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I'd like to change my name to "Walex" and if it's already taken, to "Walex903" to keep the same name in all my social media.

Thank You guys!

  [user deleted]

delete this account


Little tip for those wanting to change their name and are not sure if it is already taken: Type the name you want in the searchbar. If no user pops up. it should be okay

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  [user deleted]

Please delete my account. Thx

  [user deleted]

Please delete my account, thanks.

  [user deleted]

Please delete my account, thanks.


Hi, could you please change my name from Manix05 to just Manix? That account hasn't been online for 4 months. Thanks.


Hey, please change my name from Wryyouni to NotASkittle? Thanks.


Can mine please be changed from UKO to ukobotic? Decided to go for consistency across all social media accounts. Thank you!!

  [user deleted]


That account has been inactive for just 1 month, not 4 months.


Can my name be changed from antigravitymomentum to zetadezorro? I use that username on other social media and people get confused to find me here.


Alright so I'm totally serious this time. I want my name changed to "SoakedSock". I changed both my Twitch and Youtube to that.

  [user deleted]

Could you please delete my account, thanks 🙂


Manix05: I've generally been going with a really metric for deleting accounts. No runs, no posts, offline more than a year, etc. So by those standards, I wouldn't ever delete that account by another user's request. (contrary to other person's post, he has indeed been offline 4 months.)


Would you please change my name to AlexGoesFast? Thank you!


can you change my name to LittleNarwhale? Please? Thank you!

  [user deleted]

can you please delete this account? I have a new one that is much better 🙂


Hi, could you change my username to poor_little_pinkus please?


kirkq: Ah okay, sorry about that.