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Since it looks like the site admins are looking to put up some general guidelines for adding games I thought I would suggest a list of questionable categories I've found on the site so far
They are on this list either because
1) the game is unofficial and not notable enough for inclusion
2) the category is some thing totally arbitrary yet listed as a "full-game run"
3) the category is a high score table rather than a speedrun table (I know this isn't outright banned at the moment but I thought I would keep a list just in case)


Seriously when is stupid shit like this going to be removed from the site?

This is a joke.


Mitsunee: It specifically directs to pending actions so that users know where they can monitor their run status.

Drakodan: The site has a lot of ambiguity with what should and shouldn't be tracked and what should and shouldn't be deleted. What would you propose the criteria for whether or not a webgame be tracked be? For a parallel discussion, even steam has lowered the bar for what they track extremely within the last couple years. Should we track all steam games? What should be the criteria for whether or not something is tracked? What should be added, what should be on the front page, what should be searchable, what should we delete? I'm not looking to be facetious here, it's difficult to quantify. Currently, webgames don't show up on the front page if they're marked as webgames, which these weren't but are now. We can discuss privately if you want, either way.

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This may have already been suggested, but I think it would be a good idea to allow comments on PB videos. It would be a direct way to share excitement on the site as well as ask specific questions related to the video. I'm aware this can all be done in the forums on each page, but to have it on each PB video page would be more direct. Thanks.



Most people submit runs with video from twitch or youtube, both of which allow commenting on videos.

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Originally posted by kirkqCurrently, webgames don't show up on the front page if they're marked as webgames, which these weren't but are now.
They do if you're not logged in. I have a fix ready for it but I don't want to push it until there's a whitelist for certain tags.


RandomEffect, the general consensus is that that would create a moderation nightmare. When you allow that, it’s an open invite for people to spam who knows what on every video or it could be used for harassment towards some runners.

The same way it’s hard to have a coherent conversation in YT comments, it would be hard to have one in these comments as well. If someone ends up having questions, it’s best to direct them to a discord or something to provide them help.

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Scanned this thread up to two years ago to add nearly 100 suggestions to a todo list. Now we have a quick reference as to what could be implemented.

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1. Forum search
2. Following game series
3. Remove the ability to delete your own posts unless you're a mod.
4. Add a note to an edited post at the bottom that tells you when and why it was edited.
5. Pinging other users to notify them that you've responded to their forum post.


There's a little problem with watching runs. Before you actually start watching the run ,you can't see if the said run is pre-recorded or streamed and whether it has no commentary, post-game commentary or useless (live) commentary.

It would be nice to have this represented as icons or something.


Well no video service has flags for those so it would have to be manually entered by the runner on submission and I fail to see the use for it (most submitted runs will have no commentary or live commentary).

If your issue is that you can’t use live runs to learn the route, then don’t use runs to learn the detail of the route. Use tutorials or ask questions to other runners and reference runs when you need to actually see something.

You can often find tutorials under the “Guides” section on games.

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I would use those icons to watch the runs.


[quote​=Gyoo quoted]So if I get this right you're only interested in because you can have your name in a book by posting here ?[/quote​]

i have a right to choose where i post my runs. my reasons for who i choose are my business. also, you stating that it is my only reason for being here is an assumption.


[quote​=Timmiluvs quoted]Also, the irony of you complaining that they are forcing you to use their websites while suggesting that the solution is to force them to use this site is great.[/quote​]

where in any of my posts do i suggest that they come here and use this site?


[quote​=Timmiluvs quoted] some kind of crime by "advertising" or "soliciting" their own website is just plain silly and misinformed.[/quote​]

For you to say that i am misinformed assumes that i was given information about this from someone. all i have to do to prove what i said is correct is simply link the megaman and donkeykong country leaderboards here. the text is as clear as day as soon as anyone goes to the leaderboard there is a link to another website. it is a fact. what is also a fact is that an SR user cannot post a run to these leaderboards. you calling this silly is what i call sweeping problems under the rug.


Thanks for necroing an almost 2 month old discussion that already reached its conclusion.


Timmi, this was useful to me. I know now that if Jesse_Lee_Porter asks for a category, I will unconditionally say no.

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