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How do I remove the "Player 1" and "You are" option from my speedrun submission form? I assume it has to do with the setting for "Runs" in the Edit game window, but I see no option to remove this entry and the Number of Players is defaulted to 1.


Uh.... you don't .

Player 1 indicates Coop runs, if you have no partner, leave it blank for all the rest.. otherwise it's locked as you press "Submit Run" means you , yourself are submitting a run in your name. So the site automatically puts your name as player 1.
"You Are" I believe is refering to you as the runner if you a mod, if you are NOT player 1 or the runner, leave it with the "-"
You can change the Number of Players in the mod settings.
Hoped I helped, any further questions don't hesitate. 🙂


These show up for mods only, as they have the ability to submit runs for other players that way.

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OK, as long as it doesn't appear for non-mods, it's good. I was concerned that I had an extra unnecessary option enabled somewhere. Thanks all. 🙂

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