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Gifting donation perks

I am not sure if this is asked before.
But I would like to gift those donation perks to other users, so they can enjoy changing their theme, adding more social links etc.
Now i need to login on the users account to donate 5 dollars so they can get the perks.

"You can just donate to their PayPal."
Well not everyone has a PayPal account or are above the age of 18.

It is not necessarily a big problem but I think this little feature is awesome ^^ I would donate more if I can gift my friends with those awesome perks.

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How does this happen exactly?

I request one NES game 5 days ago, and it's neither accept or rejected yet.

I request another game, but for MS-DOS, C64, and Apple II last night, but it gets rejected the following morning with no reason given?


I didn't really find a fitting thread for this, so I'll ask here.

I want to speedrun the timed aim maps created by uLLeticaL for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They're not being added as a misc category to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by the mods, at least as of now, but I really want to run these maps. One of the maps is already accepted here (, but the mod is inactive. I tried submitting a request for multiple maps as one game to not clutter the space, but that got rejected without a reason. So I sent game requests for each of the remaining maps expecting approval since there's already one accepted map here, but they got rejected because they should be a misc category for CS:GO.

There's no reason for my requests to be rejected when there's already one map accepted, it doesn't make sense. These aren't like shitty workshop maps that took 30 min to create. uLLeticaL is the most well known mapper for CS:GO workshop maps, and some of the maps are even sponsored by organizations like Betway and Gamerz, and they've been promoted by professional CS:GO players.


When I click on "submit run," I'd love for the edit-run page to correspond to the sub-category I have selected.
This currently works for categories.

For instance:
If I'm looking at Winda 100% runs, my edit-run page should correspond to that (whereas it defaults to Marda 100%).


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Just added about 220 levels to IL manually.
There has to be a way to automate that.

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Theme preview: Basically giving a preview of the theme without applying it; especially when you need to change the colors it can get super annoying saving the theme every time when you want to do small adjustments to find the right colors

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Just some things I thought of the other day:

• Variable amount of leaderboard pages (Full-Game / IL)
- This would allow for more customization of boards and allow large leaderboards to segment their categories better,
for example the monster hunter boards' loading time could be reduced big time if the ILs could be pushed into smaller pages.

• Renamable leaderboard pages (Full-Game / IL)
- In tandem with the previous point, this would further improve customization,
allowing the segmented categories to be more clear, like for example folders for your files/documents.

• IL level creation at any point in the list (instead of just at the bottom)
- Just a QoL change that would remove tons of clicking to move something up the list.

• Return of the Earth "Country"

• Alphabetical sorting for games on profiles.

• (Direct Messages)

• Discord name on profile as a div instead of a browser popup when clicked on.

• "Community Announcements" that get displayed on each page of the game

• Guides: Variables and/or linking the guide to a category.
- This would make it easier to see what the guide is about without having to read the title.
For example a variable that says "Full Game" or "Strat" let's the user instantly see that this one guide is about a single strat.

• Actually using the Patreon account to post updates instead of... nothing?
- It's empty, so it might make the impression that it's fake or that the money isn't reaching you guys.

• Show the Patreon donations on the profile
- If possible, showing them totaled everywhere, but showing on the profile something like
"Patreon for 9 Months, X$ total (X per month)"

• Site-integrated request function instead of forum threads for Leaderboard Mod, Marathon, Platforms, Series etc.
- I feel like it'd make it easier for you guys if there was something in place,
like showing a list with all requests, and having additional info instantly like "has run pending? yes/no" "oldest run pending: x days"

• Fix the Link markdown so it doesn't kill the link if it encounters special characters.

• Fix the @ markdown so it doesn't kill the user-link if it encounters a special character.

• A page with all the features the site has, like the randomgame page.
- New users should know about all the cool features the site has!

• A sandbox leaderboard
- don't know what X does? why not try it out in the sandbox so you don't accidentally delete half the runs!

