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Under -social- in Edit Profile, it would be very nice to have a space for an optional comment.

I went on a trip for all of July and instead of displaying my Discord username on my profile, I wrote the message: "Hey all, I'll be out of town until July 25th and will not have much time to moderate. Please be patient!"

Hovering over the Discord icon on my profile showed that message.

I think it would be simple to implement this custom message system by adding an icon shaped like a notepad or speech bubble.
It would be useful for all moderators and could be a mod-only feature if there's a worry about abusing it. However, I don't see it being abused more than it being helpful.

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1. @OxkniferOxknifer +2 to that! It's what I came here for.

2. More social media options for your user (or at least the ability to add more than 1 website). I personally don't want to give out my real name/location, which would happen in the case if I link my Instagram, Facebook, etc. I had to make alts for Reddit and Twitter, now yes, this did work, but never the less.

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Thank you HDK for taking the time to complie the list. 😃

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Can the streams section of the site start including Youtube/Mixer streams?

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Guide archiving and organizing would be a useful feature.

Take a look here, for instance: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smb1/​guides
- I'm sure not all of these guides are modern and archiving the obsolete ones would be helpful for new players.
- Sorting of guides is currently alphabetical. It would be much better to organize by date updated.
- Categorizing guides might also be useful. Allowing mods to make guide categories would be nice.

SMB1 is just an example. This would be useful srcom-wide.

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I hate that when adding a new level to IL Leaderboard, like by update it's added to the game (and the game doesn't have a fixed order of levels to play so it isn't based on numbers but alphabetically) and I add a new level, I have to click "move up" like 200 times on average because the game currently has around 400 levels

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That's something that can hopefully be adjusted in future. @MaximalMaximal

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@Tron_JavoltaTron_Javolta and I discussed this briefly in the Discord, so I thought I'd add it here:

In some cases, a game requires a variable to be applied to some, but not all (or one) category. The current way around this is to make a copy of the variable for each category that requires it. So if you have a variable called "Character" that applies to 9 of your 10 categories, you must create 9 "Character" variables with the same values (which is obnoxiously repetitive to create).

The issue this creates is that each copy of the variable is shown in the Filters dropdown, which forces mods to make each name uniquely named to be able to tell them apart in the Filters menu. This also clutters up the Filters menu with all the duplicate variables.

Examples of this can be seen on these leaderboards:
https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Super_Smash_Bros.​_for_3DS#Classic_5.​0 (Character variable)
https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mkwextracategories/​full_game#Cups (Items variable)

A solution to this would to allow a variable to apply to n-number of categories, instead of one-or-all. For example, when editing a variable, editing the Category value brings up a checkbox list UI that allows you to select any categories it applies to, with All Categories as a separate toggle option.

I understand this would probably cause a bunch of data structure raucous, but I wanted to get it down in writing so it can be planned for the future. Thanks!

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I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I'm getting a bit confused on this subject; how to I set my country as the EU? Like the user HowDenKing for example. It doesn't show up on the list of countries and there's no articles or posts on this subject? If I need to donate a little money then sure thing, but I just want to be able to identify as European on here if I can have the option for that 🙂 thanks!


I got refered to this thread, so I'll link my thread there: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Site/​thread/​25cdl/​1#ovrig

In short: I think it'll be a good idea to be able to sticky/pin/sort the runs on your profile. I run a bunch of games I don't take seriously, but mainly want to be profiled as an MKDD runner, but because of infrequent PRs, those runs are dropping down on my profile. I'd love to be able to pin them to the top of my profile so I don't need to worry about that 🙂

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for one board i moderate on the level leaderboard is what i would say a checkpoint to checkpoint leaderboard and i think it would be cool if i had an option of renaming it from level leaderboard to checkpoint leaderboard.


I mean it says "last updated" on it, but I agree that does sound super helpful. 😃


Under "Edit Game" > "Game types"

"Note: game types can only be set by content mods.
Use this thread to request changes."

The thread is locked, so perhaps this link should be replaced.

Edit: Thanks for the follow-up, Daravae!

Edit April 2020: Thanks for unlocking the thread!


It's been mentioned before -- I think it'd be awesome if we could have a list of all notifications we've received in one place.
And searchable.

Edit November 2019: Thanks for adding https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​notifications !
I'd really like to see this page be searchable 🙂


@OxkniferOxknifer Is known to us and has been forwarded to Pac. Editing that page can only be done by Admins so unfortunately Full Mods cannot fix that link.

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Idea from fishmcmuffins: require 2-factor authentication for all accounts that moderate at least one game. Today is what- the fifth time accounts have been hacked? Simply requiring password resets each time it happens clearly isn't enough.

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you see, introducing 2FA would give the people an actually useful feature that the people want, and clearly that's not what this site is going for

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@MyLittleWalrusMyLittleWalrus 2FA is being seriously considered by site staff, but implementing it takes quite a lot of work so it would likely be a while before it would be ready. They're considering other short-term alternatives to prevent the leaderboard vandalism as well.

@crashcrash do you actually have anything to add here or are you just taking a cheap shot because you think it makes you look clever or something

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It would be easy to prevent accounts being compromised if users didn't revert back to slight alterations of passwords that are confirmed compromised.

And yeah, some did...

The site would benefit greatly from 2FA, but it's bizarre why people knowingly swap back to passwords that are pasted in plaintext on the internet somewhere. In cases where 2FA is applied, 2FA is then basically the only security for these accounts because they're knowingly using a password that anyone can see.


when your site has had several security breaches in the past year alone and lacks numerous features that are 100% standard on nearly all websites, some of which have been promised for literal years at this point™. when plenty of people within this community are plenty aware of how poorly managed this site is and the people who run it

nah keep blaming your user base while never actually fixing any of the major problems with this site

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