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More name colors sounds great, but animated name colors sounds very annoying, both to code (unless I've missed something and CSS3 is awesome enough to be able to do that) and to constantly look at.

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while we're at the thing with names & colours,
just a 2 colours name with no transition would be cool.

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Being able to 'right click > Open link in new tab' runs on the "awaiting verification" page would remove a ton of wasted time. (Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I'm far too lazy to read through the 50+ pages of this!)

I timed the page opening 3 times and I got:

16.81, 10.93,12.04 (just using livesplit, not very accurate obviously)

Which averages out to around 13 seconds to load the page every time. If you have a large list of runs to approve, loading the page after every approval gets pretty tiring. If we could load the runs in a new tab, that would take away the wait every time by keeping the page open all the time.

Thank you for potential consideration!

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@mav6771 Ctrl+click, though it automatically selects that new tab

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Since regular mods can no longer clear spam topics (due to not being able to delete posts) or people posting the same topic multiple times in a row in an effort to get noticed on a games forum, I propose there be a "Locked Threads" subsection on ALL games forums, which all locked threads are automatically moved too.

This keeps the main forum for the game clear whilst also archiving locked threads without the pages turning into massive lists.


No, because some people use locked posts as stickies. I believe supers can still delete posts for that game, and so they should be able to remove it. If it's obviously spammy you should report the account and then the site mods will take care of it. If you don't have an active super you should fix that problem first.

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They could just exclude stickies? I mean, it's not exactly rocket science.

Can Super Mods even delete entire threads now? Or is it still how it used to be where every individual post needed to be delete? I mean on the forum there's like 25-30 locked threads, all with around 20+ posts in them. Though a super mod shouldn't need to manually delete posts or threads in the first place really, there should be some form of mass delete or mass move feature.


not all locked threads are sticky like if someone asks a question and it gets answered they can lock the thread and the thread stays there for others users to see if they are searching but not necessary to put as a sticky if that makes sense


I'm not asking for all the locked threads to be deleted.

Merely moved to their own subsection on the games forums to avoid a 60-70 topic list where over 75% are locked topics. I did say:


This keeps the main forum for the game clear whilst also archiving locked threads without the pages turning into massive lists.

We do not want to delete these locked topics due to wanting to archive the information in them. However, the forum list looking like that is incredibly ugly and some form of sorting features or subcategories for mods to use would be nice.


It's also not rocket science to delete posts. As I said, if there's a serious spam issue it's better to get the site mods/admins involved since they have far better tools for dealing with it (and they can also see firsthand the spam so they can ban the users involved).

Just because something is locked doesn't mean it needs to be deleted.


I can't delete posts. I literally said this in the initial post.

I'm not gonna either ask for Super Mod or tell the Super Mods to do this job alone, there's literally over 40 locked threads and like 500+ posts. In the case of spam we have contacted site Admins before, I've talked to Pac about the issue of spamming over 10 times and I don't want to have to excessively bug him every time a spammer/flamer comes our way simply to get them to stop. This way allows us to handle the situation somewhat ourselves.

We also do not want to delete all the locked threads, only the majority. However, we do not want a list of 80+ topics with no subcategorizing where 50%+ are gonna be locked threads. As said, some sorting options would be nice.


Or do not lock IMPORTANT threads, because a new answer is always possible.

But it is true that sometimes the threads are quickly locked. When they are locked, they go down everything. And there may be one person who did not necessarily have the same question as the other, but who is in the same theme. As a result, he is forced to create a new thread.


The issue at hand isn't necessarily locked threads.

It's not being able to easily, quickly dispose of them without having to delete every single, individual post, in the case of spam threads. Or the ability to sort locked threads we DO want to keep for archiving purposes into their own subsection, preventing the forum from having a 1-page list of 80+ threads wherein half of them are Locked threads that cannot be interacted in.


If it's not that easy, I think. Copy and paste the links of unnecessary threads into the "Bots deletion thread" would they work ?


That thread is to delete spam bots, not unwanted threads.


Anyway , I'll just reiterate my feedback since that just went massively on a tangent, and this time I'll just be more to the point in the suggestion and won't mention "locked threads" at all, though this would still help in my/the game(s) I'm talking about/ in regards to them:

In the case of Mods being able to delete posts, I suggest:
- A mass delete feature of some sort. This would allow super mods on the forum to quickly clear out spam topics very simply without the need to scan through a thread and delete every single individual post before the thread stops being listed. Think 'Delete Post' but instead it's an option next to each thread that allows Moderators to simply clear the thread.

In the case of threads:
- The ability to create additional categories on each forum. For example, a subsection for each line of discussion. These can be as broad or as detailed as the Moderators in question want them to be and should be totally optional. However, they could make discussion on the forum far easier for the more active communities. It would also allow us to have forums setup in such a way that it isn't a single page where all 100+ topics are crammed into a singular list. If Moderators then wish to move a set of topics into their own section, they can create a subcategory and do exactly that.

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It'd be nice if we could view rules on run pages instead of going back to the home page.
For instance, I'm watching this Shrek Extra Large 100% run and wondering what the rules are as I watch it.

Edit: @SpiderHako but I'm a speeeeedrunnnerrr 😉

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