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I think it'd be nice to have a specialised spot to put a Discord group for a game. So many games/series these days have specific Discords for speedrunning them now, but it can be near on impossible for a person new to a game to find them at all. Having a little thing somewhere, like another tab on the left when clicking on a game, or even just having the Discord icon below the game picture, like where it shows up on individual's profiles, would be nice.

On a similar note, I think it'd be great to have a separate tab on game pages that also details version differences. As a runner, can't tell you how many times I've felt dejected from running a game not because of differences, but because I don't even know what they are. And as I read leaderboards as well, and see different languages or versions or what have you, just having that information of what that actually translates to makes everything easier to read and understand.

You could argue that like both of those things could be stuck in like Guides or whatever, but I don't think people would actually do it unless there was a specific place for it. And it's fine if those things are left blank if they don't exist, I mean tons of games have the guides/resources tabs with nothing in them too. Anyway, just think it'd be neat as something extra.

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I've had issues changing categories in WR history (statistics) ever since I've discovered that functionality. Selecting different category yelds no results.

Also I'd like to support @hoXyyy 's request to fix Polish voivodeships


Is there not a way to get rid of rejected runs from my list? I rejected a run weeks ago and this just refuses to get off my screen and I don't see anywhere that I can clear it. Could there be something done that will allow for us to clear runs that have been rejected from the list?


Rejected runs in "Pending actions" get moved from "Runs awaiting verifcation" to "Rejected runs", which disappear later on when they get classified as "Old" (which is viewable on the "Runs awaiting verification" page). I recommend not deleting the runs themselves, as it's a good idea to keep them around to keep track of whose runs you've rejected and for what reasons.


I would like there to be some sort of Moderator Actions log in each run, if possible. Let's be honest, not all moderators get stuff right first time, and amendments are necessary to verified submissions to ensure they're actually accurate. It would be nice to see who did the initial verification, and then who amended it, such as "Run verified by X" followed by "Y changed the date/time of this run"

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If a layout change was just rolled out, PLEASE revert it ASAP. I can't find the site bugs thread or new layout thread, so here's the best place to post feedback on what I see.

The sidebar on the left is unnecessarily huge and cramps run information into a smaller space. You know, the more important part of a profile page.

Half of the page isn't even used.

Front Page:
"Latest Tweets" bar almost doubled in size, and as notated on the screenshot, can that bar be made optional? Even the previous size for it took up a lot of stagnant space that I personally didn't really care for the contents of.


@Ihavenoname248 Looks like the Forums were fixed. Profiles are pretty bad at lower resolutions I agree.

As for the front page, I have a User Style that makes the runs the only thing on front page: - May not be an 'official' solution, but it works for those who just want to see runs.


Klashik, I don't mean to delete the run itself, I mean to just take it off the page, I don't need to see a rejected run that I will never be looking at again for 6 months on the page, I just want to get rid of it from my personal page because it's an annoyance


Replace the video icon to Twitch or YouTube icon in leaderboard page. I tend to use speedrun as my bedtime before I drift off to sleep. I use Chromecast to cast it to my TV and watch it until I fall asleep. I use my phone to check through the site and find the game to watch. I know most of the game here mostly use Twitch and Twitch kept messing with Chromecast. And Amazon brought Twitch which have something to do with it, I believe. I would like to see which run have Twitch or YouTube, it will be easier to glance it and cast it without going through each run to see what video platform it used.


Huh, I was actually just coming here to make exactly the same request. Replacing the generic "has video" icon with a site-specific one is a small but surprisingly useful change.


Further to my request above, would there be any possible way to add a "Disable Self-Verification" option in Game Settings? Self-verification is a contentious issue in a lot of communities, and having the option to disable it entirely would be nice for certain boards. It should obviously be disabled by default, otherwise for games with a single mod, that mod would then be unable to verify their own runs.


An obnoxious message should popup if a run is edited and both the date and time (and video if applicable) telling the user to submit a new run instead of editing older ones. From what I can tell, when the verification date is before the run date, it's the result of an older run edited for a newer run...


The borders on game covers slightly shrink the image, for some reason. Example:

It can be fixed with:
border:0 !important;
outline:rgba(204, 204, 204, 0.75) 1px solid;

I think the look of the IL pages could be improved with a slight border between each board, and the min height be the same as a cell with a run.

This is what I use for that:
tr.levelrow {
height: 51px !important;
border-top:rgba(204, 204, 204, 0.25) 1px solid !important;

tr.levelrow > td.linked {
border-left:rgba(204, 204, 204, 0.25) 1px solid !important;

tr.levelrow > {
vertical-align: text-top;

Edit: Unofficial games (rom hacks/mods/etc) should be allowed to appear on the front page if there's enough players running said game, like 5 or more.


In the WR History Statistics, I like that you can hover over the run for information. There are lots of good details there.
However, it's hard to navigate to runs in the past that we are interested in seeing for glitch discovery or entertainment, as they are sometimes obsoleted.
It would be awesome if we could click on a run in the graph to go see it!

I hope that addition sounds like a good idea to you 🙂

Edit November 2019: Thanks for adding this feature!

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I had the idea a few days ago to have a button for users to switch the leaderboard view to list the historic world records. That'd let you see the runs without hunting them.

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Holy shit ROM, that's brilliant! 🙂
Much harder to implement though...


What about a way that we can report users on forums who harass people or report people who cheat on speedruns??


If you feel like being fanciful, add an easy formatting option to be able to quickly link games/users or so. Typing something like `Super Mario 64` or @SgtKabukiman would change it to Super Mario 64 and SgtKabukiman. If it fails the look-up it wouldn't link anything.

Automatically linking without a formatting option would probably be too intensive on the server and would have a lot of false positives, especially for users.


the profile page can be improofed by adding a uplay name input field


I don't know if this "feature" is available already. (If, yes I didn't find it after searching for weeks)

It would be nice, to exclude certain categories from global sub-categories. Else a game with 4 Main Categories and 4 Sub-Categories which apply to only 3 of them is a mess to keep an overview in the "Edit Game" Tab.

Or a better way to associate the Sub-Categories to the Categories.
Thank you for the time reading this.

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