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@TARS Game URLs are case-sensitive. You have to capitalize the C to get to the game page. I feel like this issue has been pointed out before, but I don't know if anything was going to be done about it.


@CardsOfTheHeart Didn't know about this coming up before and I know this is not the biggest deal or anything but if there's anything the admins can do to fix it in some way It would make my life easier.


Suggestion: Have users auto-follow games they submit runs to. This would be toggled in settings and on by default. If it's possible, have it so it'll only auto-follow if it's their first submission, even better if it's the first submission since the feature was added, otherwise someone who runs a game (and doesn't want to follow) would be rather harassed by it. Applying it retroactively may not be a good idea, unfortunately, but retroactive follows may be good for moderators that existed before that mod update a while ago.

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The case-sensitive URLs are really dumb. I have no idea how much work it would be to fix it at this point though.

ROMaster2: Maybe as an option for users to enable but off by default. Users shouldn't be forced to follow just by submitting unless they want that to be the behavior.


Originally posted by kirkqMaybe as an option for users to enable but off by default. Users shouldn't be forced to follow just by submitting unless they want that to be the behavior.
It's not forcing users to follow; if they have a real problem with it they'd just turn the setting off, and with the first submission clause it would only happen once in a while. It's to encourage users who don't notice or care about the follow feature to keep tabs on the games they run. It's especially useful for unpopular games.

Highly active users would be well aware that it exists; it's primarily intended for those who aren't 'power users' of the site.


I don't know when this started happening (probably with the new site update), but bullets are no longer showing on unordered lists. Here is an example:

• An item
• Another item
• A third item


I show up just fine in any list thank you very much.

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For some runs, users write something like "run starts at 2:20" in the comments of their run. Is it possible to allow for submissions of YouTube videos that start at a specific time? Currently, any video submitted with a time modification (?t=##m##s at the end of the link) will ignore the modification and start at 0:00. This fix would save a lot of editing time for users who submit runs using YouTube.

June 2018 Edit: Thanks for implementing this feature!

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idea: ability to sort runs by username, date


Were notifications for old added runs disabled? That was one of the main reasons why I follow games, to know if there's been a run at all. I really hope it's just a bug.


in the Legend of Zelda and Zelda II we have two or three categories that need load times. But if we turn on load times for the whole GAME, then it spams load/no load times for all the categories that don't need them.

I wish it were a per-category setting, and not a per-game setting.

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Agreed... there are a lot of games that have different versions of the exact same game with load times that don't affect every category. How difficult would that be to just simply add the option on a per-category basis?


Rejected run would still be visible on the profile page as OBSOLETE;
Easier procedures for a mod application;
9/10 site


A rejected run and an obsolete run are two different things. One, the rejected run, was not accepted for a reason (usually not following a rule) while the other, an obsoleted run, is a run that was once accepted but later beaten with a faster time by that runner. You can't combine the two, that makes no sense.

You can view all of your own rejected runs on your pending actions page if that is what you're looking for, but I cant think of a reason why having them visible to everyone on your profile page is a good idea


I had it once "submitted two runs, one had better time, other one got rejected as obsolete"

"reason why having them visible to everyone on your profile page is a good idea" - learnin curve 🙂

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Finding your own obsolete runs is nearly impossible without using the API right now. It's certainly less than ideal.


Currently, the runs on our profile just show our most recent runs. I think it would be cool to add a special layer of customization called your "Featured Run." You would be able to set 1 run in 1 category as your favorite run and people who go to your profile would see that run featured above all of your others. This would be helpful not only as an added layer of customization, but also as a way for people checking out your profile to know what your main speedrun focus is and the run you're the proudest of.

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1.Clear your cache & cookies,
2.make sure you're using https.


I'm having some troubles with series forums still saying there's new posts in them, even though I've viewed all of the threads in the forum, and the game forums. Nothing majorly wrong, but annoying to know if there's any new posts in them.