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Konasumi: If it makes sense for the English title to do one name followed by the second in parentheses, this is fine. Most titles should consist of English characters. (I forget the words to describe Japanese names written in English characters, but those are fine if it helps to clarify the game name.) Automating this from the site perspective sounds painful, since it's not always going to be English and Japanese that are the languages. The language specific names are primarily intended to be for users of a specific language. (Admittedly that functionality is limited currently.) My post could probably be worded more clearly...


@PackSciences I looked into this, using a stepped line would be easy enough and seems like a good idea.
Drawing both would be harder since it's not really supported by the charting library and tbh I'm not convinced it would look better either.
I'd like to get some more opinions on this though.

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It would be nice if the site supported embedding with the run videos.

This would be good for runs that would be blocked/muted on youtube or even in general, because vids process really quickly on that website.


This might just be an issue on my end, but custom favicon's are not showing up on any browser for me. It's just the trophy.


@mav6771, I believe it's a bug that hasn't been fixed yet for months now I believe. They are still working on the fix. Hang tight.

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can you make it so videos in forum posts are hidden by default and require a button to be pressed to be shown? If a page has too many videos it causes intense CPU usage making the page slow

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Hey guys, could you add a "State" option for brazilian speedrunners? So that it shows in the profile one of the 26 states or the federal district.
If possible, could you make it show the state flag instead of the country one on leaderboards? Thanks!


When was Japanese Cover added as an option? I'm guessing the site looks different when browsing from Japan? Would be good to have covers for PAL, too, with an option in settings to switch between regions. The current covers would become NTSC and are defaulted to when the region's cover is missing.

Speaking of covers, there should be some conformity to them across the site (not as a rule, just a guideline). Covers without any unnecessary logos in a vertical format, similar to Twitch, makes for the best game display. Not every game has artwork available for making a vertical cover, so it's just a recommendation.


Maybe it's just on my end for some reason, but two things:

1) After submitting a run for verification, it doesn't show up under "pending actions" or the "runs awaiting verification"; They'll still get verified, so I assume the mods can still see them, but it can be annoying not knowing if it submitted correctly.

2) The world record history graphs in the stats pages aren't working; they shows the graph area, but nothing is actually ON the graph.

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I think Twitch changed their vod links and now it looks like it's broke auto-embedding on a submitted run page. Seen this on a bunch of runs submitted today.


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Just a small bug in the site. Someone submitted SM64 runs to the leaderboard on behalf of a Japanese runner whose name is also tapioca, so it sent me all the notifications for that even though I've got nothing to do with it.


Okay so I thought of something that makes level leaderboards or any leaderboard with multiple people listed less cluttered. If two or more people share the same time for a record then only show their flags. And when you click the run you see their full names and flags.

Or should multiple names cause a scrolling bar to appear then it uses only the flags instead.


Suggestion: For subcategories/variables it would be great if we could use a multiselect box for things that we want in multiple categories but not all

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Discus is very buggy and horrendous with user privacy. I'd rather have no comments at all than that be added. Besides, from how you're phrasing it I don't see how discus would bring more traffic to the site or be any different from a comment system built from the ground up.

Besides Google Analytics (which is mostly okay) there hasn't been any third-party property added to this site that crawls your browser, and I would like it to stay that way.

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Along with what ROMaster said, most of the "fun, community building" happens in all of the discords for the games.

There's not much need to clutter forums with that kinda stuff when discords exist for most games and that's where everyone will be hanging out.

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Not a fan of this new thingy:

If the site needs more cash to maintain itself, then there are ways to do that that aren't reminiscent of the big streamers tossing "Top D" on their streams just to get easy money.

The Wikipedia/Mozilla method of tossing notifications up top to remind people that the site is a service to the community, that it runs off of almost nothing but our donations, that it's extremely useful as a central hub for leaderboards (although it hasn't had any significant update in about 200 years), would be a much more thought-provoking and genuine way to fundraise for the site imo. Also having one of those donation meters like on SRL to indicate how much is needed.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but adding XBL or PSN to as an option for social media/contacts would add another good way to contact someone

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