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Oh snap, that's for all boards. Glad someone pointed it out.

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The stream on the front page is autoplaying for me again, not sure if intentional.

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Please add game search choice:
Sort by latest runs/run date

And it would be nice to select min and max time that runs continued for sorting

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What wartab said, this was turned off for good reason.

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Here's a feature that would be really great for moderation:

On the Runs awaiting verification page, it would be really useful if we could somehow open up a run without leaving the page we're on so we don't have to reload it. Like a middle click or right click -> open in a new tab on the runs themselves. We can only open the category page or the user page this way, the run itself seems to be behind a script element or something that prevents opening in a new tab or window. Verifying runs for more popular games where the runs awaiting verification list often has dozens of runs can be a little annoying because of how much you have to reload the same page over and over.

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@Bismuth It works with CTRL + click, but I do agree it's not too intuitive

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In the users tab there's a most categories played top donators and most games played on all on leaderboards can we also have a most total runs leader board and a way to see where users are on those leader boards in there profiles?

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I was just asking about that in the Discord, the most total runs thing, neat lol.

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I'm trying to get some games added to the site but my requests got denied. They said it "looked like it's meant to fill a game library rather than complete a speedrun," despite me clearly showing optimization strats. Would love to talk with someone about this but there is no way to reply to notifications


I know I literally just started an account, but I already see a very inconvenient issues for me at least, I can't see to locate a forum Search function to find posts relating to keywords. If there is then please inform me how to do so.

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There is no search functionality for forum posts. The closest thing you have right now is CTRL+F in your browser and search for words in the titles of the threads on a page.

The desire for a forum search option has been brought up before.

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I'm glad to know that that has been brought up. I'd also recommend searching Google with like "thing". It's worked for me a few times, but of course only if it's in the title like was suggested. /\ H̶e̶h̶e̶,̶ ̶6̶9̶t̶h̶ ̶p̶a̶g̶e̶.̶

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I think the WR history graphs at the bottom of the Statistics page for each game could use some work.

First suggestion: allow the user to select one line instead of displaying all of them by default and making the user deselect every line that isn't the one they wanted. I mean, this is a bit ridiculous: Maybe there could be a checklist of each category, and when you click on one it expands and shows the subcategories (if there are any).

Second suggestion: allow the user to zoom in on and/or crop the graph. This is a problem especially for new popular games, the graphs of which have many, many data points bunched together. Zooming in would make it much easier for the user to distinguish the WRs of when new popular games have their burst of activity at the beginning.

Third suggestion: allow the user to click on a data point and be taken to that run's page. There are many times I want to watch an old WR and have to go back to the leaderboard, select "show obsolete runs", and sort through until I find the run I'm looking for.

Note that I'm not a designer nor do I know much about webdev, so these might be bad suggestions.

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i think that should allow verifiers to be able to edit runs for example, lets say if your a verifier in a game where all the mods and super mods are semi inactive and your the one doing most of the verfication in the game if someone submits the wrong time you have no way to change the time, you just have to either reject the run and tell the runner to resubmit with the right time or contact them and tell them to change it,

it would save the mod and the runner time if this was changed


That is on the to-do list (verifiers being able to edit runs)

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hey so 3 weeks ago i did a thread about removing and google+ from social media list due to both of them are being unavailable ( ) but it seems to be ignored completely.
The question is could and google+ be removed from social media list?

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They will be eventually, it's just not an imperative issue right now, really.

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I had thought of another potential thing the site could do, grant you it's a little on the smaller side.

Being able to exclude subcategories from the actual categories, example:
I'd be able to exclude "Redux" and "Softlock" to "100%" and "All Projectors" without needing to make 8 different subcategory blocks.

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