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Favicons should change that image, but haven't worked for months years.
As far as I'm aware browsers often cache favicons for the entire sub-domain and they only update very inconsistently even if you add something like ?v=[timestamp of the last time the file changed] to the url, which usually causes browsers to discard previous cached versions (very useful for external stylesheets, which also often just get read from cache without double checking). Due to that the functionality got removed, likely to avoid confusion.
I do however still think that the ui could implement those icons in places like next to the game name on profiles or maybe in the Games menu in the header/navigation of the site, so they aren't completely useless outside of the settings for 'Followed games'.

EDIT: just noticed I forgot to mention that I'm trying to explain why they are disabled, oops.

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Favicons are disabled, they only add the icon to your profile moderator list.

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Small optimization, perhaps change the title/hover text for rejected runs on the runs awaiting verification page to display rejection reason instead of run comments? Might save a few clicks.

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Would probably be better if the WR history chart only highlighted one category by default. In games with lots of categories, having to manually disable the display for every single category every single time I want to take a look at the WR progression for one or two categories is super annoying. Could also be helpful to have "Enable All" and "Disable All" buttons.

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Someone suggested I should post my ideas in here so here it is:

I'd like to have custom values other than just time increments. I want to be able to mass select runs and change their category etc. I want to be able to simply click on a run and not be taken to a separate page, but have a drop down of the video and description of the run with the ability to edit the run.

The forum needs a massive revamp and in a series the forums should be intertwined instead of completely different sections. I want to be able to cross-post across multiple forums instead of just 1 game in the series.

The entire 'level runs' and 'full game' don't apply to all games and that should be sorted out some way to fit all games. The way runs and categories are shown now is just a mess. Everything needs to be much more customizable. Even profiles are a bit of a mess and that too needs to be revamped. These are just quick thoughts I've had for a revamp. I have very small insight in coding, but I do know about design. The entire site needs to be flipped upside down for it to be much more user friendly.

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I recently tried to report another runner's misreported time using the description box when submitting a run for an IL in Golf Story, but the moderator didn't seem to notice. It would be useful if each run's page had a "Report Issue with Run" button that could be used to alert moderators of a misreported time. This could also be used to report cheating.

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That could also be abused and spammed excessively. If you need to contact a moderator, use their social links, it’s what they’re there for.

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Or use the forums.

Can the "Automatically verify run" checkbox be unchecked by default?

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I agree with Jengajam. As a mod this would be a great idea. It wouldn't be spammed if you put a limit on how many times a person could report.

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It’s not the spam (although I could easily see people mass reporting the same run out of boredom) so much as the trolling. Imagine how many people would hit that button “for the memes” or because they were annoyed at being beat. You may not think that would be common, but people have done crazier things on this site.

While it might be used legitimately, it has a lot of potential for abuse. I still think social links are the best way to go about it because it’s direct and easy. Plus, not as many runs are cheated as people might think, so the button would do more harm than the rare case it’s used to report an actually cheated run. More likely than not people will wind up hitting it because “something looks weird” instead of having concrete proof.

It’s kinda the same reason a “report user” button has been iffy - it would be abused and general problems are better reported directly to a full mod.

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Oh trust me I've dealt with a lot of the trolls on this site. I don't think people would mass report, and if they were wanting to troll the mods wouldn't they just spam another feature like submitting runs? I don't think people would abuse it as much as you think they would, but who knows. I just think it could be a great feature. Maybe do a test run of it to see how it goes.


@ShikenNuggets Nice idea for disabling/enabling all on the WR graph. I posted that idea a year ago:

On the topic of the "report issue with run" idea -- it's a nice idea! However, I don't think it's a great use of the dev's time. They might as well implement a whole messaging system instead. Because, if I'm a mod of a reported run, I may want to respond to the user saying why the current timing is correct. And the user may want to respond to that. So a full messaging system would be the way to go.

Since our site devs aren't implementing that any time soon, I do think it's enough to message a mod in Discord or on a LB forum, and it's up to the mod to be active and respond. Cheers 😃

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@Oxknifer maybe intertwine reporting with the messaging system so that you can reply to it. I agree the messaging system needs to be finally setup. It's said coming soon for like 2 or 3 years now lol.

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Another thing. When a world record is set in a game I moderate, I get a notification about it. If I was the person that verified that run, maybe it would be best to not get that notification (because I am already aware of it).

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I'd like to be able to set which platform is the default for my game when people submit runs. Like you can set a specific category or patch to be the default. I can't find anything like this for platform.

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When editing a guide, it would be very useful to have a "this is a minor edit" toggle option that disables the guide update notification, so that I don't have to send a notification to the game's entire community when I fix a spelling error, reword a sentence, adjust the formatting, etc.

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Oh wow I didn't even know it does that, oops.

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@ShikenNuggets Mod-only restriction (or maybe mod+creator only restriction) - far too easy for someone to hide nasty changes that way otherwise.

That said, I like your idea.

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Could we get some more detailed information on our own speedruns? In game statistics, we can see most recent runs, total hours of playtime for a game, etc. On personal profiles, I can only see that I have 1066 runs, but I'm curious to know the sum of my current PBs (rta), sum of IL pbs, sum of all obsolete/current runs, etc. I think there's just an opportunity for numbers to be seen that might be interesting to some people 🙂

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The site generally needs better and more accessible documentation for its users. There currently isn't an up-to-date formatting guide (and there hasn't been for almost a year), and there's a lot of information regarding site moderation, game requests, etc, that's buried in random unmarked forum posts (such as stuff like this, and while that in particular is arguably fairly obvious, that information should still be listed somewhere that people can actually see it without having to dig through months/years of mostly irrelevant forum nonsense).

Ideally I think there should be some kind of "General Info" or "FAQ" page that's very prominent (could be displayed in the "More" dropdown on the top bar) and aggregates this information (or at least links to various other pages or forum posts) so that it's fairly easy for new users to find all this stuff. I'd be willing to personally help create and maintain something like this.

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