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Can I get this this obsolete run attached to my account as well?
Thanks again!


Hi, I asked for my account to be deleted last month, however I've had a change of heart and I was wondering if my profile could be attached to all of the runs on this site from smartalec0624? And I'll resubmit the videos for the runs that don't have them on my own. Thanks


actually, looks like a lot of my old runs don't have videos anymore, so I'll just resubmit them with videos and ask for the old run to be deleted. no need to worry about attaching anything for me


@veeshadow the variable "difficulty" has a default set, uncheck the default and the run will appear.

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Alright, done. Thanks for the help....


WR holder of inFAMOUS Second Son was previously known as Macasadia1, and we added that run to our board under his old name. He is now known as SSBane and has apparently registered that name here.

This Youtube video shows his current name with a link to his twitch under his old name. (He doesn't have a twitter, or at least not a public one)


The mods for the game can handle that if they think that's more correct, or the user can ask here. I don't have a good way of knowing if the user who registered the account is the user who owns the video.


Hello I recently notice that my old Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban GBA any% NG+ run is on's leaderboard. So I was wondering is it possible to attach my old run to my newly created profile page:

Run page:

Also good to see that this game gotten some attention from this community : )

pls attach these run to my account since my old account was delete by me


I would suggest asking the games mods for that, better than waiting a few days again