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It tracks milliseconds as 3 numbers, and 44 milliseconds is 044 not 440. That seems more of a flaw with how the site worked prior, over how it works now. It shouldn't autocorrect a value of 44 milliseconds into 440, as you didn't enter 440.

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Originally posted by PottowwThis was not the case before the updated site layout

Actually, that's always been the case. But yeah like @LivLiv said it's because it's millisecond count (044 milliseconds) rather than a fraction of a second (0.440 seconds). Anyway, might not a good idea to change how that behaves at this point since that'll likely just confuse the heck out of everybody who's gotten used to the way it currently works.


Maybe an option to shorten the used ms count would be a good compromise?
e.g. in MH, only the left 2 digits are used in the ingame-timer, so the 3rd is kinda irellevant and leads to confusion,
as people will just copy the time from the ingame-timer to the field, and it'll then get submitted wrong.

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I think it would be helpful to have a comment section for each run on the leaderboard. Or at least allow the runner to add a description for what was improved in the run. Sometimes it's not obvious what was done better in a run over the last world record or the previous runs. Has this been suggested before?


Comment section has been brought up countless times before and every time the consensus was that it's unecessary & would add too much moderation-free space for trolls, memers, bots & general fuckery.

Runners already can add a description,
but as you know by now for sure,
almost no one will bother to write a detailed report on what they improved in that specific run.

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As another note, the more popular video hosting sites already have comment sections, so we'd just be recreating a feature that already exists elsewhere (probably in a better form than what we would have here).

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I may have suggested this in the past, but it would be great if the site supported markdown code blocks in text as described here. A game I mod has several guides with instructions for editing INI files, so being able to have code blocks in those guides would be rather helpful.

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I know that the "World Record History" charts are still "under construction" in the new layout - but, when they get finished, I feel like an option to look at a table or a list instead of a chart would be helpful. Lots of games have long histories with huge numbers of world records, and with the old charts it was often a nightmare trying to figure out the exact progression because two (or more) points on the chart would be absurdly close together and it'd be impossible to figure out which point your mouse was hovering over.

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im sure someone has mentioned this at some point in this massive string of messages on this thread.

im a fan of the program xenforo, its a very advanced and professional forum building program used to well, build forums.

two features i really liked from xenforo was the ability to have a customized rating system for messages and posts, like, dislike, heart, laughing faces, informative or agree and or disagree etc. etc.

another feature was every user had their own profile page where they can add an about information, what their hobbies are, whether or not they have a birthday, gender, and even personalized profile posts similar to other social media platforms.

of course, intention and purpose was never made for that, but i feel like it would give the site more personality and character.

plus, everyones profiles would feel more unique and personified rather than what we have now where its a list of runs and contact information links.

otherwise, i enjoy the site for what it is.

- senko


...except as soon as you use pre-made, public code you instantly open yourself up for every exploit it has.
just a quick google reveals that xenforo has multiple attack points...

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never said to use pre-made code, i was stating i like a few features it has.. i was already well aware that xenforo now isnt a very well renowned program as it used to be.



With game requests theres no way to make changes to your game request without canceling your entire request having to remake it and send it all the way to the end of the line, we need an edit request option

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Why should you be able to edit your game request? You should have all the necessary info beforehand to fill it in properly the first time. I think you also forgot about one massive implication this would bring with being able to "edit game requests". What if you edit a game request at the same moment we from site staff are already looking at it?

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Well lets just say in the additional information box you forgot to include something important you want the mod reviewing your request to know to increase the chance of it being approved which you only realise you should have mentioned while your thinking about the chances of it getting verified after submission but you didnt really realise it during the time of submission or by mistake didnt include it if that makes sence (has happened to me), also with the mobile glitch that occurs with filling out the realece date which i've posted in the site bugs forum, you dont really notice this glitch until you look at your pending actions and see the realeace date says it was today which like i've stated would mean you would have to go through a long process to get it resubmitted (if your wondering why i dont just submit game requests on my computer my wifi's broken rn so i have to use my phone). Also yeah thats a good point probably the main downside about this change, maybe there could be a feature where it would say "sorry your game request is currently under review right now it is too late to make changes to your current game submission".


Honestly, it sounds redundant. Just fill it in properly the first time. If you "forgot to include something important", you did it wrong.

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Couldn't you also just revoke the request and resubmit?


@DaravaeDaravae yeah i get it

@LonneLonne not to be rude but isnt that just reinstating the problem in question form? But the answer is yes and im trying to change that to make another option to where you dont have to go through such a long process as deleting your entire request having to rewrite everything even the information thats correct and have to send it to the end of the line


Ctrl+C Ctrl+V is your best friend in That case

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Could some sort of indicator be added for New Game Requests that shows where in line someone currently is?

Like when you go to the DMV or McDonald's or something, they give you a number and you can see how close you are to being called 🙂


@goadirothgoadiroth There is no "line"

Game requests are simply handled by people on staff in their free time, some games take longer then others, some have issues, sometimes when we aren't sure we might come back to that particular game a bit later and among many other reasons. Game requests have always been a rough thing to comb through, an indicator of when your "turn" is would do you literally no good since when we do accept or reject the game, the site gives you a notification already.

You simply have to be patient, it's already listed that in around 2-3 weeks if it still hasn't been approved nor rejected that you might want to see what happened by contacting staff.