​run/​yj3xlxoz (in the bottom)
https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​factorio/​full_game#Any (in Platform column and in Filter -> Platform, as well on the left side under thumbnail)

replace all references to "PC" by "Windows" or "MS Windows"

PC is very broad term, and covers a lot of things, in generally anything that is x86 with semi standard parts like ISA or PCI. It can be DOS, it can be OS/2, it can be Windows, or Windows NT, or Mac, or Linux, or BSD, or FreeDOS, or DosBox. It can even be differently standarized hardware, like PS/2, or PCJr. One can consider PS4 and XBox One a PC from technical point of view too. So, I really think it is bad idea to use term PC to denote Platform, because it is not specific enough, and also not respectful to Linux and mac users. Normal Linux x86 machine is definitively a "PC", but for some reasons it is not classified as such here - it has own category. Separate category for Linux makes sense, but saying Windows == PC is simply bad.

I guess having Windows and DOS (which could be DosBox, or other emulator, possibly ones built into Windows itself) category would be nice.

Linux is also a bit too broad, as Linux can mean many things - Linux native games, Windows games played with Wine, DOS games played with DosBox, Bochs, or KVM; webbased games; emulators for countless systems (from NES, MAME through Wii U to PS3) used on Linux, etc.

Thank you.

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Guides should be able to have multiple authors. Sometimes it's a team effort. Should also be able to set/edit authors. I've had to add guides to the site that were created by others, and I've also occasionally updated guides where the original author's content was completely obsolete.

On a completely unrelated note... I'm randomly noticing a bunch of new features being added to the site. This is fantastic, but I'd appreciate if new features, bug fixes, or other changes were documented somewhere. It's a little weird being blindsided by a new button I've never seen before, or a new option that I'd actually want to use.

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Can there be a note under the "Community website / wiki" field clarifying the purpose of it?


@RandomnoRandomno What would there be to clarify about a community website / wiki? Seems pretty self explanatory to me.


I'm glad it is so obvious to you, but if you explain to me what the intended purpose of it is, I'm sure I can find many leaderboards where the purpose was not clear to the moderator.


Hey, this has probably been brought up at some point by someone, so I apologize beforehand.

I mainly enjoy playing/viewing IL leaderboards and one thing that always bugs me are the empty time boxes since I don't know if the category simply hasn't been performed yet or it can't be performed for some reason.
I wish that moderators had a tool or something to mark the unplayable IL time boxes, so they wouldn't misrepresent as being unplayed due to lack of interest from the players.

I noticed that the Croc 2 community already made their own solution to this by creating a fake user and blocking those categories as a N/A 0.01s fake player. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​croc_2/​individual_levels

I do wish there was a more sophisticated solution to this though, like a tickable toolbox for modders which would make the rectangle darker and put a white cross over it or something like that.

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@RandomnoRandomno The purpose is... for a community website or wiki. As an example, Goldeneye links to The Elite, which is their pre-existing rankings site. Legend of Zelda links to ZeldaSpeedruns. Those are both speedrunning websites created by the community for those games.

It's not exactly rocket science. I don't really see what needs extra clarification there (also if you're bringing in examples of leaderboards misusing it, worth noting that IIRC it was actually mislabeled for a while, so that's likely why it's been used incorrectly).

Originally posted by UniwersalI wish that moderators had a tool or something to mark the unplayable IL time boxes

Fully agree with this. I hate hate hate when there are "N/A" placeholder times. It looks awful and messes up tons of API stuff I try to do involving ILs. But leaving them blank also sucks. An alternative would be good.

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