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Hmm, I understand that I suppose but personally I liked being able to be represented by the UK flag rather than England's. But that's mostly because I hate the English flag, and I prefer to identify as British rather than English also.

But, fair enough I guess.

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Just wanna say thanks that the IL leaderboard page shows what IL the leaderboard belongs to ❤️

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Yeah, I changed it before I tweeted about Nintendo's Splatoon record. I'll eventually make it a dropdown to change IL.

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What Beckski said, pretty much.

If regions, such as Yorkshire, Midlands, and so on for England would be a thing though, then that's more than worth it.

Some kind of ability to sort of reorder the games on your profile could be nice too. It's a bit silly sounding, but at least I like the games I'm focused on at the moment to take priority on my profile, over which one I've most recently submitted a time for. Partly for the sake of making it easier for people I redirect to my profile to see the times I know they're wanting to see immediately, partly for my own sake.

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I'd also like to have the option to show the UK flag instead of the English one. I think the majority of English people identify as British.

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What about sports teams though (football, rugby, etc)? You can't play for a "British" team, you have to pick one of the four.


Counter example : Olympics.

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The Olympics situation is also messy, as it's called "Team Great Britain", a name which excludes Northern Ireland. Then there's the added controversy of whether or not Northern Ireland is included in the Ireland team. Team GB also allows participants from Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar, and Falkland Islands, which are listed separately on this site.

Another thing to note is that Faroe Islands and Greenland are listed separately too, rather than under "Kingdom of Denmark".


Going past all the technicalities of the "UK" etc, it just seems odd that the site would remove 'United Kingdom' is all. Considering that practically every over site I frequent allows this option as a selection under country.

Though going back to the complaint above:


"I did this because a lot of Scots, for example, identify as more Scottish than British, and the indigenous Irish people in Northern Ireland (about half of the population) didn't want to be represented by the UK flag."

I mainly just think it's silly people complained about this, when the England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/Ireland flags have all been separately added additionally on here for a while. Like, if those people wanted to be identified as a Scotsman or from Ireland... they could've just selected those options under flag? This complaint just seems very odd, is all. Maybe they didn't understand you could change flag? I have no idea.

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And I’ll give you that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is also split into its four entries. On the other hand, the French overseas departements are also listed separately although they have practically the same status as all the other French departements only having gotten some powers that regions in metropolitan France have. Of course, French overseas collectivities are also listed, I don’t think they have much power at all … Hell, you can even select the Christmas Island which is basically just part of Australia, administered by the government and voting in national elections as if they were in the Northern Territory.

Tl;dr: the system is still skewed and inconsistent.


Those having separate entries had a lot to do with the fact that they have their own [ISO 3166-2]( codes.


This is just an idea since I'm not sure how you have things organized, but if you're elevating the constituent nations into their own first-level countries, then it seems logical to provide an option for UK in addition to them.

So, you'd have (alphabetical order to avoid sectarian responses, apologies if other nations are currently available that fall into the umbrella)
1. England (regions possibly forthcoming)
2. Northern Ireland (counties possibly forthcoming)
3. Scotland (regions possibly forthcoming)
4. United Kingdom (no regions; pick the others)
5. Wales (regions possibly forthcoming)

If you're elevating the constituent nations to the top, then you can also provide the UK as a nation at the top, even if you remove the special cases in code throughout the site.

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One thing that annoys me to no end and is super counter intuitive is that when creating a variable you can't have it for multiple categories. Sure some games it isn't an issue, but if it's something that requires a list of variables such as fighting games. Then it's an issue for example my problem is with Soulcalibur V.

I would like to be able to have the list of characters as a variable for Arcade and Legendary Souls, but Story Mode uses Patroklos only. I can't exactly have this for all categories and it makes the page for variables ugly with two long lists of characters. My suggestion is to let us have a variable for multiple categories. Why it has not been implemented yet is beyond me. It would easily make behind the scenes pages less cluttered.

I apologize for being blunt, but it's something that needs to be addressed. And I'm not saying it needs priority over other issues. Just that it should be one of the many things that needs to be fixed.


@Slevanas This is planned to have a fix. They already have a beta in works, they're just working out the bugs for it.

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Are there plans to make it so timestamped embedded videos actually start where they're timestamped in the url?

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Hello, could it be possible to have more information in the mail notifications of a new WR ? It would be great to have the previous WR, its owner and maybe the date at which he/she set it.
Currently we only have this:
"<user> beat the WR in <game> - <category>. The new WR is <time of the new WR>."
We could have something like
"The previous WR was <time of the previous WR>, held by <user of the previous WR> since the <date of the previous WR>"

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Originally posted by pacWhat about sports teams though (football, rugby, etc)? You can't play for a "British" team, you have to pick one of the four.

I don't think this is a good analogy because when I do a speedrun, I'm not running for an English team, or a British team, or anything else. I'm just running for me, which is why I think I should be able to have my location displayed as whatever region I identify most with.

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To me I just think it's kinda backwards to remove an option like that. If you were adding options, then fair enough. But removing our choice to pick UK seems kinda unfair on those of us who'd specifically chosen that, for our own reasons. Me choosing UK does not in any way affect those who themselves would rather pick between England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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I just removed my flag overall, in the end. Guess it doesn't really matter where I'm from.
Although, I'm proud to be British and in no way, shape or form proud to be English.

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