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Feature request: for Extra Variables, an option to make the variable "mod-only" (only mods can set/change)

With this, we could turn off Verification Required, and then use a mod-only Status variable to mark the run as Verified (we currently do this for Chrono Trigger, in a roundabout way: )

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Currently, attempting to submit a run to a category with subcategories results in the subcategory fields being filled with the default information, regardless of which subcategory is currently visible. As an example using Bullet Heaven 2:

The follow set of categories are the default:
The following set of categories are then looked at/set to be visible:
Hitting "Submit run" populates the submission with the defaults instead of the selected categories:

I noticed this strange behavior when populating the Ape Escape Category Extensions board, of all things- several runs ended up in the wrong category at first, and I've seen a few submissions slip through from the wrong subcategories as well because you would expect to be submitting a run to the currently visible leaderboard, as with non-subcategorized categories.

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not really a feedback, but rather a suggestion: can you block (somehow, idk the specifics) free/fake email generators from passing the registration process?
it's not kinda fun to see the talk subforum being polluted by this garbage:

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When I click "reject run" and then navigate away from the page or cancel the rejection, I get a HTTP 500 error.
I feel like that should be a 300 error -- you can redirect back to the run you were viewing or back to Runs awaiting verification.


The fact that only super mods can delete forum threads, but super AND regular mods can delete the entire board.

Regulars and supers should be able to delete forum threads while only supers should be able to delete the board (although I think that shouldn't even be an option except for content mods and up, although I assume there's a reason the option was granted)

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@starsmiley I believe only super mods can actually delete the board, and they can only do so in the first two weeks after the board's creation. After that only site mods can delete it.

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A feature you can hide runs on leaderboards without any kind of proof as default.
Also adjustable if the run has proof in the description. (so not only video proof in this case).
Like a checkbox like: Verified proof: yes.

I know there are filters, but would love this kind of feature for a mod to have this as default.
Nothing too important! But some boards are flooded with no proof in any kind of form. Or some runs has whacky videos as placeholders.

Sorry if this is asked before

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Feature suggestion: be able to disable moving backgrounds of the learderboards you visit that you do not moderate. Moving backgrounds eat up a lot of CPu so be able to turn them off while browsing would be awesome.

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Can we please get the ability to set specific sub-categories and or variables to specific categories in general,
rather then one or all. This would make things allot easier and make extension boards not as much necessary as they are now.
Thank you.

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I'd like the ability to see a list of all Individual Level games on my profile and shift around the charts to my liking. As it is, it's not alphabetical or by most recent run so it's really confusing and bothersome to see my most active/recent near the bottom.


@Jumpyluff But, they're in level order of the game. That's a good order, right? :^)


I don't know what you mean. For example, here is the order of my level runs games.

Ape Escape (19 runs)
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition (3 runs)
Insaniquarium Deluxe (2 runs)
Diddy Kong Racing DS (2 runs)
Super Monkey Ball Adventure (8 runs)
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (7 runs)
Monkey Climber (6 runs)
Eversion (4 runs)
Banjo-Pilot (2 runs)
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (8 runs)
Terraria (36 runs)
10 Second Ninja (8 runs)
Not Another Needle Game (11 runs)
Clicker Heroes (2 runs)
Miniclip Rally (6 runs)
Super Mario Sunshine (1 run)
On A Roll 3D (3 runs)
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (9 runs)
Nicktoons Racing (GBA) (4 runs)
Happy Wheels (2 runs)
Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage (7 runs)
Celeste (17 runs) (MOST RECENT)
Disney's 102 Dalmantians: Puppies to the Rescue (2 runs)
World's Hardest Game (19 runs)

From what I can tell, there's really no pattern. Not by most recent, most number of runs, most number of runners, nothing. I like the look of the table and being able to see my PBs all in a concise location, but scrolling down to the 3rd from the bottom to see the one I currently care for the most just seems weird.

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A way to preview changes made to the leaderboard in edit game before they're actually made, and a required 'Save' confirmation on leaderboard changes.

When you edit game now, changes to the URL, name, cover art and so forth aren't instant changes and you must confirm these changes before they take effect. This also needs to be the case on leaderboard changes I feel, potentially with a preview page before actually rolling out the change.

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Just a minor game theme suggestion:

Having the ability to keep the default background would be nice. Unless there are some settings I'm unaware of, changing the logo/favicon/trophies of a game will force it to use either a solid color background or one you upload yourself, rather than the nice greyscale one present throughout the site as seen here:

There is a workaround of just uploading that background image again, but it doesn't seem too hard to implement. Just something to keep in mind.

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For the Marathons forum listing, maybe a column indicating location of event (online, Germany, ..) for easier glancing \^_^


I saw this idea floated on Twitter, but it would be interesting if mods could set an LB to require verification by multiple mods instead of just a single one for runs. If it’s a large, competitive game with a lot of mods, sometimes the mods might want more than one set of eyes on runs to make sure that nothing was missed by just a singular mod. Obviously nothing crazy like “needs 10 mods to verify”, but 2-3 is reasonable. Then it can show “Verified by X, Y and Z” or something along those lines.

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Using the mobile internet browser of the site works fine, except when trying to edit game text boxes, or click on anything in the "filter" category because it's off-screen. It's not too much of a problem because of being able to view the page in Desktop View, but it is something I've noticed.

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I'm wondering if it would be at all helpful to have a "View Rules" button on the run submission page, accompanied with a message along the lines of "please ensure that your submission complies with the rules for this game/category". I frequently find myself editing or rejecting submissions from people who clearly never looked at the rules and I think this might help to mitigate that.

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"Poll: Would you be interested in attending a 4-day Speedrun event with live tournaments on the East Coast of the United States in Spring 2019?"
I'm west coast and can't attend, so I'm clicking "No" just to dismiss the message. Just letting y'all know.

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