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I agree with the consensus that custom themes are a pretty bad idea to have on the site. I've seen quite a few examples in the past where text is outright unreadable on pages, users have silly images applied, etc. Is it meant to be a throwback to geocities? 😛


Custom theme disabling option was added today in user settings.

We're discussing what to do about high resolution and moving backgrounds. I tend to think they should at the very least not be showed like that by default, if not just disallowed altogether. I think that customized themes are neat, but like Kirua said should not interfere with the utility of the board. I also tend to think it is slightly better to have the functionality available than not have it at all, but I don't have a strong preference on that.

Also Twitch partner icons and user status icons were replaced by user flags on the leaderboards pages.


customization for seeing the badges/flags on the leaderboards should be a thing (just a personal preference thing)


Just something I noticed today when on my phone, the site doesn't seem to support low-width screens very well at all, I can barely select my username when logged in, let along the other right-side buttons, and you cant horizontally scroll to access them. Maybe removing the search bar in low width, or allow the top menu to be scrolled independently would fix this.

In fact I'm fairly sure this would still be an issue for people who want to use just one half of their screen, since the site does seem rather wide overall.

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I noticed on the Games page that the games listed under "Other Games" are not alphabetical, whereas the categorized games that are listed above them are. I would suggest the "Other Games" be listed alphabetically to make them easier to navigate.

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The promotion banners should probably be updated to the logos used in the new default theme rather than the mint one. Maybe keeping the mint ones is fine, but the new white ones should be added.

Thanks again for this based af site


It would be cool if you could have extra variables apply only to specific full-game runs. For example, Any% for Super Zelda VII has two major, vastly different routes that are close in time, but that does not apply at all to 100% and All Tracks no L to Levitate. You'd want to add the route variable to any% but not the other categories. Right now this is not possible, as adding a variable will add it across all full-game runs.

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Suggestions for ILs:

- Ability to make categories exclusive to certain levels
- Ability to make rules for separate categories

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PJC could you give an example for that as it would pertain to ILs?

There's definitely need for for improvement on categories/tables along these lines, including what Bismuth mentioned. I think some time will have to be spent planning this out in a modular and expandable fashion instead of throwing it together right away. It's a pretty major task to solve correctly in my opinion.


Well for example, someone submitted some Intended Route runs to the board I moderate (Half-Life) so I had to make a new category for it, however some levels would be completed via the intended route anyway (Anomalous Materials for example in the beginning of the game).

Perhaps a better scenario I could come up with would be if you had an Out of Bounds category and going Out of Bounds was only possible in some levels. This could possibly confuse/mislead players into thinking that going Out of Bounds is possible in every level.

As for the rules, as 'Intended Route' is kind of an arbitrary category in this case, I wanted to be able to set some rules as to what you must achieve in the level for it to be accepted, so that it doesn't gain advantage over a previous run by not following the same objectives. These rules wouldn't apply to a usual Single Segment run of the level.

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It would be nice if you could search for forums. + What about on the stream page that the streams are not listed from high to low but low to high? So lesser known streamers get some attention.


maybe a list of all users is good to add somewhere if your looking for someone. and an options to stretch or fill with custom backgrounds so you dont get one and a half backgrounds depending on screen resolution.



maybe a list of all users is good to add somewhere if your looking for someone.

Why is that better than the search bar exactly?


It's just something a lot of sites have. I don't see why not to add it eventually.

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@lightnator it might add something to the site if your new and looking for players. maybe you can even add something to sort them by country or by how many wr's they have.


Alright I can see it being useful with some sorting options yeah. Also easy links for PMs when those are finally done. Though considering the things that still need to be done, eventually sounds about right.

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Would be nice to have a "game time not available" option so that runs with only realtime timing known could be indicated as such.


Been getting this message after editing forum posts and saving them -



^ problem


A ton of plain letters (and groups of letters) are getting converted into emotes. I'm not sure if this is specific to the forum of the game I run but this is getting out of hand since I saw that even an "S" (without quotes) would be changed.

The post here: is a clear example.