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May I change my name to "Mexgar"? I chose the name "Dreffle" on a whim, and I don't like it very much. I've used the name "Mexgar" for much longer, and I'd like to keep doing so. I'd use my real name, but that includes a space. Thank you for considering


Is there a possibility my name can be changed to Chuby?


Hey was just wondering if I could get my name changed to "Absol" never realized no one had it 😃 Please and thank you!


Can I please get my name changed to N_Forever to reflect me changing my twitch name! Thanks 🙂

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hello, if its possible i would like to have my profile deleted
thank you


Hiya, can you change my name to Solaine? Thanks a million!

  [user deleted]

Hey, would be appreciated if this account was deleted.


Can you please change my name to 'Hypo'


If the P in my name could be capitalized I would very much appreciate it.

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delete my account .thanks


Could I have my name be changed to aquaboymd please?


Hi! I would like to request that my name is changed to TriplePat as I have settled on using that name more frequently than PatPatPat (and it already is my name on twitch and in most speedrunny places too)


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Hi, could I have my name changed to shoegaze (all lowercase) to coincide with my twitch name? thank you!


yo can my name be changed to Ikkatosh23


could i change my name to TheBritishRunner due to changing my name on twitch


Hi, can someone change my nickname to toucanoats please ?


GamerWarrior/etc: I missed that the original post wanted the posting account deleted as well. That's done now.

OMR: The existing account basically logged in once and was over 11 months inactive with no runs, so with these specific conditions I deleted it and changed your name.

YW1: That account name has 104 runs, so apparently not.


Can you please change my name to "edge_shaaan"? Thanks!


Hello i'm new to this website, i wanted to change my username to: LuckySpeedruns because it's taken by a user that has not been logged in for 4-5 months. I want to replace my username.
Thank you.


Can my name be changed to "ItsMaximum"

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