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Can we get pronoun markers for the profile kthx

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If we haven't gotten an official diagnosis of any psychosis but clearly suffer can we have a checkmark on our profile?


The verified runs check sounds like a cool idea.

(I will be ignoring that garbage comment above mine from PrettzL, though.)


Yeah, there are more respectful ways to treat people. Nonetheless I don't see any point in such a feature.

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It's a shame people will complain about anything. As much as pronoun roles are cool in say a Discord, unfortunately not everywhere or everyone will have the same reaction.


Cool site ya got here but god damn I need more icons near my name and avatar k?

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I'm guessing the request above is getting ignored as we've requested it plenty of times. The first time it got changed to being paused, and then it got reverted to autoplaying again.

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I haven't seen this suggestion before but it's quite possible I'm not the first to request it. ColoUrblind-friendly Mod and Super Mod icons.

The swords distinguished only by red vs. green hilts. Impossible to tell the difference for some, difficult for others.

Maybe with the site redesign there's an opportunity to make this little change.

That's all.

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@6oliath6oliath Its a good idea. Alternatively, you can just mousehover the sword icon and it will tell you the mod status as well.


That's an okay workaround, even it's not ideal.
Can't mouseover on mobile, however.

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Just a quick suggestion, wouldn't be better if we had some pop up system to reinforce the rules everytime someone submits a run? like, once the person click "Submit Run" the site automatically pops up the rules with a saying on top like "Consider reading the rules first/before submitting" or something like it.
I'm suggesting this because i'm currently a moderator/verifier for many boards and once in a while i get some pretty wrong submissions, and they are repeated oftenly by different runners, most of them are new to the website and only understand a thing or two about how the things work. I also believe this could slightly improve the verifying proccess.


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Hey @Kromer, great idea. I mentioned a similar idea in April 2018 here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​2szjw
ShikenNuggets mentioned it in Oct 2018 as well: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​aun99

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Why can you not select AUS as a region for games? This should be added in IMO as Australia is a major region.


Isn’t Australia just PAL though? Unless that’s not true, but I’ve always thought and heard that it’s just the PAL version of a game.

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it may be a derivative of PAL, but so is Brazil, yet that exists as a separate region variable. If Brazil can get one I think AUS is big enough to warrant one since it typically gets its own release dates as well.


I know China got is own PAL region because their versions of the games (primarily on iQue) were different from standard PAL regions. I’m not familiar with Brazil getting its own derivative, but maybe it was done for the same reason.

I’m not entirely sure what warrants a region being added but that might play a part in it, but site staff could obviously clarify.


can we have the option to edit theme opacity back

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Brazil is weird. In short, usually it's just PAL, but there are some cases where the Brazil release is PAL-M, which is different. Likely due to that functional difference is why Brazil has its own region selection.

China is available for similar yet different reasons. The CHN region often doesn't have the consoles we do elsewhere, so they often get releases in various other means. The iQue was one example; a more recent one is the NVidia Shield TV. As a result, the CHN region is available to let boards distinguish these odd releases.

Australia (technically, it's Australasia when referring to the region in these circumstances) is PAL, and lacks functional differences from Europe PAL. As a result, there's not a real need for Australasia to be split off into its own region, as it falls under PAL.

To answer before it comes up, Korea also gets releases. No clue what the technical specifications on this are, but KOR is also available on the site to distinguish this as well. Usually doesn't come up.

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Suggestion: Icons to the left of notifications

Perhaps a pen and pad of paper for a thread/forum response, a 1st place trophy for a WR beaten, a medal for a new Top 3 in a game, and so on. It's easy to come back from even a short hiatus and scroll through the list and miss something you would've found important, especially considering they're not viewable after you navigate away from the page once.

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