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Remember 8 months ago I promised I wouldn't post here anymore. I lied lol. Can I get these 2 runs attached to my account please? Thanks

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Hey everyone. I would have joined this site officially ages ago, but someone uploaded runs of mine and that prevented me from registering my normal account. Is it possible to gain access to my account of choice, which is Tasselfoot? I have hundreds of speedruns / walkthroughs on my YouTube channel, which is where people took my runs from. I also have no clue which games have runs of mine already listed on them in order to contact the mods of those games... could something be done to help me out site-wide?

Would really appreciate it. Happy to Twitter DM or send an email from my official account in order to verify that I am me. I already went and verified this account using my official email address as well (which is displayed on my YouTube about me page: ).

And I've already started to add some of my runs using this name, in case that's a problem. What's the time limit between run submissions? Seems long, and annoying, given I have a large number to add from 10 years of making videos of web games.

Thanks very much for the assistance. Really do enjoy what you guys do here!

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@Liv Thanks. I don't use twitter much at all, so yeah, definitely missed the reply. My fault there.

I tried to change my username, but it gave me an Error: Failed to rename theme folder. message when I tried.

Appreciate the assistance!


Black Ops 3 is done


Changed acc because of compromisations, attach run please?

Thanks in advance,


@Parlance Since I'm a mod of Resort, I completed your request for ya

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I think these are caught up now? Please post specific runs if I missed any.

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Hopefully I am posting this in the right area. It looks like it did not attach my username to the run listed here correctly

Could someone fix this for me/point me in the right direction? Sorry, new here 🙂


@Memu_ Done.


I would like either my name to be attached to the runs so I can manually remove my runs, or my all of my runs removed from the leaderboard, either way is OK.




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I'd like to claim my spots on the following leaderboards: (I'm listed as WingedZyre on here, I go by that on Twitch as well as Zyre) (Also, this was done on a Genesis, not WiiVC)

Been meaning to make an account and get these claimed.