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Meme category do not have less runs by default as seen in my example with Dark Side and Nipple%. And the "main" category shouldn't just be the most ran one, it should be a good one that is entertaining, good for beginners or the most competitive one. There are even more reasons depening on the game, but it's definitely not just the most competitive one imo. Mostly the best one is also the most competitive one but not always.
Back to Nipple%, it doesn't beat the game, it's just a part of the game and as such I don't think it would be a good "main" category, it should be one that beats the entire game like Any% imo.

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I could definitely see the "main" category requirement being a full game (meaning start -> ending), but my point was more the arbitrary nature of the various boards. Speedrunning is more or less fragmented at the moment, but it is growing. As people stop running (but remain inactive mods), certain runners become mods on dozens of boards, and new blood come in with new ideas, arbitrary can lead to unnecessary sluggishness or conflict.

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Originally posted by Overswarmthis would be letting the community decide -- the people who run the game

No, that's not letting the community decide. That's letting an arbitrary algorithm (created by people who don't run the game) decide. The way things are currently, the community gets to decide. If the people who run the game want a misc category to be changed to a main category, all they have to do is ask the moderators to change it. You're talking as if the moderators get to decide everything even if it's not what the community wants, and that just isn't the case. Moderators aren't supposed to be the all-knowing, all-deciding rulers of the community, they're supposed to be representatives of the community who maintain the leaderboards and fulfill the community's wishes as necessary. If the community wants something to change and the moderator unreasonably refuses, then that moderator should (and will) be replaced.

And again, no matter how fancy the algorithm is, A: you'll never be able to make one that works for everything and satisfies everyone, and B: there's no way that it can account for categories that should not be main categories, regardless of how many people have run them.

You're trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist with a solution that wouldn't work.

Originally posted by Overswarmthis site doesn't have any direct forms of communication

While this is true, it doesn't really matter. The moderators are still responsible for being available for communication and checking the forums and such when necessary, and if they fail to do so they can be replaced. Also, as of 6 months ago all new moderators appointed by site staff are required to have valid contact info linked on their profiles.

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I think if we proposed some kind of automated, arithmetic based method of ordering leaderboards, most people would be against it and dislike that the site is using an automated process to order their boards for them.

I would also argue if this was the case for lesser popular games, meme categories would become the norm (they're usually easier to look good in because they're typically less optimized, so if people could push these out of misc. through pure numbers they probably would) and more optimized categories (such as Any% or 100% without any added 'meme' stipulation or totally arbitrary modifier) would be pushed further and further back, possibly into misc.

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Please allow users to hide the twitch player in the main page, or at least make it not auto-play, it's really annoying.
And make those changes optional in the user settings, because some might like that for some reason.

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I had thought of another idea (assuming it's not already implemented and I'm just missing out).
What if there was a viewable waiting list for runs to be verified?
Like in games, people (who aren't mods) can see pending runs?

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What would that accomplish?

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idk, I just thought it up randomly and thought it'd be an interesting idea.

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When someone edits a run and it needs to be re-verified, it would be very useful for moderators to be able to see what was edited. There's no need to do a full re-verification if it's just a description or info edit, but I'm currently looking at a really old run that was edited and I have no way to tell what's been changed.

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It is probably in the audit log, but finding that would be annoying. A notification for mods at the least would be really helpful.

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Not to mention the audit log is only accessible to super mods. Having to talk to a super mod any time this comes up is not exactly ideal.

While on the subject, mods should really be able to see the audit log too.

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Hmm, thought I posted here earlier but the post didn't save. Maybe due to the password change thing that happened.

Anyways, I agree with Shiken on Reg Mods accessing the audit log. As for having mods see edits on re-verify runs, it would be nice, but I don't think that's a big issue -- mods can write something in the comments if needed.

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You should be able to sort leaderboards by date.

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I think it would be useful to have some way of enabling notifications for the main forums. Because of how large they are you could maybe select specific threads to get notifications on or something. It would make it easier to have a discussion there

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@Derpeth Date of what? Date of leaderboard creation? Date of game creation? Date of latest run?


I mean sorting the runs by date.

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@Derpeth you can use the API for that,
implementing that for the leaderboards is nonesense.

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One feature that I think would be quite nice, would be the option to have multiple titles for a game that users can choose. For example, the 4th Ratchet and Clank game is called Ratchet Deadlocked in NTSC regions, and Ratchet Gladiator in PAL, and I think it would be nice if we were able to choose on a game-by-game basis which title the site displays for us, so that we in PAL land don't have to see the American titles for things. Consoles too, like giving us the choice to see Mega Drive or Genesis.

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Have it so I can actually enter subcategories when I enter one for a marathon.

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Google introduced this tool called to help web developers assess their websites:

So I ran thtough it, and got these results:

I think taking even the first suggestion from these results would optimize load times for the site.
Serve images in next-gen formats
Estimated savings: 8.25 s
Image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP often provide better compression than PNG or JPEG, which means faster downloads and less data consumption.

Take a look, devs 🙂

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