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We removed automatic association of runs to newly registered users, so we'll handle requests to attach non-user runs here. We can also handle deleting fake registered accounts here or in the account deletions thread.

The way to do this now is to simply edit and save a run, and it will be linked to a newly existing user. Game moderators can handle this, or we can do it in this site thread.

A Tweet linked here or Twitch PM (to me) is probably the easiest way to verify the person who registered the account is the person who did the run.

We'll see how this goes, if anyone has ideas to improve how this works let us know.

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Maybe when somebody registers a username corresponding to an existing run, they could show up under the "pending actions" tab for that game's moderators?

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Fantastic. 🙂


There used to be a "Match" button next to runs for mods, where it would automatically match the run to the user of the same name if a mod pressed it.


I don't think any site-wide rule was established over that.

Some think it's unethical to add runs without permission. Some think it's fine. Some think it's fine if the run is decent.


In most cases, there's not major benefit to adding any times other than the top known time and times of people who explicitly want their times tracked.

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Hello, I recently signed up but i have a few runs that were added to the site by others before i became a user and im wondering how to get those runs associated with my account. Thanks for any help or info you can relay.


GameGlitchGuy: Contact the mods of the game (through the forums, Twitch, Twitter, etc.).


If you tell us which runs and/or which games we can do it here as well. It's kind of a pain to dig up all runs by a non-user from the database, so listing them would make it easier for us.

Contacting individual game moderators is fine too, but they may be unaware that the way to attach it to your profile is to edit and save, so you might wanna let them know.


I have already contacted one mod who switched one run to my account but if it is also possible to list the runs here it may be easier. The other two runs I have that are linked to a non user account are, Beavis and Butthead on Snes, and Hudson Hawk on nes. If necessary I can also contact the mods on those runs as it isn't too big of an issue for me to do so.. My username on those runs is the same name I signed up as, GameGlitchGuy. Thank you.


Attached them


This is a bit of an inversion, but I noticed my Ty runs weren't linked to my account but were on the leaderboards under a slightly different name (which is why they weren't linked). Since site PMs aren't a thing and I didn't know how active the mods for the game were (I know one hasn't been around in over a year), I submitted my runs from 2013 to have them linked to my account, figuring that one way or the other the situation would get resolved.

Then the runs were put up without the unlinked runs being taken down, so my times are on twice. I sent a twitch PM to MHFsilver a few days ago but haven't gotten a response, so I figured I'd ask here if the unlinked runs could be removed form the board.

Runs in question:


Done !



This run was added to the site before I signed up:
Is it possible to get it linked to my account?



Got it. Seems like editing it to an existing user created a copy with and without user. I deleted the old copy.


Hello. It looks like some of my runs have been submitted before I registered.
If it's no trouble, could I get them attached to my account? The runs are:

Thanks in advance.


Attached them. Might be something weird going on with the date on that SM64 run, not sure.

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Are we allowed to mention things on behalf of others? My man square_wave ( ) has a run on LTTP NMG that isn't associated with his account.


If he wants to post here I can make the change. (It's not 100% clear that there isn't some other guy with essentially the same name.)


I doubt he cares. It's not a big deal either way, but it's definitely the same guy.