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I had the idea a few days ago to have a button for users to switch the leaderboard view to list the historic world records. That'd let you see the runs without hunting them.

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Holy shit ROM, that's brilliant! 🙂
Much harder to implement though...


What about a way that we can report users on forums who harass people or report people who cheat on speedruns??


If you feel like being fanciful, add an easy formatting option to be able to quickly link games/users or so. Typing something like `Super Mario 64` or @SgtKabukiman would change it to Super Mario 64 and SgtKabukiman. If it fails the look-up it wouldn't link anything.

Automatically linking without a formatting option would probably be too intensive on the server and would have a lot of false positives, especially for users.


the profile page can be improofed by adding a uplay name input field


I don't know if this "feature" is available already. (If, yes I didn't find it after searching for weeks)

It would be nice, to exclude certain categories from global sub-categories. Else a game with 4 Main Categories and 4 Sub-Categories which apply to only 3 of them is a mess to keep an overview in the "Edit Game" Tab.

Or a better way to associate the Sub-Categories to the Categories.
Thank you for the time reading this.

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I've been waiting for more people to bring Trent's point up. An example where subcategories need to be separated is in the game Color Switch. The game has several modes that all have different ranges of levels. Some modes only have 25 levels, while others exceed 100. The moderator has organized the game so that records can be held for each mode on levels 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and so on. A mode with only 25 levels should be capped at 21-30 (or 21-25), while others are capped at higher values. Anyone have a better example?

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Hi, I wanted to discuss the leaderboards for White Tiles 4: Piano Master. I'm not sure where else I would bring this up.. After checking out the game for myself I see that most of the game's modes are not "speedruns" but rather high score competitions, which the mods of the boards have implemented by choosing "ascending timer" and putting the game score in the millisecond field. Surely high score leaderboards like this belong on something like Cyberscore, not a Speedrun leaderboard site. There are a few categories that would qualify as speedrunnable but as I said they are extremely outnumbered by the ones that aren't.

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@TrenteR_TR @Oxknifer The next big update will have this option. You'll be able to highlight which categories you want to apply a sub-category to.

@Dugongue The site plans on adding support for score leaderboard, so what they're doing isn't terribly absurd.

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In addition to the concerns I've brought up about moderation and verification, I think it would be a good idea if "Automatically verify run" was unticked by default in the verification page. It's too easy for a moderator to accidentally leave this ticked when submitting a run, and self-verification should NOT be the default position. I've accidentally done this a few times, and immediately re-submit the run for verification.

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@Dugongue You are the moderator for Rampage for the NES. Can you please check the forum for that game. I do not know of any other way to contact you so I just forum stalked you.


I would like to be able to have the features of both, using an extra variable as subcategory (-> Nice buttons to switch between values quickly) and not doing that (-> Be on 'any' value by default and have the ability to select the 'any' value in the filter-menu)

It may not seem good for most games, but I feel like for Diablo II ( ) it would be ideal to have both.
I really love the ability to see how the classes compare to each other in the leaderboard and I have had people ask me to add the nice buttons the Diablo1 and 3 games use (-> [x] Use as subcategory -> no 'any' value possible)

It would be cool if that could be added/changed in the future :3

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One thing I've noticed, that's a small pet peeve of mine, is when you search for games they're ordered by something seemingly random. For example if you type in "Super Mar" the first result on the drop-down list is Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2, even though that is clearly not the largest game starting with "Super Mar," of which is Super Mario 64. In fact Super Mario 64 is eighth on the list, behind fan games such as Super Mario 63.

I would propose to have the the search result list have the games with the highest number of runs closer to the top, so it's easy to access larger games. If possible maybe it could be customizable from your settings page.

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To let series moderators customize how the games appear on the series page, have the list of games underneath the moderators that's similar to the Followed games settings for users -- along with a checkbox next to each game to show/hide them.
For the database, there can be a integer for SeriesPosition and boolean for Visible. If nullable boolean is available, null can be used for an 'auto' option to automatically set visibility if it has a derivative gametype.

Really, nullable boolean can be used in other areas of the site as 'auto':
User settings
• Show misc runs by default on your profile -- Shows if there aren't any non-misc runs or the ratio of misc to non-misc runs is really high.
• Appear on Streams page while streaming -- The stream page can use an overhaul, but set this to only appear if the user has a run in literally anything.
Game settings
• Default view -- Prefers full-game but shows level instead if there's only ILs or the IL-to-FG player ratio is really high. (If the mods dislike it, they can check to show FG or IL.)


The period got included in your link, the correct link is this.

EDIT: Ninjad by edit 🙁

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For alerts about "Your PB has been beaten", it ought to be only when someone passes you, not simply any run that's faster than yours. It doesn't do you much good to find out that someone who was already faster than you is still faster.

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Could be possible lock the possibility of any other person add guides in any game except for mods/supermods? People who dont speedrun X game can add guides without any problems, so i think is a better idea leave that job to the mods of the game.

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Okay. So I made a video the other day about so many games recently splitting up their boards using subcategories and NOT using the site's filter function. I'm not posting this to promote, but rather so you can get an idea what I am talking about:

There are plenty of leaderboards I could show right now that just to demonstrate how "unnecessary" they really are:

I could go on with examples that I posted earlier, but I feel like almost every one of them would be "fixed" by more visible filters... or could get a bit unclustered at least. There are a bunch of boards that I can look at and say: "Well this looks awful." - I am sorry for possibly mentioning your Leaderboards with the ones I posted as an example. Didn't mean to offend anyone! 😕

I can already hear a comment saying "every community needs to make their own decision on what a category is" and yes, I agree, but it would be nice to see this awesome function we have not be replaced by Subcategories, just because they're "easier" to use.

One of the comments I got was pointing out how "obsolete" the filters are and that that person for instance rather clicks on a subcategory button once than three times on filter. So I came up with the idea to maybe show filters almost as a subcategory, but on the right side, where it usually way? It would look something like this:

Would it be hard to implement this? I'd love to see this change made in the near future!

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Dugongue: What ROMaster2 said is accurate. We want to add flexibility for score tracking, the timer mechanism admittedly doesn't well allow that right now.

Drakodan: That's possibly okay in the scheme of things. Most boards don't opt to abide by "no self-verification", so if the default was the "desired option by the most people", I think it would actually be to automatically verify. That said having better tools for boards that want to go that route would certainly be useful.

LaV: Yeah, I don't like that subcategories totally isolate all possibility of comparing something.

Super327: I don't disgaree, but search bar changes are a large task to my understanding.

thatgrapeisaspy: Automated reporting would be very useful; we'd also need to integrate it into a queue on the staff side.

FabbrizioCalamitous: Probably makes more sense as such, yeah.

Julian: I thought you had to have a verified run of the game to submit it currently. I might be wrong on that.

Boomer: Kinda what LaV was mentioning as well. The filter mechanism has a very mediocre visual display and clickthrough right now.

I need to work with Pac and see what the plan is here the next couple months for development. There are numerous items that could be fixed going forward.

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Thanks for the update, kirkq 🙂

I noticed something this week about the WR history graph. If more than one person beats a record in a day, the only one that shows up in the graph is the faster time.
For instance, today over at you can see that ChocolateTheGaming beat the WR for Challenge 1-10. But in all fairness, jonasobv beat the record earlier in the day, so his record should be displayed on the graph as well. I've seen this occur on other leaderboards as well (like Disney Crossy Road).