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it won't happen because the last theme update idea was removing backgrounds in favor of banners

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Aww, I really like backgrounds. Personalising the leaderboards was my favourite part of being a game mod - lots of people enjoyed how I did them (and no, they weren't close peers). A well customized leaderboard feels immersive.

Is it going to turn into the boring level of customization of modern youtube channels?

EDIT: I'll be honest, I'd rather much layout editing become a privilege than be taken away from everyone.

For example; a leaderboard mod submits a theme proposal (that they can preview), and it has to be verified by a site mod. If they are found to be trusted at making good custom themes, they gain the privilege and no longer need to be re-verified for every change.

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Not sure if this is known yet, but just in case, since it still appears to be an issue: will there be a fix for obsolete runs done on the same day appearing out of order on profiles? Example:

Not a huge issue or anything, just a minor thing that looks a bit messy 🙂

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Mass reverification.
It would be nice to somehow select an entire leaderboard, category, or subcategory and throw all the runs into reverification. Of course with an "are you sure?" button.
Example uses:
- I want to change the name of a category, which will cause all runs to disappear from the leaderboard.
- I just changed a timing rule and need to retime all runs.
- Routine reverification (idk who would do this but hey)

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I want to change the name of a category, which will cause all runs to disappear from the leaderboard

Can't you just... change the name of the category?

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Nope, changing the name of a category causes all runs in the category to disappear. You have to keep the links open for all of them and reverify them.

Edit: Hmm, yup I was wrong. Sorry for spreading mis-info 😃 I was thinking about when you have to transfer runs into a newly created subcategory. For instance, having an lb with only Any%, and then created glitchless and with-glitches subcategories -- this will cause the runs to disappear from the lb because their IDs are not tied to a newly required subcategory.

Edit (6 months later): Also wait, I was right. Changing a category name does cause runs to disappear from the leaderboard. Runs are tied to the name of the category and need to be reverified in order to assume the new category name. I thought I was wrong for a while but just tested it again. I need to reverify 350+ runs in order to match them up to new category names and this should really be fixed.

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No... it doesn't. Categories internally have ID's, and runs are tied to the ID of the category, not the name. Changing the category name doesn't throw all the runs away, that would be ridiculous.

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Being able to mass move runs would be nice though, say from a full game to IL, or just mass editing runs in general.

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I think you should be able to sort a leaderboard by a user entered variable and then sort any runs that have the same variable by time. At the moment if you have a leaderboard for something where the objective is to complete the speedrun while doing one specific thing as little as possible (low% categories or low captures in SMO), there isn't really a good way of handling it. With this system, you could have a low% category and if a new trick is found to lower the %, or a new trick to avoid a capture in SMO, they would just submit there time and variable and go the top regardless of time, because they have the lowest percentage or lowest captures.

Sorry if I didn't explain it very well, if you're familiar with the Trials games, it's how the system works on their leaderboard. The board is sorted by faults first then time. I've tried to look for a way of doing this, but it doesn't seem to be possible. I think there are quite a few boards that would really benefit from this.

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Adding file modification time after the filenames like profile_pic.jpg?_=1550781030 for profile pictures, custom badges and maybe theme backgrounds would help a lot. People getting confused about their browsers loading old pictures from cache is a really common thread.

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Feature request: Search for forumposts

It would be useful if you could search for certain phrases in the forums section, finding a helpful forum thread, etc.

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An option to only enable milliseconds for certain categories. This has probably been requested before. Feel free to link me OP's idea and I'll updoot it.

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Any word on these updates?

Edit: Thanks for creating the messaging system :))

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Perhaps a way to have a custom number of decimal places in the time, as opposed to only 3 decimal places? 3 decimal places is certainly enough for almost any game; however, 2 decimal places is also enough for any game that runs at or below 100 frames per second, which is most games, and some games are timed with an in-game timer only accurate to the tenth of a second. While of course you can still use these timing methods with 3 available decimal places, it can somewhat clutter the leaderboards of games that aren't timed with that level of precision (with the extra 0 at the end of every time). So, by allowing custom levels of decimal precision, leaderboards can be as precise as they need to be without any redundant zeroes at the end of every listed time.

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  [user deleted]

Oh snap, that's for all boards. Glad someone pointed it out.

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The stream on the front page is autoplaying for me again, not sure if intentional.

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Please add game search choice:
Sort by latest runs/run date

And it would be nice to select min and max time that runs continued for sorting

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What wartab said, this was turned off for good reason.

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Here's a feature that would be really great for moderation:

On the Runs awaiting verification page, it would be really useful if we could somehow open up a run without leaving the page we're on so we don't have to reload it. Like a middle click or right click -> open in a new tab on the runs themselves. We can only open the category page or the user page this way, the run itself seems to be behind a script element or something that prevents opening in a new tab or window. Verifying runs for more popular games where the runs awaiting verification list often has dozens of runs can be a little annoying because of how much you have to reload the same page over and over.

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