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I would love if I could serch up a game with the pal name and it still come up rather than nothing showing just to find out it's under the ntsc name I knew nothing about like Eledees as I looked up the game a while ago and never even realised it was on the site the American name is Elebits. There are loads of games like this and it would be a nice option to have rather than going through a hassle trying to find the "correct name" 🙂

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I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to sort game moderators in the mod list by level (super, regular, verifier) and then alphabetically, instead of just alphabetically. When you have games with lots of moderators (like with ) it gets a little confusing and hard to see who's at what level (granted part of that is probably just that my eyes aren't great with colours).

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I agree with a game like that it is really confusing because there is so much to look at.


Already has been suggested that you could set a "prefered" moderator to contact, I feel like if the above thing is implemented the prefered mods should show up first, regardless of super/regular mod

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The search bar is a great function. Two suggestions for searching:
- Searching forum posts (on general forum and within a user's profile). This would be elsewhere on the page, not on the navbar.
- Game search results being sorted by active players
The current sorting is odd. I type in "Super Mar" and expect Super Mario 64 to come up first, but its the 10th entry. Super Mario Odyssey isn't even listed.
I type in "Ov" expected Getting Over It or Overwatch to appear, but neither are in the top results.
I type in "Kirby" hoping to find Kirby: Star Allies, but its not listed.

Update March 2020: Thank you for enhancing search functionality to order games by active players!

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The ability to class the levels of the IL list in groups/categories.

In; we have three type of ILs : GPs, time-trials races and egg hunts. It would work better (less rules duplication, and no need to have 20 times the same variables to only apply them where they makes sense) if we could set rules and variables which applies to all the levels of a specific type.

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I agree with the above. This relates to @HowDenKingHowDenKing saying we should be able to make custom leaderboards aside from just Full Game and IL (see previous page of posts).
@AlayanAlayan, with custom leaderboard pages you could have:
Full-game Leaderboard
GP Leaderboard
Time-Trial Leaderboard
Egg Hunt Leaderboard

Right now, I'm trying to decide how to add individual worlds into this leaderboard: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​scbros
Instead of making them ILs or Misc. categories for full-game, I'd instead want to create a custom Individual Worlds Leaderboard.

Custom leaderboards might also be a good way to consolidate category extensions into the original game page. Just create a Category Extensions Leaderboard.

Edit November 2019: Thank you for the addition of subgames! This helps!

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Hi, I have to add 1000 ILs in Angry Birds, but it would take me over an hour. Could you add a programm to do this faster?

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I was actually going to ask the same as @Spielpro when you have 50 or more levels to create in IL it's very long. We should add a feature to say from a pattern like
Label (X) to ( Y) and go from X to Y creating the level with the pattern would be perfect.

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At what point can we support at least moderators having the ability to edit forum thread titles? Do you know how many moderation requests could have been avoided if the title of that thread was changed to add 'READ THE FIRST POST'? I'm mostly flabbergasted that such a basic forum feature is absent.

Then again, I wish this forum was more like a proper phpBB/vBulletin forum, with features like searching forum posts, one-click quoting posts, and a listing of topics with new posts since your last visit. But now I'm just asking for something I'm vastly more familiar with that I'll actually use and, more importantly, will never happen so I better give up that pipe dream of this forum being useful.

For now, I'll just settle for editable thread titles.

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"Do you know how many moderation requests could have been avoided if the title of that thread was changed to add 'READ THE FIRST POST'?"
I honestly don't think it would make much of a difference, but nonetheless, editing thread titles would be a useful feature.

"I better give up that pipe dream of this forum being useful"
Just because it doesn't have all the fancy features doesn't mean it itsn't useful...


But it does mean it isn't useful to ME. I can't imagine trying to find something I've posted here before. If it's not in a specific game's forum, I have no chance of finding it.


@CardsOfTheHeart You can go through your old forum posts on your profile, and for the site forum all the threads show up on the same page so you can CTRL+F for the title of the thread (not as good as proper searching, but better than nothing).

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Are there any plans to improve the mobile version of the site? There’s not the same amount of info visible as in the desktop version. One example is run dates not showing up on the leaderboard, so you have to go the run’s page to find out. Slightly inconvenient. Also forums don’t show number of posts, etc.

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Hi! Thanks for providing me with so much entertainment as a speedrun fan. Is there any possibility of being able to sort games by run length of the 1st place runs? Frequently I like to pick a random run just based on how much time I have to watch, and it is a great way to get exposed to new games. I can do this now on Speed Demos Archive, but it's possibly easier for them since they only host the WR runs and not full tables. If its something relatively easy to do, I'd love to see it.


@Sunrize while not exactly what you’re looking for, you can bookmark and then keep hitting that to get a random game on the site. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep trying until you get a game with a time that’s the length you’re looking for.

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@Timmiluvs, thanks so much! That will do just fine.

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I saw someone bring this up in the beginning of this thread, and Im not sure if anything else has been said about it, but my request is to prevent the double click double post thing that happens.


For Individual levels can there be a feature where you can have pages of levels including while you're adding levels? Such as you can put any specific amount of levels one one page such as 20 per page or 100 in one page and 20 in the next and 35 the one after that? It would make management of ILs a lot easier for games where there is a different number of levels per world.


This is a weird request, and I never would have need it if I wasn't running a marathon.

Is there a way to get a notification that someone submitted a run to your marathon? Or at least have the option to get those notifications. (It might be a thing, notifications have been acting up for me, as I haven't gotten a notification that my runs get submitted in at least my last 8 or so runs.)