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Yeah favicons haven't been active for a while now.


... In that case, why is there still a field for them in Edit Theme?

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Considering this post :

In a user's info page, add under the "Last online X ago" a line that is "Last action X ago", an action being anythingthat is logged (Run posted, thread created/commented, Run verified/rejected, whatever else)

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"Last activity" might be a more precise wording, since the typical nomenclature is "active", "activity", "inactive", etc.

That said, I would hope that site mods/admins would be able to discern between inactive users and users who simply haven't had anything to do. For example, if a game moderator logs in on a regular basis, but they don't really do much on the site, but there is also no activity on the game that they moderate (nothing to verify, nothing to respond to, etc.), then they would technically read as being inactive. There is a difference between that user and another user who logs on and ignores forum posts and submissions for a game that they moderate, but both users' stats would look the same.

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Any chance we could get a tournaments sub-forum? This is my favorite part of the speedrunning community and I have a hard time keeping in the know about what's going on and what's coming up.

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I have an idea that I'm kind of surprised isn't an option at all. The ability to sort your runs in alphabetical order as well. So the options could be date (newest), date (oldest), a-z, z-a, etc. Would be a neat feature to consider.

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Another idea which was mentioned a while ago: Ability to remove set the precision of times if doesn't have said value (i.e. IGT that doesn't have seconds to not show seconds. [1:52:00 shows 1:52]).


All user profile speedruns are sorted from top to bottom by most recent. Could you allow each user to have a customized order of which runs are shown in order on their profile?

I've been around for a while and some of my proudest runs are from years ago.

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It's not necessary feedback, but something I found strange.

Far as I can tell, runs on your profile page are supposed to go from top to bottom in order of date when it was played (only takes 1 run/category being recent to kick the game in question up the list, even if all your other runs in the game are years old), but for whatever reason Resident Evil 3 is listed 3rd on my list despite the runs being almost a year and a half old. And none of the runs were submitted recently. And I have runs listed below it that aren't even 5 months old at this date.

Also, what Jumpyluff said.

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Feature request: the ability to select which category is the default category seen when first navigating to a game page. You can already set full game leaderboard or IL leaderboard as default, so why not a specific category? This would be useful for games like Crash Team Racing, where the category sort is from shortest to longest, but the shortest category is a credits warp that has no activity, making the game look dead, while any% warpless isn't.

Currently, the only way to fix that would be to re-order the categories in some arbitrary manner with warpless first to be the 'landing' page for CTR.


I not sure if you can do this or someone asked this in the past but could u add a "show obsolete runs" button in the "level runs" category on profiles. I get it if it can't be done or if its not a important thing to do but it would be nice to see ur older level runs in there by the click of a button.

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FurryWulfz: I don't personally have knowledge of how that works, sorry.

Ihavenoname248: The sorting intent of the categories is somewhat intended to be the community's ranking list of the categories. It seems strange to list something visually first (on the left), but want people to look at something else first or by default. I think it generally makes more sense to put things in the order you want people to look at them in.

TARS: Obsolete runs are somewhat poorly handled on the site front-end right now.

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Would it be possible to display both the english name of a game, as well as the Japanese name at the same time? I moderate a series where the game names make the most sense in Japanese, but are mostly remembered by their english names.

Something like...

English Name (Japanese Name)
Japanese Name (English Name)

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About the WR graphs, something troubles my mind.
Currently, with the WR graph, you get things like this : (example of Portal Elevators, a great game Kappa )
But, when you link the points in space with a straight line, it would mean that there are points in between where the data is unknown and that the time has slowly been decreasing.
So I suggest to link the points between each World Record by not one but two lines : a first line that would go straight horizontally and a second line that would go vertically.
See the poorly drawn modified graph :
This would mean that the world record is constant for a period and that a new event (the new World Record) beats the old World Record in a fixed point in time.

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Konasumi: If it makes sense for the English title to do one name followed by the second in parentheses, this is fine. Most titles should consist of English characters. (I forget the words to describe Japanese names written in English characters, but those are fine if it helps to clarify the game name.) Automating this from the site perspective sounds painful, since it's not always going to be English and Japanese that are the languages. The language specific names are primarily intended to be for users of a specific language. (Admittedly that functionality is limited currently.) My post could probably be worded more clearly...


@PackSciences I looked into this, using a stepped line would be easy enough and seems like a good idea.
Drawing both would be harder since it's not really supported by the charting library and tbh I'm not convinced it would look better either.
I'd like to get some more opinions on this though.

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It would be nice if the site supported embedding with the run videos.

This would be good for runs that would be blocked/muted on youtube or even in general, because vids process really quickly on that website.


This might just be an issue on my end, but custom favicon's are not showing up on any browser for me. It's just the trophy.