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I messed up creating my account. Would you kindly rename me TopMoop 🙂


Hey could i get the d in my name capitalized? thanks.



Can I have my name change to Samtastic please?


Hello guys... This is a bit useless but i would prefer to have "SlyLobsterr" for username ! 🙂
Keep it up 🙂 Your site is great


Hi there, I was hoping I could get my name changed to Necro, and if that is taken, Necroforger? Thanks!


little tip: its very easy to check if the name is taken by typing it in the search bar


Could you change mine to DarkstreamerHD Thanks


I would like to change to Naylte, please.


I would like to be changed to Ricky


  [user deleted]

Well damn,
I had you change my name to the wrong thing, my bad woops XD
Could I please have mine changed to "Ghost_Typo" thanks!


Deleted Nerf (logged on once 2 months ago, no real user data), Changed Nerfripp2 to Nerf


Hi, may I change my name to "Redslash"? I'm really diggin' the site, thanks!


Could you capitalize the "D" in my name pls? Thank you kind mods. ❤️


This is going to sound super weird, but I'm going to make a request on somebody else's behalf

Maxinator235 speedruns I Wanna Be The Guy fangames. He made an account, but is unwilling to use it because of the account name. He would like it changed from Maxcraig235 to Maxinator235. There are currently runs on this site under "Maxinator235", so is there a way we can associate his new name with the current runs? I assume if they were named under Maxcraig235, the names would all transfer, but I feel like this is a special case.

He's not too familiar with the site, and I doubt he'd go out of his way to post this in the forum, so if you would like to confirm this with him, his Twitch channel is linked on his Maxcraig235 profile, or it is here:

Thanks, you have no idea how much this would help the IWBTGFG mods.

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If he PMs me on Twitch from the Twitch account linked to his account, or posts in this thread confirming he wants a name change I'll handle it. I don't want to message him explaining how a user is saying he wants his name changed, it's just confusing.

I think it would all switchover appropriately, but I'll double check with Lighnat0r before doing it.

EDIT: Changed his name upon PM Request



Can you change my username for Novitator ?

Thanks a lot


Please change my username to "Kite" if possible, thank you 🙂.


If it's possible could I get my name changed to Mildew


can i get the name Daniel


Seriously @Perfection @Daniel I think I've seen you writing at least 3 username requests in these few weeks then delete your old posts on this thread, I think you should be sure of what your username will be. I don't think Full Mods & Admins have time to waste to change usernames everytime.

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