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@HowDenKing I do agree with most things although the profile sorting shouldn't be changed, I prefer if it shows the newest runs first so you already see what s/hes currently running
And I feel like it's also good that theyre using forums instead of site-integrated features, especially for mod request because it usually takes a while until they get a respond from an admin and until that response comes other users can already give advice what to do

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Can we add countries as a filter for leaderboards? This would increase the competitiveness which would be fun 🙂

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From some arguments on Discord: Maybe clarify a bit more that the game request button on series sends a request to the SRC staff and not to the series mods

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Thanks to conversations with @HowDenKing and @msbmteam, I finally have an idea that might work for manually adding tons of levels. Hotkeys.

It would be amazing if moderators could have access to hotkeys on the Edit Game/Edit Theme page. Here are a few useful ones off the bat:
- A hotkey to add an individual level with no rules (defaults to Level X, where X is the number of levels that already exist + 1).
- A hotkey to add an individual level with the same rules as the previous IL.
- A hotkey to swap ILs with IL Categories (because we all make that mistake).
- A hotkey to delete the last IL listed (with a warning window).
- A hotkey to save the first window of Edit Game.
- A hotkey that automatically copies the rules of one category to every other category.

And of course, with power comes great responsibility. Please add an option to turn these hotkeys on/off somewhere.

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Other ideas:

- Default "Edit Game" pages for mods. Basically we create a template and it gets applied to every game we mod. I would use this to ensure millisecond timing and replicate the same rule section for every category I mod. Pretty useful for serial moderators like myself.

- Autosave the first window of Edit Game. Why do we have to click that "Save" button when everything else autosaves? I'm sure there's a good reason...?

- Earlier I mentioned rules being listed on run pages. I'd also like rules on the submit run page. Too many people forget to look at them; it'd be nice to have them in plain sight as you submit a run.

- OR: Let's save moderators some time. Please consider creating a custom section of the submit run page, upon which we can add a few checkboxes for new players to verify before they submit a run. Personally, this would save me hours of time going through runs that don't adhere to rules. I might implement it such that it only appears the first time a user submits a run of a specific category.

Example for
Please verify the following:
I am submitting a screenrecording of Cat Bird gameplay on mobile (no external camera) [ ]
My screenrecording has internal or external recording of audio from the game [ ]
My screen features a valid timer, such as the Floating Speedrun Timer [ ]

Response to @Habreno
Hate is a strong for someone that's never poked around on my leaderboards! I make it easy for new runners to access everything they need to meet my requirements. In any run that doesn't follow my rules, I reject them with a link to the mobile speedrunning discord and invite them to talk to me about the specific issue they had. No timer? That's okay, let me help you add one. No audio? What phone model do you have, and have you considered checking out the game recorders listed in #start-here? Need someone else to edit a video for you? Cool, one of my 80+ fellow runners will take care of that for you and you can reupload the video easily. Want to run one of my games? Now you know how, because you took the time to learn.

I only mod mobile and web games, and unlike other leaderboards, I guide players by starting them with the right tools and resources. I didn't have that when I started speedrunning. The first person who rejected my game gave me the reason "kek." You know how that made me feel? It made me feel like the speedrunning community wasn't welcoming and couldn't provide me with the right tools to get started. Since I mod mobile and webgames, I choose to make people do it right the first time because the resources are free and take minutes to learn. I could not do the same with console, and until console is easy and free to record, I'll never try.

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I like those ideas but I absolutely hate that you require a timer onscreen for the run, and that you require it to be captured internally - neither of these things are necessary in the least and neither is very welcoming to newer runners. I at least for one would never submit a run for those two reasons alone, assuming I ever ran the game.

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It'd be fantastic if we could apply variables to all categories EXCEPT, so that a category could be its own thing. I've run into this issue recently with moderating one of my games that has two variables. We wanted to add a category that doesn't apply to the two variables, but there was no easy way to do so.

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I'd like if we could search series like games; not just by name but by run count, active players etc.


Make it so users can't create forum posts in their first week
We just need something like this now...

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@blueYOSHI Sadly, I don't think that would discourage spammers from just waiting a week and then spamming like normal.


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@Backspaced Nothing can stop them, but having a silent week from time to time is still something