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when i cant get my times put on this website, then there is a problem. period. end of discussion.


Small piece of feedback, but how about a thread number per page type deal?

I often browse on a slightly weaker machine than usual, and it displaying every topic that's ever been posted on Speedrunning, Talk or The Site forums really causes some major hanging in loads sometimes.

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Im pretty sure the series loading page thing has been mentioned before, but yeah, I'll second that as an issue/question. My browsers on my laptop end up telling me a script is unresponsive whenever I load a series page so I've abandoned going to them at all because of the loading delay. A fix for that would be awesome.

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I still hate how ass it looks on IE 6, but the fact you guys actually did something to make it look better on IE 6 is impressive and I wasn't quite ready for it.
Also no Irn Bru flags for us Scots, who do you think you are?

Brutal enough? /s


@AbandonedSatan @Timmiluvs I've known about this a long time as well. It has something to do with the Javascript and debugging it is a pain.

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I'd love it if we can customize the order of games/runs on our front page.

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It would be cool if you added the ability to minimize the marathon forums section. Or perhaps embed them into a sub forum just labeled Marathons?


I'm with ILoveSMB, many profiles looks messy due to all the games being out of order. Although unnecessary, it would certainly look a lot cleaner and professional. For example, on my profile submachine 1 is separate from the rest of the series. That's pretty silly looking.


How hard would a "Mark All As Read" button for the forums be?

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How hard would a "Mark All As Read" button for the forums be?

I'll take a stab at this sometime.

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Would it be possible to choose which flag is displayed next to your name on the leaderboard? My profile shows the flag of my county and the leaderboard shows the English flag, but I'd much prefer both to show the Union Jack instead. Unfortunately, I can't choose United Kingdom as my country on my profile without also specifying that I'm from England.


It seems impossible to sort a board's times using a "mixed" method. That is, having loadless being the primary sorting method, but having RTA mixed in where appropriate.

For example, currently:
Player A has 1:05 (loadless) and 1:10 (RTA).
Player B has 1:07 (loadless) and 1:16 (RTA).
Player C gets an insane 1:02 (RTA) and has their time placed further down the board than Players A and B. This doesn't make sense, because srdc explicitly tells you that "RTA cannot be quicker than loadless" if you try to submit a run with an RTA quicker than loadless. So, realistically, the Player C's 1:02 (RTA) HAS to be quicker than Player A's run, despite not having the loadless time to prove it.

Another problem is that Player D can get a 1:12 (RTA) and it'll again put it below every single run with any loadless time submitted. In this case, the board can't accurately predict where the loadless time would sit, but it would obviously have to be quicker than the RTA. Hence, the run should be placed by comparing its RTA to other runs' loadless times, instead of being automatically put below every single loadless run.

Also, when you initially set a board to use loadless and RTA, all the pre-existing runs will have their RTAs set as their loadless instead. I think this ties into the way defaults work in board ordering or something, but yeah, that's another issue.

Basically, it'd be super duper nice if we could sort by loadless without sorting by ONLY loadless. Therefore, it could be called "mixed" sorting.

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An option to have the "Automatically verify run" button unticked by default would be appreciated. I am submitting many ILs to a game I'm mod for and having to remember it every time is irritating. Not too important, but hopefully quick/easy to add...

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Please move Marathons below Games in the forums. There are so many Marathons now it's ridiculous.

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If it's not too much trouble, can we get Pastebin added as a social link for profiles?

A lot of people put routes, notes, ideas, etc. on their Pastebins and it would be great to be able to access it from profiles on here to view those things.
(Yes I know "Guides" exist for these types of things as well, but not everyone adds personal notes or route ideas to that section).

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To the Admins: Why are some games being accepted without the (what I thought was required) full run of the game with video evidence?



Rules or "what is required" varies from game to game, community to community. Most games require video evidence, some are okay with screenshots (typically games going for a highscore or are difficult to record). If a game has a bunch of runs with no proof at all, it's probably a meme game anyways, or someone is trolling.



Well in the case of Cuphead, video evidence would very clearly be required for the game to be accepted to SRC, so I don't understand how it got in without one. Just curious.