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Hahaha, I didn't know it did that. I just like liking helpful posts. Sorry about that. ':D

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Variables that are hidden from the leaderboard columns, but still show in Filters (for further filtering) and directly within the run. This would help with runs that have different aspects to the runs that can be useful when searching for specific criteria, but does not necessarily warrant a new column.

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If you try submit a run between midnight and 1am with your system time set to NZDT (UTC+13) the site won't let you submit using the auto-filled date with the message "Are you in the future?". Here's how it looked for me: . Waiting until 1am then let the run though again.

To me at least it seems like you make sure the date that's going to be submitted isn't more than 12h ahead of UTC, so it should be a simple enough fix to change that to 14h to properly encompass all time zones.

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When clicking submit on a subcategory that isn't the default, the run submission gets set to the first subcategory by default anyway.

Also, maybe it's a good idea to require moderators to follow the games they moderate? I often see questions get asked in forums by users and no help is given for months, whether it's a general question or a problem with the boards. The more actively a mod can participate the better.

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It would be nice if we could have an option to not show a live stream in the frontpage options or at least prevent it from autoplaying it. I sometimes am on a mobile connection with limited data and I imagine I'm not the only one in this case.

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I'll DM Pac directly about the autoplay thing. I've seen it enough to the point where I feel it's worth bringing up at least.

It's mostly annoying for me because it's almost always an ad, and the ads on Twitch can be glitchy sometimes. Limited data being consumed is also a pretty fair complaint.

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It'd be nice if the site administrators popped up here every once in a while. They went from frequent posts on this thread 3 years ago to even less 2 years ago. By the time I got to srcom, it was just kirkq commenting every once in a while. Last admin post was from Pac in November, 2017. I haven't seen any of them post here or acknowledge feature requests in a year.

Edit: Thanks for the update, Liv! Makes sense to get some of those done before new users pop up from AGDQ.

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At the moment, I believe the things Admins are working on are:

- Site design rework.
- On-site DM/PM system, Volvagia noted in the SRC discord this would possibly be happening late December/Early January, to be Beta tested by Full Mods and likely some hand-picked users. Possibly donators?
- Redone Notification system, also coming late December/Early January.
- Optimization improvements across the site.
- Finalizing the language system.

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Will there ever be an option to upload spreadsheets & documents to the site for guides, or has that been determined to be too much of a security risk already?


Why not just upload them to google docs/sheets and post a link in a guide? I’ve seen that done a bunch and it’ll probably look cleaner than any kinda auto embed the site can do (and would also prevent the need to virus scan each file and prevent the need to host them somewhere for download)

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This is sort of random, but I think adding player bios would be a good idea. Obviously links would be disabled to stop bots/scammers from contacting people, but I believe this could be a good idea for people who aren't really the most active and don't want their personal social media visible to everyone. For example, saying "I only check for runs on Wednesdays" or "I will be on vacation/a spiritual trip until 1/30/19" could be displayed, so people wouldn't appear inactive even if they are active. I think this would defiantly help because it would significantly lower the number of posts in the "moderation requests" forum, as only people who are truly inactive could be interpreted as such. A lot of game mods just have made new social media and not updated it since they joined (around 2016 for most people), so it will link you to an inactive or deleted social media even if they are very active on their new one. I know the site admins have a lot of work ahead, with as Liz said:
- Site design rework.
- On-site DM/PM system, Volvagia noted in the SRC discord this would possibly be happening late December/Early January, to be Beta tested by Full Mods and likely some hand-picked users. Possibly donators?
- Redone Notification system, also coming late December/Early January.
- Optimization improvements across the site.
- Finalizing the language system.
However, I don't know this as I'm still in the begging phases of learning how to code and haven't touched coding webpages yet, but I believe adding a bio would be pretty quick and easy to do. Also, this is fully irrelevant but thanks for responding to any complaints/questions I've had as fast as you have.

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@Sizzyl Id say bios would be abused pretty often, but I agree that some sort of way to tell that your gone wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe you could choose a date in the settings and until that day your profile would say that your gone until then

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Minor feature request, but allowing non-supermod moderators to see audit logs for a leaderboard would be nice. I feel if someone is elevated to moderator, they should be able to see what is happening in a leaderboard so I don't know why it is locked to a higher level.

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@blueYOSHI ik they would be abused pretty often, but i don't really see many other solutions other than yours. Also, there's the convience of saying "i only check games I mod on wednesdays" could be useful. Idk.

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I think it would be neat if we were allowed to enter sub-categories for marathons. Right now you can only submit regular categories to marathons, and not sub-categories.

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You know the "statistics" screen? Would it be possible to make it so that you can look at shorter categories individually with one click rather than checking all the longer categories off one by one? Or an option to use logarithmic graph.

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Multi-game leaderboards ( don't seem to have the support for certain features. I moderate the Spyro/Crash leaderboards and they're fairly active in comparison to other multi-games, especially as there are races very often. What seems to be lacking is the ability to display individual run times within the submission, and instead I often have submissions where the 3 or 6 run times are written in the description. I realize that what I am able to do is have variable columns, with a user-defined value, and I have tried this, but it doesn't work. I can assign column labels but only to a specific category, but I can't specify deeper to each subcategory. I'd be more than happy to put in the effort adding in each variable, but I can't control how many columns are shown for each subcategory, so it gets messy. Is there an other option I should be exploring?

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It would be nice if people who follow a game gets a notification whenever the rules change for a specific category.
For Example: The rules has changed/updated for "category" "game".

It's the runners own responsibility to be updated about the rules before running. Everyone won't agree with this, especially if they just finished a run that took a long time to complete which now would be invalid. This Notification would prevent such cases.

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