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Hey, can you change my name to NotDapro?

Thanks guys!


Could you change mine to EchoSRs please? Thanks. (E and SR are capitals, rest are lowercase)


Can my name be changed to Lemonxreaper
Thank you.


VanishCapSM64: There is a user named "vanish" with runs, so I won't make that change.

Caught up to here.

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Hi, I would like to have this account deleted, thanks!


Change my name to "Ravensh1ne" please ^з^


Can you change mine to Topsy? That's what I go by now. Thanks. (Topsy is also my account)


hey can you guys change my name to "lord_123" thanks in advance 🙂


Do you think my username could be changed to "Galaxtic"? I changed my twitch username so I figured it would be appropriate. Thanks in advance SabaPing

  [user deleted]

Can you delete this account? No longer in use.

  [user deleted]

Hello! i would like to delete my account, i´m not gonna use it anymore, thanks!


My brother and I stream using the same twitch account. is there any way we can have both of our accounts listed as using the same twitch account? his username is clid.

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I know this issue isnt really relevant to this thread but someone suggested I post it here

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Please could you delete my account? Many thanks!


Can I be named TwitchName ? it is pretty much a shortened version of what i go by now.


Hey, can I get the "Throne" taken out of my name and I can just be "Tedious"? Greatly appreciated.


I'd like to have my name changed to "Hexagoner", which is my new Twitch username. Thanks.


Hey guys, can I please get my name changed to icupspeedruns? Thanks


If I could get my username changed to "amber" that would be swell, thank you


could i have my name changed to princessaaron, thanks