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i think that should allow verifiers to be able to edit runs for example, lets say if your a verifier in a game where all the mods and super mods are semi inactive and your the one doing most of the verfication in the game if someone submits the wrong time you have no way to change the time, you just have to either reject the run and tell the runner to resubmit with the right time or contact them and tell them to change it,

it would save the mod and the runner time if this was changed


That is on the to-do list (verifiers being able to edit runs)

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hey so 3 weeks ago i did a thread about removing and google+ from social media list due to both of them are being unavailable ( ) but it seems to be ignored completely.
The question is could and google+ be removed from social media list?


They will be eventually, it's just not an imperative issue right now, really.

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I had thought of another potential thing the site could do, grant you it's a little on the smaller side.

Being able to exclude subcategories from the actual categories, example:
I'd be able to exclude "Redux" and "Softlock" to "100%" and "All Projectors" without needing to make 8 different subcategory blocks.

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Still, streams auto play on the frontpage again, it's extremely annoying.

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i think there should be a new feature to where it will tell you where your game request stands in line for verification


@afnannen136 Moderators can verify runs in any order, this would not help.

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"Your run has been approved, and you've received a moderation note!"

The latter would be neat.

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I don't think he is referring to runs. I think he is referring to where a game request stands in the game requests queue.

But yeah, to be honest, I don't think a feature like that would benefit anyone. It would only provide unnecessary insight on the size of the game request queue and potentially put more unnecessary pressure on site staff to prioritize seperate game requests. Any user that requests a game should abide by the general guidelines that are listed on:

Secondly, before anyone wants to come in here and make a request, please note:
Site staff is working on higher priority requests now. You can probably tell yourself that any request you make will be rated very low in the priority list. Please consider its the relevance before posting.

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Is there a way to have a times in milliseconds for specific categories currently? For Chameleon Twist IL's in training room ( the game automatically does ms and they're short enough to justify it (less than 20s) but no other runs should have it

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@qwillinallthefish Not right now. Best workaround is just leaving 000 in the millisecond time for runs/categories you don't want to show them.

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It would be really really cool if we could see an interactive list of all verified runs on a leaderboard, similar to how all runs show up on a users profile. I have about 313 runs in the Free Rice page that I'm considering retiming, but it is not easy to find all of them (many are obsoleted).
This would also be helpful just in terms of statistics. On this page, it would be easy to see how many runs each user has done, easy to find and compare world records, and easy to grab data to work with in Excel.

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I'm not sure how many games are large enough for this to actually be a useful feature, but if there was a way to see active players vs category, not just in a game overall, I think that'd be useful, especially when deciding on what to run in a new speedgame.

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If we haven't gotten an official diagnosis of any psychosis but clearly suffer can we have a checkmark on our profile?


The verified runs check sounds like a cool idea.

(I will be ignoring that garbage comment above mine from PrettzL, though.)


Yeah, there are more respectful ways to treat people. Nonetheless I don't see any point in such a feature.

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It's a shame people will complain about anything. As much as pronoun roles are cool in say a Discord, unfortunately not everywhere or everyone will have the same reaction.