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Can you delete my account please?

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Please delete my account.


Would you kindly change my name to "SpaceBroJakob". Thank you in advance.


Hey i would like to request that my Username is changed to AshleyXora so it will match my twitch and srl account. Thanks in advance 🙂


Change my nickname to ''7Mares''



I'd appreciate if you could change my name to "Redamancy" since I've officially changed everywhere else 🙂

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This is damn petty I know, but could you capitalise the S's in my name? e.g., SpringStingray


This might be a bit pointless but could you make my new name PKFrenchi64 to make it match with my twitch and twitter name

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May I have my username changed to Slevanas as I changed my Twitch name and want it to match.


May I get my name changed to Boon_7 to match my recently changed twitch name, thank you 🙂


Can I get my name changed to "ValkGurlukavich"


Hi can you change my name from Kurosaki to RenegadeMagi as to reflect my twitch name change


I changed my name on twitch to Fivexual, I would like that name to be here too 🙂

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Can you change my nickname to "Raven413" please, and I will make a marriage proposal to my GF.

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Recently I changed my name on twitch to Lychrelic so I would like to change my speedrun name to the shorter version of that which is Lychrel. Thanks in advance!


I would be really thankful if you could change my name to LylatR

Thank you very much. I appreciate the effort you guys are making 🙂


This effort you guys have to put into this because of twitch name changes is huge, and you're doing a great job at it!

I would love for you to change my name to EeveeSRL


I have changed my Twitch and Twitter usernames to ShadeOfTyranny. Could I get my username here changed to that?

Thank you, and I apologize for being one of many to request this.


i just recently changed my Twitch name, can you change my username on here to Akumajou86 so it will match my Twitch name? Thank you.


Yo fam, Can I get muh name change to Wolfalous ?