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I agree. I identify as British, despite having lived only in England for my entire life, because I disagree with the actions and viewpoints exhibited by many people here, so I feel that the UK as a whole is better than just England, and therefore I would rather be associated with the Union Jack than the Saint George's Cross (English flag).

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Kinda late, but thanks RomMaster.


It would be great if subcategories could have their own "Timer Ascending" option that matches the default of their parent category and can be altered to ascending/descending.

For instance, on, we want to add an endurance subcategory that uses an ascending timer, but its among other subcategories and a parent category that are descending.

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It would be nice if there was a Show obsolete runs button in the ILs section of a user's profile.

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I think it would be real nice if we could upvote or comment on runs to let people know I think their run was awesome!

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Is it possible to get notifications for a certain topic on these forums?

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Game genres need to be more streamlined IMQHO for easier search.

Example of what I mean:

Not sure what plans or suggestions ppl have but here are some of mine:

1. Make it so only site admins can add/remove genres
2. Some way to combine "First Person Shooter" and "FPS". (this would be mostly for the searchbar if this feature ever gets implemented).

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Game genres should just be set to the logical approach. bawkCorn

Real-time strategy
First-Person Shooter
Third-Person Shooter
Visual Novel
Survival Horror

and so forth. I always saw the ability to add genres make the search system just cluttered and unappealing because people just saturated it with nonsensical genre definitions.

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Good news, Brits:

You can thank DanteDoes for convincing me that I was being kind of a dick about it.

Note however: when I add the counties of England, if you select those, you'll be represented by on the leaderboards, so if you want to use , you'd better not select your county.

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@Shadow_Dog @FurryWulfz Once we have some kind of methodology for this, I can move forward to cleaning it all up. Genres seem straightforward but Developers and Publishers are a bigger mess.


Thank you very much, Pac, that is greatly appreciated!
And thanks Dante for twisting your arm 😉

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Any chance we can get the option to change default timing methods per category, as opposed to per game?

We've currently got an issue in Sonic Adventure 2 Category Extensions where we'd really like some categories to be sorted by RTA by default, and others by IGT, but we have to sort by one or the other for every board.

On the main SA2 board we get around this problem in All Stories by simply not submitting IGT stats for that category (IGT being the primary) but it would be nice if the options for this were a little more sophisticated for cases in which the same timing method isn't really appropriate across various categories.

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@xAnd3rson19x if you'd look at the way the game presents the time, you'd see the game says 0min 16.78sec - 780ms is correct.

how tf do you get the logic that there's more than 60 seconds in a minute.

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Even if the game did for some unholy reason display the time as 16m78s, the math to do that conversion into 17m18s is extremely trivial and would hardly warrant a change to the submission fields.


Leech Hunter's time is an average. As in, there was an average of 16.78 seconds between single leech pickups.

Leech Hunters timing is weird. I feel it should've been just flat RTA from the start to avoid all this, but it's whatever really.


something needs to be done at the mega man anniversary collection leader board. i have 9 runs that have needed to be verified for 7 days now. 4 out of the 5 moderators have been online since then even though only 2 of them actually verify runs for the leader board. then i get a message telling me that i should check out not only that, all of the mega man leaderboards here cant even be submitted to, they all just have a link to another leaderboard website. the same thing is happening on the donkey kong country leader board. there is no way to submit and they tell me to submit elsewhere. first of all, if i wanted my times on that site i would have put them there. the moderators are abusing the mega man leaderboards here by using them to advertise another leader board on the internet elsewhere and making it impossible for me to submit times here unless i submit them to another site that they suggest. i will not be forced to submit my times to another leader board. is the leaderboard i choose to be on. this is complete abuse. why are we letting people control leaderboards like this in order for them to have people submit times to other leaderboards other than this one? thats like if coca-cola gave someone a truck to drive around and sell coca-cola products out of but instead they use it to sell pepsi products out of instead. if they want me to submit my times to then they need to partner with Guinness, otherwise im submitting here. i have more interest with this leaderboard website ATM.



if they want me to submit my times to then they need to partner with Guinness, otherwise im submitting here. i have more interest with this leaderboard website ATM.

So if I get this right you're only interested in because you can have your name in a book by posting here ?

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the megaman and donkey kong country moderators are using this site like solicitors. even worse is i cant even have my times verified here and i am forced to use the site that they are advertising. they locked up the leader boards here and are using them to advertise another leader board website elsewhere. i dont understand why this isnt taken seriously. all i want is my times to be verified here, thats it.


The funny thing is that both the MM LBs and the DKC LBs existed before this website, so they have every right to choose to continue to use their websites over this one. Yes it can be annoying, but their communities have every right to not use this website fully, it's not like srcom owns speedrunning and it's leaderboards, people can use and support whatever website they want to. One centralized website for all times would be great but it's just not a thing right now. Mega Man links to their own website so that there is no confusion about Mega Man speedrunning and people don't think that it just doesn't exist - they want runners to know where the times, resources and community is located. Acting like they are committing some kind of crime by "advertising" or "soliciting" their own website is just plain silly and misinformed.

Also, the irony of you complaining that they are forcing you to use their websites while suggesting that the solution is to force them to use this site is great.

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