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hey, can you possibly change my current name from grinder_vaughany to just Grinder_v. many thanks


The following users have (probably) illegal characters in their name:
Ornery Ike
Darth Sazuke X

There's a bunch with @ in their name but won't be listed for privacy reasons.


Could you change my account name to Fintendo? Thanks!


i want to change my name to "videogamemaster22" i dont like the capital letters : )


Can I get a name change to DenimVest25?


Hi, can u change my username to Sphynxinator? thank you


Hey, can you please change my username to ZCubedBrain.
Thank You.



please and thank you


Hey, I joined srcom recently but I made a mistake when I made my account, I wanted my account to be named "ChrisLink" but when I made that account, I accidentally enteted the wrong email address (I forgot a "1"), so I couldn't access it since the link to open the account was not sent to my email address.
So after that I tried to make another account with the same name but I couldn't do that since it said that name was already taken.
Consequently, I'd like to ask you to delete ChrisLink since I can't access it and rename this account to ChrisLink


name > AprilSR
cuz that's my twitch and I'd rather lower confusion

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After a twitch name change I no longer use my current nickname on SRC (DXExiled1) and I would like to have it changed to Mechathulhu.

Thanks in advance!



My username for, at the moment, is KaCeeSunshine. If it's ok, I would like to change it to just "KaCee". One note: I did create an account just yesterday named "KaCee" since I wanted that username and I forgot that I could contact admins of the site instead and ask about name changes. I would like the KaCee account de-activated and the KaCeeSunshine account changed to just KaCee. I wish I knew this forum existed before creating the other account, but oh well. Thank you!


Hi, can I have a name-change to just ''Ataz''? I already own the account with that name, but don't feel like re-submitting all runs and stuff and I want to keep this account. 🙂



hi ! can you change my name to Oxylen please ? thanks 😉

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Hello, can you change my name to Gamefren
Please and thank you.

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Hello. Can you please change my name to Groove_Wizard ?
I'm about to make my first submission, and I feel like it's time to go for a more appropriate nickname.

Thanks in advance.


I'd like my name changed to just sharif. Thanks!


Hai can you change my name to Paulister?
It's not my official nickname because it's almost always taken so I wanna have that in at least one site ❤️
k thx byyeeee ❤️


Please change my name tto Unique