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Agreed... there are a lot of games that have different versions of the exact same game with load times that don't affect every category. How difficult would that be to just simply add the option on a per-category basis?


Rejected run would still be visible on the profile page as OBSOLETE;
Easier procedures for a mod application;
9/10 site


A rejected run and an obsolete run are two different things. One, the rejected run, was not accepted for a reason (usually not following a rule) while the other, an obsoleted run, is a run that was once accepted but later beaten with a faster time by that runner. You can't combine the two, that makes no sense.

You can view all of your own rejected runs on your pending actions page if that is what you're looking for, but I cant think of a reason why having them visible to everyone on your profile page is a good idea

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I had it once "submitted two runs, one had better time, other one got rejected as obsolete"

"reason why having them visible to everyone on your profile page is a good idea" - learnin curve 🙂

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Finding your own obsolete runs is nearly impossible without using the API right now. It's certainly less than ideal.


Currently, the runs on our profile just show our most recent runs. I think it would be cool to add a special layer of customization called your "Featured Run." You would be able to set 1 run in 1 category as your favorite run and people who go to your profile would see that run featured above all of your others. This would be helpful not only as an added layer of customization, but also as a way for people checking out your profile to know what your main speedrun focus is and the run you're the proudest of.

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1.Clear your cache & cookies,
2.make sure you're using https.


I'm having some troubles with series forums still saying there's new posts in them, even though I've viewed all of the threads in the forum, and the game forums. Nothing majorly wrong, but annoying to know if there's any new posts in them.


Not sure if this has been suggested before but allowing a short 100ish character bio on profiles would be neat. Maybe in the info tab


I'm also struggling to log in to the site. It seems that it is no longer automatically redirecting to HTTPS, which sucks a lot. I have to manually replace it in the URL bar every time.

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It would be cool to browse a page of random speedruns (selected from a set criteria) that loads more runs when you scroll to the bottom of the page. Could be a useful beginning to an "explore" page (discussed on page 43).


Uh, could it be an Adblock add-on? There's no real reason they shouldn't be showing up.

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Hey i haven't seen a request for a signature at all on here. Can we make that happen? Like a automatic enabled signature that appears below your post/reply. Either with just your name or another caption? like a 50 characters or less caption. It's better than me forgetting and having to add it at the end everytime..


For social media Beam needs to be changed to Mixer after its recent name change


I don't know if this is a problem for everyone, but whenever I try to access the site using the browser on my phone, the leaderboards always give me less information than when on desktop, even when the phone is in landscape orientation. For example, on desktop I can see everything you should be able to (runners, times, platforms, regions, variables, and more) on the leaderboards. On mobile, all I can see are a list of runners and times, with no more information. This makes it less than ideal to access the site on mobile.

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Not currently programmed. Coming Soon™ is sort of a joke on the internet where the time frame is indeterminate and may be next week, or may be in a year.


I think it would be useful if you could dismiss old notifications. That would make it a lot easier to keep track of what's actually new, especially if you get a lot of notifications. Although, even something as simple as lightly graying out notifications you've already seen could serve a similar purpose.


Are messages coming anytime soon? I have been wanting them for a while now.


Everytime someone asks this question in the forum the message system is delayed by 1 day. Together we can make it come out sooner by stop asking about it Kappa