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Why would a community for a game be spread out over multiple servers? I'm genuinely curious what games are setup like that because I can't imagine a scenario where a game would want to segregate it's community as such. I would see it as a huge headache for anyone trying to gather or research resources for a game.

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@SonikkustarSonikkustar Alternatively, you can always make a forum post linking the other Discords in your case.
Preferably, you'd like the leaderboard to have one Discord as single entry point for users who have interest in the leaderboard.

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Please add an option to disable loading the series filters on mobile; series take like an entire minute to load because it has to load in the thousands of filter options before condensing them. Alternatively, would it be possible to make it only load the condensed list of filters when loading a series, and then load the rest of the filters if someone clicks view all? Thanks.

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Would be nice if you could have custom sections in Resources (and also remove unused/unneeded sections). I have something I want to add for a game I run that doesn't really fit under "Tools", "Saves", "Splits", or "Patches".

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@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs Majora's Mask has a separate learning discord from the main runner discord, funny enough.


@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs For instance, scoping out to Discords that cover game, platform, developer, etc.
I'd love to be able to link people to a specific mobile game discord, as well as the Mobile Speedrunning Discord itself.

So even an optional second or third Discord link would be nice.​

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Please give the option of removing streams from showing up automatically on the frontpage of SRC.
Right now the twitch/speedrun thing in particular is pretty much 24/7? (or close to) and effectively acts like an automatic video ad (and I mean let's be honest that's the goal isn't it). Using SRC to promote your own stream to this extent and force it down everybody's throats is heavy-handed and unacceptable in my opinion.

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Originally posted by KiruaUsing SRC to promote your own stream

Worth noting that it isn't their stream, it's GSA's, but yeah nonetheless having anything autoplay on the front page is not good. This has been brought up many times, and if I remember right it was even fixed at one point (but was reverted almost immediately), and the issue hasn't been acknowledged since.

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The variables page in Edit game needs a complete overhaul, it's a usability nightmare right now, even more so than before the new layout.

First off, the binary choice between adding a variable to either all or only one category is nor very useful. If you want to add it to many, but not all categories, you end up having to make multiple copies of the same variable then add it individually to each category and the page just blows up and becomes hard to navigate.

Generally everything just takes up too much space. When you add a simple yes/no variable then the whole page from left to right is mostly empty. That empty space is meant to be occupied by the few variables that come with rulesets, however even in those cases it's fairly useless as it only shows you the first few words:
Also a single variabale with 10 elements (for example anything you'd allow user defined for) will take up a most of the page already. Maybe it would be a good idea to be able to hide and fold out the list of variables, so as to allow to see more than 2 variables on screen at a time.

Sometimes the arrows to move an elements up and down the list don't work at all, instead just move it to some random position. I think optimally it would just be drag and drop instead, at least on desktop, and I don't know who would be daft enough to try and use this stuff on mobile.

While these aren't on the variables page, timing methods suffer from the same problem of not being able to choose what parts of the game they apply to. Often you want RTA for full-game and IGT for ILs. But you can only activate the for the whole game. You can write it into the rules as much as you want but people will keep submitting RTA to ILs and IGT to full-game runs even if none such things exist. I'm tired of doing constant janitor work for people who cannot read rules, when this problem would be solved by simply making timing methods category specific or at least putting it on the category tab and splitting it between full-game and ILs.

Lastly IL categories cannot be set as level specific AT ALL. If you happen to have two different types of ILs for your game and only one of them needs a split in categories, you're out of luck because every IL is gonna have it.

I don't know what else might be wrong with all of this, but it's hard to even find out as everything is such a mess. It would be nice if more focus could be given to leaderboard moderation features on a site than is presumably about making and moderating leaderboards. Nothing along these lines has changed in the 4 years i have used this site.

On an unrelated note, it would be nice to get a time frame filter for leaderboards, so you can get an impression of what the LB looked like 2 years ago, or maybe all runs that were posted in the last year.

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I have two issues at this current time:

1. The "Games" list was changed to be less thorough. I get that it makes the site look cleaner or whatever, but it's at the cost of functionality. What if I only want to see games that were released in 2012? What if I want to see games in the order that they were added to the site? What if I want to see which games have the most currently active players? I can't do any of those things anymore. All that this change has done is dumb down an extremely useful feature of this site.

2. For whatever reason, the "empty" text next to a category's tab was either removed or hasn't been re-added to the new site layout. It's not like this isn't possible to do; @HowDenKingHowDenKing gave me some CSS code to add the "empty" text back in. The code works, but it's weird to have to use a separate Chrome extension just to have a quality-of-life feature (that was already part of the old layout) present. The "empty" text is useful because it lets someone quickly look at a category (or subcategory) and see if it's empty or not. I have no idea why it hasn't already been put back.

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@finnaboingfinnaboing It's not really about making the site look "cleaner". The rework on /games and series pages was done primarily to improve on the rather ridiculous performance of the older pages, which contained a lot of bloat and inefficient code, causing what I think everyone experienced as rather long load hangs. I think I've spent minutes earlier this week collectively just waiting for these pages to load, and I think most people could say the same if they load these rather frequently.

The pages are not necessarily final in terms of features / what can be added. The goal right now was to optimize the pages, stuff will likely come in time.

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In games that use both real time and in-game time (or real time and load-removed time, etc), the "Time" field on the run submission page should say "Real time" for extra clarity.

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Just wanted to say that I really like how you implemented the new feature to enlarge embedded videos. It's not the default option because that would be terrible for moderating purposes, but still easily accessible in case you want to use it. It also looks really good in general.

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For Filters, it should only show variables that apply to the category you currently have selected, instead of showing every variable on the game. Since it shows everything (and since we often have duplicate variables), you end up with wonky situations like this:

Allowing us to apply variables to more than one category would also alleviate this issue.

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Got an idea for run verification: Moderators are obviously not saying every "I'm checking this run now". So within the Goose Game community, we've had a few instances where moderators were checking the same run.

Would be cool if it said "Moderator X is currently on this page" so that no 2 mods are going to start verifying a long run together

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Can we get a search option for emulator allowed games and/or an option to see official console only games?

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