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Oxknifer, considering the site doesn't host videos directly but they're usually embedded players from YT or Twitch (plus other sources) that's incredibly unlikely. As in entirely impractical and infeasible.

As a slightly unrelated topic, I'm very aware there's the usual GDQ pressure the site has for a week or so after the marathon, but overload issues have been happening for quite a bit now. Perhaps this is simply extended pressure from the GDQ's, but is there a possibility that there's an underlying issue here?

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@Habreno Given statistics, I'm willing to bet it's just extended pressure. SRC is as popular as it's ever been.

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I don't see how the site can have built-in video processing, yeah. What would be nice is if, on the run page, it would have a link to the video visible, in addition to the embed. Then it'd be easy to plug that video link into a tool like youtube-dl, for intensive study.

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Just saying that Youtube actually has frame by frame support built in, if you pause a video you can advance by one frame by hitting the . (period) key or reverse by one frame by hitting the , (comma) key.

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@Twan_Jones you'd still want to download the video for stuff like framecounting etc.


I would like it if there was a preview post button I always mess up my posts >-< I know it isn't really necessary on this kind of place because it's just text but I would like it especially in the guide section, when I wrote my guide the text didn't look anything like it did in the edited document, I arranged it really nicely then I published and it was all messed up. 🙂 this isn't really some thing that needs to be done as it isn't an essential thing just thought I would mention it as it's something I would like 🙂 thank you 😊 sorry

(if there already is one and I missed it I am super sorry >-< )


some sort of light mode would be cool,
for those who prefer black text on light background instead of white text on dark background.

mock-up background:


People who prefer black text on a white background need to have their eyes examined OpieOP

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I think you mean will need to have their eyes examined because of the blinding white background killing their eyes. OpieOP

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Currently, I believe that it's not possible to open a run page in a new tab. This is inconvenient when trying to view multiple runs within a filter.

Let's say you want to watch a few runs in a subcategory with the "Videos Only" variable. You first set the filters and then click a run. Then you have to open "Back" in a new tab and then re-enter the filters. You then repeat this for each run.

This gets really tedious and I'd really prefer to be able to just middle click each run I want to view. You can middle click the runner's profile, but not the link that leads you to the run.

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but could we get an "off topic" board added to the forums? We already have Talk, but it's aimed at Speed running.


Talk isn’t aimed at speedrunning at all, it’s basically “off topic”. Heck, the most popular thread there is about music and there was one like a year ago where people shared their favorite colors.

Speedrunning topics pop up, but random topics show up too.

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Please consider making each point on the statistics graph link to WR runs.
Since you're already grabbing details from the run to display on the graph, I know this won't be too hard to implement.

Edit November 2019: Thanks for adding this feature!


@Oxknifer it's been mentioned several times. It borrows from external libraries so changing it to support links is no easy matter.

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Ahh that makes sense @ROMaster2, thanks. Another idea: I know commenting on runs isn't going to happen any time soon, but what about dropping likes?

The only down side to it would be loading and displaying runs with over 100+ likes. It might be good to start a count, list the first hundred names, and then say "and X amount of other runners like this run"

Edit 7 months later, October 2018: Thanks for implementing "and X others" for likes on srcom. Still hoping to see this under individual runs!


Is it possible to do it so you dont get notifications of new runs when you verified these runs?


With how frequently chokes up due to too much traffic (even long after GDQ is over), I think it's time this place aims to purchase a bigger server.

So I thought of new donation incentives to help with it;
Donate $10 or more to get access to even more name colors (which can also be used for gradients).
Donate $15 or more to get access to animated colored names - palette cycling for example. And whatever else could be possible via coding powers, as long it isn't annoying to read.

Originally I thought of giving access to literally any color, but that could produce obnoxious names which are hard to see with the layouts color scheme.

I promise I will donate more once that happens 😛.